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47+ Sage green kitchen cabinets design ideas and tips

Sage green kitchen cabinets design ideas

Table of Contents

Eclectic kitchen design with butcher block countertop

Eclectic kitchen design with butcher block countertop

This butcher block countertop is eye-catching with its contrast of sage green, and the clear and unique texture adds to the natural feel of this kitchen with built-in cabinets and a neatly arranged subway tile backsplash. Polished chrome hardware completes the cabinetry. Rather than looking cold, the stainless steel kitchen appliances balance the palette of the room. The pendant lights in this kitchen have a special shape, with a sense of design in a simple shape that is very tasteful.

A gentle scent enters this kitchen in beige and sage green tones

I was attracted by the fresh, gentle atmosphere in the kitchen. The harmony emanating from the beige color with sage green cabinets with flat panels makes it hard to take your eyes off. The appliances are set into the panels and at the right height for human work, making your kitchen work efficient. Semi-circular shaped brass handles accent the kitchen and make it more sophisticated. The natural light introduced from the side shines evenly on the cabinets, adding more sense of texture.

Sage green kitchen cabinets natural and fresh timeless design

The color of sage green is a kind of gray-green color, and due to its similarity to dried sage, it is named sage green color. The silvery grey trait gives the feeling of suppleness and softness. This color has won a great of praise from many people in recent years. Differing from other usual neutral tones, such as white or grey, the muted color of sage green evokes the feeling of being in nature and breathing fresh air. Besides, it is a perfect complement to any other decorative styles, from the farmhouse, ultra-modern to the two-tone style that almost everyone like.

The sage green kitchen cabinets are also the best choice for the traditional kitchen, which creates an earthy and organic atmosphere in your kitchen. The natural hue works well with the wood material, whether it’s walnut, oak, or natural pine, everything looks so harmonious.  Neutral sage green can carry any color well, The neutral color sage green can be paired with simple whites, quiet purples, and soft reds, and these color ideas will bring inspiration to your kitchen to life. If you’re looking for new ideas to breathe life into your kitchen and keep it fresh and timeless, then you’ve come to the right place!

Sage green farmhouse kitchen with pretty wreath

What a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen! The beadboard paneled sage green kitchen cabinets are very unique, with many elements throughout the kitchen, but they don’t look cluttered, instead they are arranged in a well-ordered manner. A large hanging lamp above the kitchen island gives enough light, and its design is also unique, consisting of several rose-gold semi-circles with a vintage yet stylish touch. The wreath hanging on the window, the tulips on the island, and the wooden floor fill the room with a sense of nature.

Natural and rustic sage green country kitchen is your best choice

This kitchen takes the idea of openness to the extreme. The sage green beadboard panels complement the wine cellar cabinets, and because of the marble countertops, the entire kitchen looks luxurious. The two kitchen islands are furnished without crowding and give you plenty of space for kitchen activities. The flooring separates the different areas with different laying directions, making the space look more expansive and airy. The kitchen is very bright and clean thanks to the large three large floor-to-ceiling windows. The most unique feature of the entire kitchen is the range hood, which is very primitive and has a rustic appearance with irregular stone piles.

The green kitchen that never goes out of style will surprise you

This is a timeless L-shaped sage green corner kitchen. The classic shaker cabinets run from floor to ceiling, which emphasizes the height of the kitchen and making it look very spacious. The granite countertop breaks up the monochromatic color of the sage green and adds an atmosphere of luxury, which permeates this kitchen. The linear pendant lights introduce shape to the kitchen and have a modern, updated feel. Dark wood floors and worktops are the elements that complete the welcoming, rustic look of the kitchen.

Farmhouse sage green kitchen cabinets

If you yearn for a warm, rustic, and comfortable kitchen space, then you will absolutely be in love with the farmhouse-style kitchen. It is very popular and it is usually characterized by rustic design, natural materials, and light cabinet colors, such as sage green. In addition, it places special emphasis on natural elements, with natural light and greenery to put you in a pleasant mood.

Butcher block countertop in a classic sage green farmhouse kitchen

The stark contrast of the sage green color and terra cotta red creates a world of color. The exposed wood overhang and butcher block countertops brighten up with a natural and rustic ambiance, and this also can contribute to a great feeling of inner peace. This traditional kitchen benefit from this shaker sage green kitchen cabinets that are simple yet classic. The most attractive feature is the wooden farmhouse-style pendant light, and the small-to-large design introduces a sense of depth to the space. The glass tile backsplash and built-in kitchen appliances are simple yet functional, so they are perfect for people who love creating colorful, and practical kitchens.

