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PKC-006-Fashionable and Stylish L-shaped kitchen cabinet in polar white and silver gray summer oak-Parlun

This L-shaped kitchen is finished in polar white and silver gray summer oak. The electronics are neatly integrated on an open middle shelf. The handle height is ergonomic and harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the kitchen furniture. the width of the L-shaped kitchen is equivalent to the width of a person opening with one leg. It combines an ergonomic work path with an airy sense of space, so it looks almost like an island kitchen. Under the stove, super-wide drawers provide ample storage space for your kitchen utensils, dishes, and crockery. The unit above the stainless steel sink with flat sides has a half door and open shelves below. So the things you need every day are quickly at hand.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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