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Smoke control doors guide – Prevent the spread of smoke

Smoke control doors

What are smoke control doors? A smoke control door is a self-closing door that can reliably prevent smoke from spreading in a separate room. They must be installed as interior or apartment entrance doors with a smoke protection function required by the building regulations. Therefore, you will automatically receive a test certificate when you buy a smoke control door and a smoke protection frame.

smoke control doors design


Advantages of smoke control doors:

  • Block toxic smoke development
  • Meet building regulations
  • Save and protect lives

Popular application areas are:

  • Staircases where smoke may impede escape routes
  • Connection to basement or attic
  • Access to workshops
  • Openings to usage units of more than 200 m²

International smoke protection standard

Every smoke control door must be manufactured according to the International smoke protection standard DIN 18095-1 (or DIN EN 1634-3). According to this standard, smoke control doors are self-closing to prevent the passage of smoke for at least 10 minutes when installed and closed. This standard also stipulates that every smoke control door must be provided with an identification plate.

  • Smoke protection for at least 10 minutes
  • Self-closing door leaf
  • Marked as a smoke protection element

Bottom seal for smoke control doors

Since fumes can penetrate through the smallest openings, floor seals are vital for good protection. This is included as standard with most smoke control doors. To achieve the best smoke prevention, smoke control doors are sealed all around, also known as “four-sided” sealing (top, bottom, left, and right).

Bottom seal for smoke control doors

Important: A tightly closing door is not automatically a smoke control door.

Overhead door closer

Smoke control doors must always be equipped with an overhead door closer or an automatic door closer. Both guarantee the self-closing mechanism. An overhead door closer is characterized by being mounted at the top of the door.

Variety of smoke control doors designs

smoke control doors

The design options for smoke control doors are almost unlimited. Many different materials and surfaces can be realized with them. A CPL or HPL surface is particularly hard-wearing, while lacquer gives the smoke control door an elegant look. Natural wood veneer can be selected for a particularly homely ambiance. For smoke control doors with glass, the safe fire protection glass F30 is usually used to ensure smoke protection.

Matching smoke protection frame

Frame with a smoke protection function must be combined with a smoke control door. This is the only way to ensure compliance with the DIN regulation, and only then can a building authority test certificate be issued.

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