Arabesque tile backsplash brings elegance into this traditional farmhouse sage green kitchen

The original barn structure with its wood and rafters draws your attention, and it is very unique. The kitchen island countertop and chairs are all made with natural reclaimed logs, which are very eco-friendly. Paired with sage green shaker kitchen cabinets, it sets the stage for creating a unique and classic farmhouse kitchen. The vintage yet exquisite vine-patterned tile backsplash seems to take you back to the 18th century. With its oak appearance, the tile flooring is both functional and cozy at the same time.

Wine cellar kitchen cabinet is a great choice in a farmhouse sage green kitchen

When you walk into the kitchen, you’ll be fascinated by the sage green wine cellar kitchen cabinets, a chic cabinet that makes this farmhouse-style kitchen unique. The subway tile backsplash, stainless steel cookware, semi-circular pendant lighting, and shaker kitchen cabinets bring both simplicity and an understated sense of design to the entire space. Instead of making the space look compact, the two kitchen islands use the same color palette to make the kitchen look more harmonious and spacious. The use of greenery can enliven the kitchen and make people feel relaxed.

Classic sage green shaker cabinets in this farmhouse style kitchen

This kitchen is full of collisions. Simple shaker cabinets with uniquely designed suspended cut-out glass shelves, sage green color with white subway tiles, wood grain floor and countertops with stainless steel hood metal piping, but the contrast between them looks very harmonious and adds more possibilities to this classic farmhouse kitchen. The cantilevered island configuration of the bar stools not only has functionality covered, but its color palette gives a warm and cozy feeling.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tile backsplash?



Easy cleaning

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Various patterns and sizes available






Attractive dark and light tones collocation

In this classic farmhouse kitchen, the black kitchen island cabinets stand out in this sage green kitchen, echoing the black pendant lights above and creating a contrast with the neutral tones of the sage green cabinets, the kitchen does not look depressing while adding a sense of layering. And the white oak ventilation hood and wood-colored flooring contribute to a warm and cozy atmosphere. The glass floating shelves above the kitchen island are airy and beautiful and enhance the overall design of the kitchen.

Antique style sage green kitchen with marble countertops

What an country style kitchen! The polished marble dining table takes center stage in this kitchen and is undoubtedly the most eye-catching. It is so vintage and sophisticated that it looks like a fine work of art. Simple lines and unadorned shaker-type cabinets accentuate the tabletop in the center of the kitchen. The beams are exposed to the ceiling and blend in with the color of the white backsplash, with every detail thoughtfully considered. The flooring is faux wood, ensuring a warm look while being extremely functional.

Modern sage green kitchen cabinets

In modern style kitchens, man-made materials such as stainless steel, glass, etc. are the most commonly used materials, in addtion to that, simple decoration, and streamlined design, practical kitchen space is sought after by most people. But it is not callous, combined with wood finishes, it can also be warm and inviting. Of course, you can also use bold hues in modern kitchens, from sage green to navy, you can use any color you like.

Square backsplash and shaker sage green cabinets offer a modern style

Sage green brings warmth and comfort to the space! The same neutral tones of sage green and white complement each other to create an elegant and beautiful two-tone green contemporary kitchen. Brass handles, green shaker kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, and luxurious vinyl flooring accent the kitchen with a touch of understatement and luxurious refinement. A semi-handcrafted retro tile in the same shade of green square builds a striking backsplash that embellishes the entire kitchen.

sage green shaker cabinets

The perfect combination of bright and neutral tones

In this soft and gentle kitchen, the sage green shaker cabinets exude warmth, and the three conical yellow pendant lights neatly arranged above are just the right touch. The bright color scheme optimizes the kitchen’s color scheme and provides a visual focal point, and with ample light from the floor-to-ceiling windows, the kitchen will be more vibrant and energetic. Hardwood flooring and a log dining table highlight the organic feel of the kitchen. The appliances are set into the cabinets to ensure a uniform and continuous look. The subway tile backsplash is organized perfectly and has a visual aesthetic as well as being very practical.

Modern and minimalist sage green kitchen cabinets with Herringbone floor

A simple and stylish streamlined design with pure white countertops and a plain flat panel without handles create this elegant ultra-modern minimalist style kitchen. This kitchen is free of unnecessary decorations and the plain design makes you fall in love with this kitchen. The herringbone arrangement of terracotta tiles and sage green kitchen cabinets give a visual impact and builds a visual focal point, which prevents the whole kitchen from being monotonous while adding color appeal.

