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PKC-0107-Functional and adaptable mineral green and oak effect U-shaped kitchen cabinet -Parlun

Do you like functional design? Then the U-shaped kitchen in mineral green and oak is the best choice for you. It looks chic and its soft shades of green combined with the natural charm of the light wood look elements create a calming atmosphere. The practical U-shape design ensures optimized workflow and short working distances. The oven is mounted at eye level and is therefore easy to operate. All kitchen utensils and supplies are stored in the extra-high cabinets and spacious base cabinets, which look very neat and tidy. Sliding doors allow for open shelves to be designed. The doors are pushed to the side to hide something or to display your particularly beautiful pottery. A simple shelf on the gray back wall of the niche provides additional storage space. In addition to this, a large access door with a cabinet look creates a transition to the dining room.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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