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PKC-0102-Fresh and Practical L-shaped kitchen cabinet in agate blue-Parlun

This is a warm kitchen for the whole family. The agate blue and practical L-shaped kitchen impresses with a beautiful design and many well-thought-out details. The light agate blue of the matte tops harmonizes perfectly with the oak look of the body and countertops. The shelf element of the hanging cabinets is particularly eye-catching, it brings a fresh and cheerful feel to the room. A small bar ensures a cozy atmosphere. The oven and microwave are integrated at a comfortable working height, thus ensuring an ergonomic workflow. A telescopic pull-out behind the front counter gives you easy access to your supplies and you can easily store all your kitchen utensils in the extra wide drawers. The small shelf element above the high cabinets is also practical and beautiful.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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