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PKC-0118-Inviting designer U-shaped kitchen cabinet in light concrete look-Parlun


kitchen shape underground kitchen
front color concrete light
Front surface appearance plain colors
Front surface material melamine resin coating OF
Handle Handle
countertop color White
countertop look plain colors
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A bar-designed dining area is the focal point of this U-shaped kitchen with light concrete accents. It is an ideal place to chat or drink a latte macchiato. On the small shelves you can store many kitchen utensils in a very personal way. Two large cabinets frame the sink. Behind the blinds, kitchen utensils such as coffee makers or blenders can be organized in short order. The oven is integrated into the wall cabinets and works at a comfortable height as it is installed very ergonomically. the U-shaped design invites you to connect the kitchen to the living room. Due to the modern look of the kitchen elements, they can also be presented wonderfully as sideboards or high cabinets.


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