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PKC-0111-Pure and minimalist designer Island kitchen cabinet in concrete sand-Parlun

The unique and minimalist features of the Concrete Sand Island Kitchen are the matte finish and linear design with a concrete look. The handleless top and large sand-colored worktop exude calm and tranquility. The wood accents on the upper area of the wall behind the niche provide an exciting contrast. The dark frame gives the modern kitchen a special silhouette. The large kitchen island with sink and cooking area is freestanding. Tall wall cabinets with large sliding doors keep your most important items within easy reach. In addition, they save space compared to the usual cabinets with swinging doors that reach into the room. Tall, built-in electronics can be operated in a back-friendly position. And open shelves with glass shelves can store your glasses and plates. Creative decorative items play their part on simple wall shelves, which gives the kitchen a very unique look.

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purchasing from China & Save More Than 50%

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