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The rustic country kitchen cabinets – Traditional and Alpine

Rustic Country Kitchen Cabinets

Traditional and Alpine feeling in rustic country kitchen cabinets

What does a rustic country kitchen cabinet look like? Most people will think of the country kitchen cabinet with many decorative elements on this issue. This is correct because the rustic country kitchen cabinet is not stingy with loving details and decorations and combines all typical style elements and planning details. 

rustic country kitchen cabinets

The “farmer’s kitchen” is an example of a rustic country kitchen: the rustic Alpine-style kitchen cabinets, with a strong personality, exude the charm of a German or Austrian country living room. These are often high-quality solid wood kitchen cabinets. Kitchen utensils, worktops, additional furniture, and accessories are made of natural materials in a country design and can be combined with country kitchen cabinets. Buying kitchen cabinets from China can now realize it all at an affordable price.

Features of the classic-rustic country kitchen cabinet:

  • Rustic look with elaborate decorative elements and ornaments
  • Fronts with obvious framing
  • Solid wood, also with exquisite colors and patterned surfaces 
  • Handles and elements with an antique look, made of brass or copper
  • Often planned as a spacious kitchen with an island and corner seat in a rustic style

Typical country style: solid wood

dark wood rustic Country Kitchen Cabinet

The rustic country kitchen cabinets’ materials are traditionally dark woods, where the grain is still visible. It is made of solid wood, so it is very inviting. The fronts are characterized by a clear, often wide frame and are partially decorated. Kitchen cabinets with a rustic country house look are also available with lacquered fronts. Bright colors such as white, magnolia, or cream are popular.

Complete set of decorative elements of the rustic country kitchen cabinet

The classic country kitchen cabinet in a rustic style is immediately recognized by the numerous decorative elements and detailed decorations. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are combined with pilasters, columns, or ornaments: all the elements that make up a country kitchen can be found here in a unique form.

Kitchen cabinet design in a rustic style

rustic country kitchen design

Tiles with country patterns are usually used for floor and wall coverings. Typical decorations in Alpine country kitchens are accessories made of fabric, such as curtains and tablecloths,  old cast-iron baking pans, or other hanging kitchen utensils. For example, a brick stove with an oven bench is a highlight in every traditional and cozy country kitchen. A communication seating group with corner benches integrates the dining room with the kitchen.

Buy a rustic country kitchen cabinet

How much does a rustic country kitchen cabinet cost?

The rustic kitchen cabinet is typically made of solid wood. It is not a “ready-made” kitchen cabinet but a separate, hand-made kitchen cabinet. The processing of solid wood requires precise manual work. All this comes at a cost. Some kinds of wood have further pushed up prices. You get a kitchen cabinet made of natural, sustainable materials.

Which manufacturers offer rustic country kitchen cabinets?

kitchen cabinet from China
kitchen cabinet from China

If you want to buy a rustic country kitchen cabinet, you should turn to Parlun. We are the direct manufacturer of solid wood kitchen cabinets and offer Alpine country kitchen cabinets.

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