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PKC-0065-Contemporary and Rustic T-kitchen cabinet reed colors-Parlun

The stylish T-shaped kitchen is decorated in soft reed tones. This coordinates perfectly with the kitchen island’s rustic oak solid wood tops and worktops. Rounded corners on the pull-out cabinets subtly meke the modern reed green design more perfect. The base cabinets with pull-out shelves provide plenty of storage space. The high built-in oven is very easy to handle as it is installed in a back-friendly ergonomic design. In the wall cabinets with glass doors, with elegant interior lighting, you can for display your pottery and glasses. The kitchen island is connected to the kitchen unit, so it is perfect for a small seating area in front of the counter. You can also use the cabinets as sideboards in the living room, which creates a harmonious transition from the dining room to the living room.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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