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PKC-0117-Modern and Minimalist U-shaped blue underground kitchen cabinet -Parlun


kitchen shape underground kitchen
front color fjord blue
Front surface appearance plain colors
front texture ultra matt / anti-fingerprint
Front surface material lacquer laminate
Handle Handle
countertop color Concrete gray replica
countertop look concrete look
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The stylish U-shaped kitchen in Fjord Blue is an open concept. It allows for a harmonious transition between the different areas of the apartment. For example, the dark blue kitchen cabinets are equipped with a small light gray tabletop, which is suitable for a practical home office. The light gray concrete-look desk and the kitchenette countertop contrast with the blue, but still look harmonious, and they set off the blue of the cabinet panels particularly well. The closet with segmented glass doors and integrated lighting emits a soft light and creates a cozy atmosphere. The open center shelf is perfect for decorative items or a pot of fresh grass. You can store cooking utensils and spices in the extra-wide drawers under the stove, which are very easy to reach. The space in the kitchen is optimally utilized due to the wine rack installed under the counter. Electrical equipment is mounted high to support a comfortable and back-friendly work style.


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