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PKC-0081-Minimalist L-shaped designer kitchen cabinet in lava grey-Parlun

The kitchen island is very impressive in this lava gray L-shaped kitchen. The large matte white cabinets in the handleless kitchen look very minimalist, and at the same time, it has plenty of space. There is a built-in oven at the top, which is very easy to use. So there is no need for you to bend down, as it is installed at the right height for the human body. The two with brushed stainless steel gables are very tough and have a sense of space. The spacious sink, cooking and working areas are perfectly integrated in the kitchen and look very harmonious. In addition. The space is very spacious and can accommodate many people cooking together at the same time. A light-colored wooden desk top connects these islands and gives the kitchen a special highlight.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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