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PKC-0101-Warm and Charming open kitchen cabinet in old oak cognac and crema magnolia-Parlun

This island kitchen features a modern interior design with extra tall cabinets and smooth handleless panels with a matte finish. Through the harmonious color combination of old oak cognac and creamy magnolia, it creates a cozy atmosphere that allows for a harmonious transition into the living area. You can store various kitchen equipment behind the cabinet doors and in the storage space in the drawers. The open middle shelf is suitable for placing decorative items or frequently used items. Just like the worktops and high cabinets, these are in the color of old oak brandy. Ovens are mounted high, which allow you to put in cakes, casseroles, roasts, etc. in a comfortable position. Your kitchen is a kitchen island with an integrated cooktop. Part of the worktop can be used as a table. In addition to this, the cooking island is bordered by an open shelf that is attractive for both users and guests. The modern sideboard is attached to the wall and it is floating.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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