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Sliding doors guide – Modern and space-saving life

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors ensure a modern interior design and a flexible and spacious living environment. It convinces as a high-quality and innovative design element and at the same time offers many advantages in terms of functionality.

The space-saving installation promises more freedom of movement in the room and, in addition to the wide range of possible usages, ensures that sliding doors are a first-class choice and a particular highlight in living space design.

sliding doors designs

Sliding doors can be locked with a compass bolt lock for more privacy.

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Advantages of sliding doors

  • Particularly space-saving
  • Easy to care
  • Suitable for barrier-free living
  • Visual enlargement of the living space
  • Various application possibilities

You can easily determine the DIN opening direction of sliding doors yourself.

Visual enlargement of the living space

space saving sliding doors

Sliding doors, like folding doors, are real space savers in interior design. They can be easily pushed to the side and do not require any pivoting range when opening and closing. Consequently, they are particularly suitable for creating storage space in the kitchen or as a door for walk-in closets. In addition, their advantage is that they allow a view of adjacent living rooms and thus make the room appear significantly larger.

Convenient barrier-free environment

Sliding doors also do not require a threshold and are ideal for barrier-free living. The effortless gliding promises optimal handling, more freedom of movement, and intuitive operation – even from a wheelchair.

Various application possibilities

sliding door for small room

Sliding doors offer innovative and individual interior design options. They serve as an instrument for dividing up space and thus create clear structures for creative freedom even in small living spaces. In addition, sliding doors offer an attractive alternative as a passage door and underline an individual style of living. Sliding doors can also convince in very small rooms, as they do not protrude into the room when opening and closing and do not require any additional space.

Numerous designs of sliding doors

sliding doors design 1

The design options for sliding doors are almost unlimited and can perfectly match the current furnishing design. You get sliding doors such as wooden sliding doorsglass sliding doorssliding doors with CPL surfaces, and elegant sliding doors in white or bright colors.

Floor guide for sliding doors

hidden floor guide for sliding door

The floor guide is fastened under the sliding door, also known as guide pins or floor pins. The running groove, factory-milled at the lower end of the door, runs over the pin. This stabilizes the door leaf when it is pushed open and closed. The guide pin is not visible on sliding doors made of wood – whether running in the wall or in front of the wall.

Handles for sliding doors

Handles for sliding doors

The handle is used to open and close sliding doors. Traditional handles are reminiscent of the semicircular and grooved shapes of shells. Nowadays, there are not only round but also square handles. They are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic and give the door a modern, minimalist character.

The recessed handle is embedded in the door to push the door leaf deeper into the opening. Thanks to the flush mounting of the handle, the door leaf is particularly easy to clean. Handles are either screwed or glued and are ideal for multi-leaf sliding doors. The individual tracks can be pushed on top of each other.

The right sliding door system

The intelligent system of indoor sliding doors provides sophisticated solutions for a personalized living space design.

What are sliding door systems available? 

  • Running in front of the wall
  • Running in the wall

Sliding door system that is running in front of the wall

The inner door can move in front of the wall with this sliding door system to save space.

sliding doors in front of the wall

The track is mounted on the wall and covered by a shelter box. The effortless installation of the sliding door is also possible later.

Sliding door system running in the wall

Sliding door system in the wall

This sliding door system is particularly space-saving, as the room door slides elegantly into the wall. The running rail is attached between two walls. This sliding door structure offers a maximum passage width. Due to the enormous cost, it is recommended to use this technology for new buildings. However, installation can also be carried out later through the targeted use of dry construction measures.

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