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PKC-0057-Underground kitchen cabinet in Burgundy and Crema magnolia-Parlun

Do you want to add some modern elements to the popular country house style? Then this burgundy and crema-magnolia ground floor kitchen is the best choice. It impresses with a large worktop and plenty of storage space in the cabinets. The dark red color of the base units as well as the marble-look niches and warm wood tones give this U-shaped kitchen a cozy feel. In addition to this, the Alpine oak worktops are in perfect harmony. The table top is designed to match the look of the kitchen and with the addition of a table frame, it becomes a stylish dining table. The spacious base cabinets in the kitchen are equipped with extra-wide pull-outs, which also have space for large baking dishes or trays. Cups and glasses can be arranged in wall cabinets with glass doors. Thanks to the integrated lighting, the contents of the upper cabinets are visible. And you can operate the oven built at eye level in a way that is good for your back.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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