White quartz countertop- a good complement to sage green kitchen cabinets

In this L-shaped kitchen, sage green is the base color. This soft gray-green hue color fills this kitchen with a fresh and pleasant feeling. The linear pendant bar of the spherical pendant light is very concise yet very contemporary. A dining table is large enough for your many friends to enjoy a fantastic dinner together. The ceramic countertop and pure flat, the handleless panel are not overly detailed, but do not detract from its sophistication, but rather make the kitchen look more airy and simplified. The built-in stainless steel kitchen appliances bring you the best kitchen experience.

Tips: Herringbone parquet flooring has a smooth surface, which means that dust and dirt cannot be trapped.

Is sage green a popular color for kitchens?

Sage green is a loyal kitchen choice for most people. Its lighter shade will not make him look conspicuous in the kitchen but will create a warm and pleasant bright and airy space in the kitchen, making you feel cheerful while cooking.

Sage green luxury transitional kitchen with marble countertops

This U-shaped transitional kitchen will definitely surprise you! The basic color palette throughout the kitchen consists of white, honey and sage green, a harmonious combination of tones that make up this luxurious and elegant transitional kitchen. The marble countertops offer style and movement to this kitchen with their natural and unique textures. The minimalist linear design of the cabinets draws everyone’s attention with their graceful colors. The honey oak flooring and the same color of the kitchen island body are great choices to infuse the kitchen with a warm and rustic feel. The minimalist white pendant lights are embellished with brass colored accessories for a sense of extravagance.  

Industrial elements in this rustic kitchen

In this rustic, open kitchen, a farmhouse-style sink, wood countertops and faux wood flooring create a warm and serene atmosphere. Chrome-plated knobs shine on the sage green shaker cabinets, which stand out in the kitchen in perfect harmony with the built-in metal-look kitchen appliances. The metallic pendant lights and black chairs have an industrial look and feel, contrasting with the light cabinet tones, thus showing that a mix of styles can also blend harmoniously.

Sage green kitchen cabinets with white appliances

Compared to the highly saturated green, the sage green color adds a hint of gray tone, which is more textural and upscale. And when it is paired with white kitchen appliances, the consistency of the hue will make your kitchen look coherent and unified.

The beadboard panel accent the sage green kitchen cabinets

Does the two-tone kitchen of pure white and sage green catch your eye? They create a harmonious atmosphere together. The light-colored kitchen tone is rustic and welcoming. The original wood-colored overhanging shelves and greenery also play an important role in creating a warm look. Look closely at each element in the kitchen and you will find black cabinet handles as color accents to add to the charm of the kitchen. The Beadboard cabinet doors and subway tile backsplash bring small details to this kitchen that are understated and design-rich at the same time.

Beige subway tile backsplash create an unique sage green kitchen

A slightly darker sage green is also full of charm, isn’t it? The kitchen backsplash is fully covered with subway tile, which is pleasing to the eye and brings freshness to this kitchen. The sage green raised kitchen cabinets with polished chrome hardware and white appliances, while the entire kitchen is bathed in natural light, make you feel like being in the forest. What a wonderful experience! Wooden floating veneer shelves, original wood overhanging kitchen cabinets, and faux wood flooring bring rusticity and coziness. Each kitchen element is so well arranged that the small kitchen looks less crowded, and you’ll really love cooking in this kitchen!

Mosaic tile backsplash combine same tone-sage green kitchen cabinet

A match that never goes out of style! The raised sage green kitchen cabinets provide a sense of spatial depth to this small kitchen, while the simple design yet with gold color bar pendant lights accentuate the height of the roof, making it visually look more spacious and ventilated. The light-toned kitchen appliances with its provide an elegant and timeless charm. The gradient color mosaic tile backsplash makes it impossible to look away, making the entire kitchen sophisticated and unique. The presence of sliding windows allows natural light to fill the entire kitchen, a bright space that is even more beloved.

Nature and warmth fill this sage green transitional style kitchen

The perfect combination of classical and contemporary style! The classic shaker sage green cabinet design is free of excess decoration, reflecting the idea that less is more, while the minimalist style is highly compatible with modern style. The view from the window provides a beautiful view of nature. At the same time, the natural light fills the whole kitchen, making it naturally warm. Do you see that brass-colored pendant light? Paired with the original design of the table and chairs, this is very antique. This transitional kitchen is a perfect blend of both styles.

