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PKC-0106-Practical designer open kitchen cabinet in mineral green and walnut-Parlun


kitchen shape island kitchen
front color Mineral green, walnut imitation
Front surface appearance Solid colors, wood look
front texture ultra matt / anti-fingerprint
Front surface material lacquer laminate
Handle Handle
countertop color Replica Walnut, Epic Black
countertop look Wood look, plain colors
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Inspired by the hues of nature, the mineral green and walnut island kitchen is designed with a natural feel. There is plenty of space to cook together or to socialize with your family or dearest friends. The kitchen island and extra tall cabinets provide plenty of storage space. The stove and sink with black fittings are flush with the black worktop of the large kitchen island. The practical extension table is in nut brown, and the worktop of some of the cabinet fronts and kitchen units is also in nut brown. A modular system of rails and shelves in different heights and widths makes an attractive highlight on the black and grey back wall of the niche.


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