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PKC-0090-Modern open kitchen cabinet in slate grey-Parlun

The slate gray island kitchen brings a country kitchen-like different style to the urban kitchen. The cornice and decorative pilasters on the wall cabinets combine with the decorative framed panels for an elegant look. The matte shade of slate gray has a modern feel and pairs well with natural materials. The spacious cabinets have ample storage space, with extra-wide drawers providing plenty of room for all kitchen utensils and supplies. A large kitchen island with a black textured countertop integrates the sink and stove. A brown wood tabletop ensures visual and spatial separation of the two work areas. The cabinetry is suitable for the high installation of electronic equipment. Its glass panels with lattice doors allow glimpses of its inner workings. Open shelves and a base cabinet with pull-out shelves make the pottery easily accessible at all times.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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