Sage green kitchen cabinets with grey walls

You don’t have to worry that the monochromatic light tones of the whole house in your kitchen will look monotonous. In fact, they pair together to form a visual harmony. In the following, let’s explore the charm of matching sage green and gray walls together!

Luxurious marble countertop in monochromatic sage green kitchen

This is the ultimate luxurious yet vintage kitchen and it’s stunning! Raised cabinets in sage green color and gray walls pay great attention to the decoration and layout of the lines, full of romantic vintage style. With brass hardware and baroque pendant lights and vine-patterned curtains, it adds a sense of extravagance. The white marble countertop is lustrous and quite exquisite.

Scandinavian-style sage green kitchen with faux wood floor

Sage green shake kitchen cabinets and grey wall complete this Scandinavian country style kitchen, and the original wood floating shelves and tile faux wood flooring create a warm, rustic ambiance. The kitchen is filled with natural light, you do not worry about inadequate light. The built-in stainless-steel dishwasher and handle-less kitchen cabinets are representative of the minimalist style and complement the striped rug.

Sage green kitchen with a natural touch

The bi-fold doors introduce more natural sunlight into your kitchen, just like a natural kitchen. The alternating design of sage green shaker cabinets and raised cabinets is visually stunning, and the accents of antique brass hardware add another hint of warmth and some extra texture to the overall kitchen color scheme. The wood finishes offer an additional rustic touch of comfort and tenderness. The stainless steel kitchen appliances, although their first impression is cold, still look very stylish as well as elegant with the other elements.

Natural and harmonious beach style sage green kitchen

A bright and airy beach style kitchen. The light cream walls and sage green cabinets create a continuous, unified space, and the niche by the island allows you to display your recipe book or your favorite dishes. The contrast between the black tabletop, kitchen appliances and hood and the light color creates a balance of colors that keeps the black from looking overwhelming. The white suspended shelves, white polished countertops play a big role in brightening the room. The two-tone square floor has a nice artistic aesthetic and increases visual interest.

What color goes well with sage green?

1.Sage + Pink

The sage green and lovely pink color combination is not only very suitable for children’s bedrooms, but also the light tone adds vitality to the kitchen and makes you feel happy when cooking as well as dining.

2. Sage + White

This is a very classic pairing, sage green and white can be paired to suit any style, from Scandinavian, modern to farmhouse. You can add white countertops or white beadboard to your sage green kitchen, or simply keep your kitchen appliances white and everything will be in full harmony.

3. Sage + Orange

A bold color scheme can make for amazing color effects, and the contrast of sage green and orange creates a colorful kitchen that brings some energy to your kitchen and puts you in a happy mood while cooking.

4. Sage + Wood tones

Wood tones and sage green go together beautifully and harmoniously, and whether you prefer a traditional style or a warm farmhouse style or a mid-century modern look, this combination will give you an unexpected effect. One of the most common and beloved features in kitchens is the wooden floor or wooden countertop.

5. Sage + black 

Black is an extremely classic color, within the light sage green kitchen not only will not look out of place but dark and light with the color to provide a sense of excess between the colors of the kitchen, the collision of colors is very attractive to the eye.

Modern sage green kitchen that focuses on clean lines and color matching

This sage green kitchen is full of modern elements. The island, bar stools, and pure white pendant lights pay close attention to clean lines and the matching of classic colors, while its rounded design breaks the monotony of vertical lines and emphasizes the soft style of the kitchen. Stainless steel, a man-made material used in kitchen appliances, has a shiny and stylish appearance and is also very well maintained. Engineered hardwood flooring and soft carpets provide a warm touch while you work in the kitchen. The natural stone countertops have a unique texture that adds brightness and luxury to the kitchen.

A traditional kitchen with a rounded island is full of movement

This traditional kitchen combines a dynamic rounded island with minimalist lines of shaker cabinetry. It has the vintage as well as rustic look of a traditional kitchen with some modern elements. The wooden high bar stools and flooring are a wise choice, and combined with the light color palette throughout the kitchen, it makes you feel right at home. The stainless steel kitchen appliances, minimalist pendant lighting, and beige countertops complement each other well.

