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PKC-0088-Timeless and elegant designer open kitchen cabinet in volcano grey-Parlun

The modern island kitchen in Volcano Grey is presented in a subtle tone and a natural warm shade. The matte gray finish gives a sense of elegance and pairs harmoniously with the various wood tones. The faux oak worktop and the sides of the kitchen island are a perfect match for the gray top. Extra tall cabinets and wide pull-out cupboards ensure ample storage space. The modular shelving system and matching rails make your kitchen work easier, and it has knife racks, laptop racks and extra storage space. The upper cabinets’ folding lift-up doors provide easy access to your utensils. Headroom is preserved even when the closet door is open. The electronics mounted at the correct height are very easy to operate and in a back-friendly working position.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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