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Red windows – highlights your home style

Red windows

Red tones for plastic windows, wooden windows, and aluminum windows

Windows are the focal point of your home! Set highlights and take advantage of the unique character of red color that will noticeably and sustainably enhance your home style.

Put together your dream solution.

  • Desired solution in various forms made to measure
  • Wide range of materials in red shades
  • Available with thermal and sound insulation glazing
  • Available with security fittings and roller shutters
  • Individual design with an attractive surface
red windows

Warmth, energy, joy – red windows ignite passion

Let us “see red” together! If you decide on red windows, you choose absolute eye-catchers, which enhance the four walls. The color red stands for energy, joy, warmth, and passion. Take advantage of these associations and create a new feeling of comfort and warmth.

Parlun offers the best individual solution

We offer plastic windows with the decor in dark red. Try to contact us for more detailed information and create your dream window solution. You will see how well red windows can be combined. Perhaps you will additionally decide on suitable accessories? The window elements achieve the full effect with coordinated roller blindspleated blinds, or external blinds. Parlun makes it possible: It’s up to you!

plastic windows with the decor in dark red 

Numerous advantages of red windows

In addition to the active symbolic power of red windows and their unique charisma, the window solutions can be optimized in sound insulation, security, and thermal insulation, which leads to exceptionally high energy efficiency.

We ensure this with double to quadruple pane glazing, the modern, warm edge between the panes, or various inert gases in the space between the panes. Build sustainably and reduce your heating and energy costs.

Parlun will convince you with fast service, individual production, and high quality. Customers who have chosen red windows rave about the intense color and the high quality of the profiles.

Try to contact us for more detailed information and create the right solution for your home. This way, you can discover many possibilities to customize your window. You can choose a different color for the exterior or interior, have the window equipped for innovative housing, or select other decorative elements such as muntins or decorative glass.

laminated safety glass

One process and many possibilities – red aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are finished with the so-called powder coating. The color powder is applied to the frame with a spray gun and then dried. Depending on the powder, it can create matte or glossy colors. Dark red tones appear warm and homely, while the brighter, lighter tones provide exciting highlights to your facade. Popular red shades are currently ruby red (RAL 3003), black-red (RAL 3007), or even crimson red (RAL 3002).

This is how red windows fit harmoniously into the overall picture

We offer the decor in dark red for plastic windows – extremely strong and expressive. Ensure an optimal and aesthetic connection with the facade and other furnishings. Wooden, aluminum, and wooden-aluminum windows are painted in red RAL colors. At Parlun, you can check out various accessories and other materials. Red windows will catch your eye and bring a new glow to your home. It is not for nothing that red also stands for passion, warmth, energy, and liveliness.

Frequently asked questions about the window color red

Which house color is suitable for red windows?

Red windows can be combined with many more house colors than you might first think. Red windows with brick look very charming. It doesn’t matter whether they are light beige or strong red-brown; your house facade will look unique. Besides bricks, red windows can be combined with white or dark gray house colors. Since the red window is already very eye-catching, relatively cool and matte house colors should be used.

How much do red windows cost?

the cost of red windows

The price for red windows comprises many components, such as the size, material, glass, and functional settings. In particular, the profile material and glazing type can determine the price class. Try to contact us for more detailed information and put together your window while following the price calculation. You can find more information on the window costs.

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