Sage green kitchen cabinets with black walls

A bold color scheme! Black is a modern hue with a timeless color that never goes out of style, no matter what time of year. Black has a calm and cool feel, but when paired with sage green, the lighter tones neutralize this aura and bring a sense of dimension and integrity to the space. Scroll down to see our black wall and sage green cabinetry combination!

A colorful sage green kitchen with specially shaped pendant lights

The rich color palette dynamic up the kitchen. A chic light will make you marvel at the wonderful use of color, with an pink light in the shape of a disc below the cone above standing out against the black walls. The entire kitchen is off the beaten path, with the collision between dark and light colors emphasizing the mix and match feel of the space. The raised sage green cabinets follow the beauty of the lines and frames combined with simple black walls, these artificially created contradictions can make the entire kitchen space not look overly chaotic while also providing a harmonious aesthetic.

A dark green modern kitchen with black polished countertops surprises you

The minimalist wooden counter stools and faux tile textured floor echo each other, creating a connection with the natural scenery outside that stands out in this dark kitchen. The cantilevered island is very special, offering a small bar that is very practical while making the kitchen look very modern. The matte, solid black walls are very textured and are very premium when illuminated by natural light. Pure flat panels, Built-in kitchen appliances, slate countertop and suspended veneer shelves are incorporated into this L-shaped island kitchen with a simple look.  

Industrial style sage kitchen cabinets with brass hardware

This sage green kitchen is small, but focusing on the arrangement of the elements of the kitchen gives it a very orderly look. The extraordinary classic recessed- panel cabinets with brass colored handles enhance the entire space and make you want to marvel at how exquisite the cabinets are! The beams above project the height of the ceiling and the whole kitchen looks more spacious. Benefiting from the white windows, the whole kitchen enjoys natural light. To create an industrial style, subway tiles occupy the entire wall, which is very premium with the green backdrop. The wooden countertop radiates some warmth.

Two-tone farmhouse style sage green kitchen is a good choice

The two-tone farmhouse kitchen in green and beige is very attractive. The geometric X-ends enhance the presence of the center island and make it impressive at first glance. Raised cabinets and a large to small kitchen hood add layers and depth to the kitchen. The metal pendant light gives the kitchen a sense of weight and looks like a mid-century product, which is very retro and would not look out of place in this farmhouse kitchen, while it is the same color tone as the chairs, providing the kitchen with a symmetrical balance of colors.

Different shades of green

Green can bring life and freshness to your kitchen. Some of the most commonly used shades include olive green, dark green, greenish gray, retro green, mint green, and grass green. Let’s check each one of them one by one.

1. Olive green

Olive color cabinets are used a lot in kitchens to create a warm, peaceful and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. Moreover, olive green matches perfectly with natural stone, white and wood countertops, and marble walls. 

2. Dark green

Dark green cabinets create a vintage atmosphere. The L-shaped open kitchen gives an airy feel without making you feel overwhelmed.

3. Greenish gray

Greenish gray brings a sense of luxury if paired with silver kitchen elements. Especially in the Scandinavian kitchen, greenish gray is a good choice.

4. Retro green

Retro green often appear in antique kitchens, with black and white small square tiles, patterned floor tiles, as if you go back to the Middle Ages.

5. Mint green

Mint green brings a fresh and natural feeling, with wooden countertops and flooring, as if in the middle of nature.

6. Grass green

Grass green cabinets make the kitchen very lively and not monotonous, with lace tiles, Scandinavian style will make you fall in love with this kitchen.

Gold hardware builds this green luxury kitchen

The vertical lines of the dark green raised cabinets are very striking in the kitchen, while the round chair backrests, and flat round pendant lights break up the regular design and create a sense of balance. Gold hardware accents the cabinets, complementing the faucets of the same hue, and with the marble countertops, give the kitchen another touch of ultimate luxury. The polished metal surfaces of the appliances resemble a mirror and are very shiny, thanks to which the kitchen looks twice as big. Wooden flooring is also a great choice, as it has more warmth compared to tile tiles flooring.

Light sage green kitchen with Moroccan style backsplash

Does a room with all light colors look monotonous? Actually, it doesn’t. Look at this classic kitchen, where sage green and white dominate most of the color palette, and the laminate countertop on the center island creates a striking focal point that defines the casual traditional style of this kitchen. The backsplash is unusual in design and shape. The square tile backsplash is very Moroccan in style, while the shape emphasizes the height of the kitchen and makes the space more spacious. The grey walls and the minimalist classic design of the pendant lights use the same shade to ensure a uniform color scheme in the kitchen. The letter X emphasizes the open display shelves and the opening and ventilated atmosphere is thus developed.

