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Real wood kitchen cabinets: Kitchen cabinets with real wood veneer

Kitchens with real wood veneer

The terms related to wood are confusing, but you should know them when buying kitchen furniture. In particular, the term real wood kitchen is often not clear. What exactly characterizes a kitchen made of real wood, and how does it differ from solid wood?


“Real wood kitchen” is a generic term for wooden kitchens, which clarifies that the kitchen was made entirely of wood-based materials and not other materials.

Wooden kitchen cabinets are often advertised with the word suffix “real,” for example, as “kitchen with real oak” or “kitchen in real oak.” The goal is to convey positive emotions and the impression of naturalness and to make it clear that you are dealing with a kitchen made of real wood and not just with an oak wood look. This can also be a kitchen made from solid wood, but it is usually a kitchen with real wood veneer and the panel body made of Medium density fiberboard (MDF) or chipboard. That is why some people also call them “veneer kitchen cabinets”.

real wood veneer

For this purpose, a thin layer of wood thickness of about 1 mm is glued onto carrier materials such as MDF or chipboard. The term “real wood veneer” refers to very thin (approx. 0.5 to 8 mm thick) wooden boards made from various types of wood. The log is removed layer by layer: it is “peeled” or “sliced” to put it professionally.

A veneer is also used partially for the solid fronts. Regarding this real wood front, however, only the filling is veneered, while the frames of the kitchen fronts are made of solid wood.

What is the difference between a wood veneer kitchen and a solid wood kitchen?

On the other hand, a solid wood kitchen is not veneered and is made almost entirely of one type of wood. A more unambiguous term for solid oak wood would be, for example, “solid oak”. According to international standards, “solid” should only be used for natural solid wood or solid wood kitchen cabinets.

wood veneer kitchen vs. solid wood kitchen

The following applies to all real wood kitchens: Real wood veneer can be recognized by the veneer seal. Thanks to the seal, real wood kitchens can be easily distinguished from kitchens with plastic fronts or other imitation wood.

Characteristics of the real wood kitchen or “wood veneer kitchen”

  • Kitchen fronts veneered with real wood
  • Kitchen does not have to be made of one type of wood
  • Kitchen with real wood veneer recognizable by the veneer seal


Veneered real wood fronts can be glazed, stained, whitewashed, brushed, sandblasted, painted, and adapted to current color trends with varnish or colored varnish. The surfaces are often sealed with an invisible protective layer of varnish, making the real wood kitchen exceptionally durable and easy to care for.

real wood veneer kitchen cabinets

The veneer can be applied to the kitchen fronts so that the grain runs either breadthwise or lengthwise. In the case of continuous veneer, a transverse veneer is usually used – a visual solution primarily used in modern kitchens and combined with concrete or glass materials.

The use of veneer results in an extravagant play of colors and patterns. This is the so-called artificial veneer, consisting of differently colored and pressed logs. With artificial veneer, real wood kitchen cabinets can be designed individually.


As for real wood kitchens, it is advisable to pay attention to the environmental seals because pollutants and vapors from solvents on the support materials of the wooden kitchens can be harmful to health. Therefore, kitchen furniture buyers should question the quality of the chipboard and materials used and only opt for real wood kitchen furniture with a veneer seal and environmental seal.

Wood look kitchen cabinets

Advantages and disadvantages of real wood veneer kitchen


  • Large selection of veneer fronts
  • Surface treatments possible
  • Sealed wood veneers are durable and easy to care for
  • Cheaper than fronts made of solid wood
  • Looks like a “real” wooden kitchen
  • Suitable for any kitchen styles


  • No natural wood scent
  • Does not ensure a healthier indoor climate
  • Possible pollution of wood-based materials
  • Not as strong and durable as solid wood fronts
  • Real wood veneers can swell when exposed to moisture
  • Not scratch, cut, or heat resistant
  • Light changes the look of wood
  • Damage can only be repaired to a limited extent (veneer is thin)


How much do kitchen cabinets with real wood veneer cost?

The clear advantage of real wood kitchen cabinets is the comparatively low acquisition costs. Precious woods, in particular, are often costly as solid wood and are rarely available in the required quantities. The wood veneer is an inexpensive and reliable alternative here, which does not offer the complete sensory experience of the wood smell and feel but radiates warmth and naturalness.

Manufacturers of kitchen cabinets with real wood veneer

Do you dream of a real wood veneer kitchen? The best thing to do when planning your new kitchen is to put it in the hands of a kitchen professional who can make your kitchen according to your wishes.

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

Parlun is a direct manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets with comprehensive advantages from China and has long-term partnerships with many other high-qualified Chinese manufacturers offering matching kitchen furniture sets. You can find satisfactory products of very high quality but at an affordable price from us. Please get in touch with us for a free catalog and quotation. Numerous chic real wood veneer kitchen cabinets made of different types of wood at bargain prices are waiting for a new home.

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