Project from Australia

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Kitchen Cabinet (25 Units), Wardrobes, Dining table, wooden floor, Bathroom Vanity (50 Units)
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free 3d renderings, Logistics and transportation, Installation guide
project from Australia

DESIGN CONCEPT- Lacquer finish and wood grain

The main colors of this project are black, white and wood grain color, which is simple, fashionable, and elegant. It is an enduring design. PARLUN provides customers with one-stop services such as design and products, saving customers’ cost and time.

Kitchen cabinets with black and white matte lacquer are more resistant to dirt, wear, and scratches. The design has no complicated lines and patterns, and it will not hide dirt, which is very easy to clean. The L-shaped design also effectively utilizes the small space of the kitchen, the cabinets match with the wood grain-colored dining table and wooden floor, making the house look naturally、warm and comfortable.

DESIGN CONCEPT- Mirror wardrobe

The design of the mirror wardrobe is very suitable for the bedroom with a small space. The reflection effect of the mirror makes the room look much more spacious. In the morning, you can also see your mental state and the matching of clothes before going out from the mirror. The inside of the wardrobe is composed of laminates and hanging rods, which can meet the storage of various clothes.

Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity also uses a wood grain design, which is consistent with the overall style of the house. The tissue hook is installed on the side of the cabinet, so as not to make holes in the wall tiles to affect the beauty of the wall.

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