Sage green kitchen with wood cabinets

If you want to have a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen, then wood-colored cabinets are definitely a good choice. Whether it’s honey oak, cherry or walnut, you can choose according to your preference. And sage green is a great partner for wood colors, they are the same light tone and have a significant role to play in classic farmhouse kitchens, minimalist Scandinavian style kitchens. They work with any type of appliance, such as stainless steel appliances, white kitchen appliances. Everything is just right.

Wood kitchen cabinet bring nature to this sage green kitchen

Wood kitchen cabinet bring nature to this sage green kitchen

As you can see, this rustic kitchen has lots of charming little details, and the round handles above the flat, handleless cabinets provide a bit of movement. The light from the floor-to-ceiling windows shines on the greenery and the whole kitchen comes alive. The unique grain on top of the wood cabinets brings a special appeal to the kitchen. Open shelving is the best way to display your cookware, books or your favorite flowers, providing an open and airy look that will make even a small kitchen look larger. Black paneled appliances are the only dark shade that doesn’t ruin the original tone of this kitchen, but rather the added richness of color.

Warmth permeates this walnut cabinetry and sage green kitchen

The warm tones of honey walnut give this space a romantic yet vintage vibe. It goes without saying that this chic pendant light will catch your attention, the grass-shaped light connects you to nature and immerses you in this sage green kitchen. The cabinets vary in design, with classic built-in panels and beadboard panels that enrich the entire kitchen. The raised beams are incorporated throughout the kitchen as an original design. A subtle balance is created with the metallic black hood.

Antique sage green kitchen cabinets

In antique kitchens, you’ll often see deliberately aged hardware, worn vases, old-fashioned fixtures, and vintage cabinet designs. These antique designs will introduce some sense of story and layers to your kitchen. Antique kitchens are also very simple to design and don’t require you to re-customize the whole kitchen as well as the appliances, just add a few details that can break up the modern look of your kitchen. Follow along with us to see the classic kitchen of your dreams.

Antique round table in the sage green kitchen is vintage and sophisticated

In this kitchen, everything is so antique. The terra cotta-colored cabinets are particularly attractive, with a deliberately old design paired with different styles of beadboard cabinet doors and built-in cabinet doors, everything is so harmonious and perfect. The island is designed with a rounded dining table, breaking the traditional bar design, with the same color of the ancient furniture dining table and chairs, the retro feel of the era is full of space. Decentralized pendant lights give enough light to the kitchen, and the warm tones of the lights bring warmth into your kitchen.

Dark and light colors create a sense of balance in this antique sage green kitchen

This is a very original kitchen. The clear cabinets that extend to the ceiling, the walnut countertops, the brass box pulls and the subway tile backsplash, they are all very old fashioned ideas. The dark cabinets do not feel depressing in this traditional antique kitchen, as the sage green cabinets and the wood floors create a sense of balance. shaker cabinets are very classic and he will never go out of style, whether past or present.

Sage green kitchen cabinets with white countertops

If you have the idea of installing sage green cabinets for your kitchen, then please note that white will be the best choice for it to match. The same lighter shade can bring a warm and rustic feel to your kitchen. After all, besides the bedroom, the kitchen is the time of day you spend the most time in, and it is well worth it to keep it bright and comfortable. Here are some ideas for white countertops in a sage green kitchen.

Sage green and white together build a fresh kitchen

In this refreshing kitchen, minimalist and uncomplicated is my first impression of it. Streamlined cabinets with fresh white and light green, accented with round handles and adding a sense of movement, everything is just perfect. The gooseneck faucet, undercounter sink, maintains the clean and stylish look of the kitchen. The faux wood flooring, original wood chairs and white limestone countertops complement each other and create a harmonious connection between people and nature. The presence of glass high cabinets allows you to display your favorite tableware and it is essential to always be in a happy mood, albeit during cooking.

Polished white countertops give you a brighter and cleaner kitchen

If you want a vibrant and bright farmhouse kitchen, then this is your best option. The monochromatic sage green kitchen is complemented by white countertops, and the whole kitchen is very square in layout, with shaker classic cabinets and open shelving as well as casement windows and sliding doors for a visually neat and fresh feel. The polished countertop reflects more light and puts you in a bright place. The rounded pendant lights, and chairs further create some sense of balance.

