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PKC-0059- Country Style open kitchen cabinet in eucalyptus-Parlun

The eucalyptus-colored island kitchen is a dream kitchen for modern country style. Its light color palette exudes freshness. The white worktop and white sink harmonize with the green color of this kitchen. The texture of the wood can be faintly seen on the sides of the cabinet doors and drawers. Black metal handles are embellishments. The decorative panels on the wall units and kitchen island and the paneled wall with nostalgic console shelves convey a rustic feel. Many pullouts of different widths and sizes provide ample storage space for your favorite kitchen equipment and supplies. You can comfortably operate the oven built at eye level in a position that is good for your back. Baking trays can be stored in the practical pull-out baskets below. The antique glass elements in the wall units and the four drawers are typical country house style elements which emphasize the comfort of the eucalyptus island kitchen.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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