Sage green kitchen with candle flame pendant light in line with the open concept

Imagine a wonderful picture of your ideal life in this sage green kitchen with the morning sun shining on you and your family enjoying a wonderful breakfast on the white solid surface countertops. The L-shaped corner kitchen is not a large space, but it is not crowded and everything is well organized. The suspended shelves on the wall are in line with the popular open concept, making the space wider and more breathable at the same time. Another detail that can’t be overlooked is the white subway tile backsplash and candle flame pendant light, which is very exquisite.

Sage green shaker kitchen cabinets

The possibilities are endless and shaker cabinets can be matched with a variety of countertop materials and flooring, and that is why they are so common and popular in kitchens. It is very practical, yet elegant and attractive. The linear look and simple, clean decor make it lean more toward contemporary style, but it also works well in traditional styles.

The sage green color with the shaker cabinets will definitely brighten up your eyes. The neutral hue paired with the simple design will make your kitchen look more elaborate and premium.

Shaker cabinets are very attractive in natural light

What a beautiful and timeless kitchen design! The greenery that can be seen everywhere brings a natural, fresh atmosphere to this kitchen. the shaker cabinets are very concise and with the light green color, they will make your eyes feel very comfortable and match perfectly with the wooden countertop. the dining table is a separate partition and the round pendant light above brings fun to the dining room. The window directly above the undercounter sink allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery even while cooking, and puts you in a happy mood.

The shaker cabinets and the unique light make this warm kitchen together

Shaker classic cabinets also perform an important role in this beach style kitchen. The different colored decorative lights above the cabinets not only illuminate the kitchen, but bring a warm atmosphere to this kitchen. The beige carpet and tile backsplash complement the green cabinets to create a visual aesthetic. The view outside through the window pane fan constitutes a beautiful picture. The sink is the only darker shade in the kitchen, which is not out of this space, but rather enriches the kitchen with color.

Which kitchen style is best for Shaker cabinets?

1. Modern Style

The clean lines of shaker cabinets fit well with the modern concept of minimalist design. Depending on personal preference, the cabinetry can be decorated with details such as brass hardware or floral patterns. They can also be painted in your favorite color, such as sage green or classic black, white and grey, navy, etc.

2. Transitional kitchens

If you like transitional style, you should not miss the shaker cabinets because they are the perfect transition between traditional and current kitchen elements. And you can make small detail changes to shaker cabinets, such as making them with slightly beveled edges, which is a small detail change but it makes this cabinet more in line with your ideas.

3. Traditional kitchens

Traditional styles can also benefit from shaker cabinets, especially in lighter shades, which play a big role in maintaining traditional styles. Of course, you can also add touches such as antique cabinet knobs, distressed accessories or faux old cabinet glazes.

A paradise for green kitchen lovers

A paradise for green kitchen lovers

If you love green, then you don’t want to miss this kitchen. With light green raised cabinets, sage green backsplash, and green open shelves, this traditional style kitchen is full of green elements. Green, just like nature, is full of life. With the herringbone arrangement of wood flooring and the wood-grain countertop of the center island, this kitchen is full of nature and it gives a sense of peace and calmness. The working part of the backsplash is made of brick stacking, bringing a primitive and rustic atmosphere, which is very special. On the open shelves of the island, you can place recipes or greenery, anything that makes you feel happy and keeps you in the mood in the kitchen.

Aged cabinets catch the eye in a farmhouse sage green style kitchen

This farmhouse kitchen has many great ideas! The angled roof allows the visual focus to fall on the sage green cabinets. In this kitchen, the cabinetry is diverse, from letter Z panels to classic flat panels, and of course, there are special open cabinets that are paired with vintage-style pendant lights and black countertops to create this classic yet cozy farmhouse kitchen. See that antique cabinet in the corner? The deliberately aged color makes it an accent in the kitchen and complements the wood floors. In this kitchen, everything is so harmonious.

Transitional style small kitchen with sage green raised cabinets in light tones

This small, enclosed kitchen is traditionally transitional in style. Raised sage green cabinets and beige cabinet color create a harmonious space. The square backsplash is uniquely designed with a stone worktop that looks both classic and sophisticated. The velvet material chair cushions provide you with a comfortable dining experience. The kitchen is clean and airy through the light coming in from the windows. The flooring is concrete-look tile along with the minimalist pendant lights on the ceiling, which is simple yet unpretentious.

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