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2022 Tiles From China Buying Guide

tiles from China

Architectural ceramics are products used for architectural decoration and building components, which can be divided into ceramic tiles, thin ceramic tiles, ceramic sheets, architectural glazed products, decorative tiles, ceramic pipes, etc., and the ceramic tiles are the main products. These products have outstanding performance, stable quality, strong artistic sense, and beautiful performance, and they are widely used in residential decoration and public building decoration.

different types of tiles from China

China is a world-renowned ceramic factory, and China is the number one exporter of architectural ceramics to the world. Besides the stable production capacity and quality, the cheap price is one of the reasons why a large number of customers choose to import ceramic tiles from China. Ceramic tiles from China are more than 50% cheaper than other countries, especially when compared to developed countries.

However, many customers are confused when importing building materials from China for the first time. Besides being amazed by the dazzling styles, the biggest obstacle for them is how to choose a quality and cost-effective tile supplier. To solve this problem, we have put together this detailed tile buying guidance.

Chinese ceramic tile classification

Choosing suitable tiles is not only about aesthetics, but the functionality of the tiles should also be taken into consideration. It is even more important to consider where they will be placed and the loads they will be subjected to before you buy them. The abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and water absorption of the material determines whether the tiles can be used as a wall or floor tiles, as well as whether they will be installed indoors or outdoors, and in which room they will be best used. By combining the different requirements, you can effectively screen the right Chinese tile supplier. There are thousands of tile sellers in the tile capital of China, “Foshan”. If you want to choose ceramic, you can contact Parlun, then you can easily buy affordable and high-quality tiles from China.

Ceramic tile from China

Ceramic tile from China
Ceramic tile from China

In China, no matter how high demanding you are, you can get the best tile for your needs. When it comes to ceramic tile, the first thing that comes to mind is ceramic tile. It is divided into three categories: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. These three are based on a mixture of clay, sand, and stone. The main difference between them is the difference in firing temperature.

Earthenware tiles

Earthenware tiles design

Earthenware tiles are particularly coarse-pored. They can be easily cut, so they are easy to lay even in angled areas. However, they cannot be used in heavily loaded areas. Therefore, they’re very suitable as wall tiles. Their porosity leads to a high level (> 10% of the weight) of water absorption, so earthenware tiles are not frost-proof and should only be laid indoors. They are only used in the glazed form, or they are easily influenced by dirt and chemicals.

Stoneware tiles

Stoneware tiles design

Stoneware tiles have a high density of tile material. As a result, they absorb only small amounts (< 3% of their weight in water) and it has frost-resistant qualities. They are stronger and resistant to both acids and alkalis and to wear and tear; therefore, they are used as floor tiles, both indoors and outdoors. Stoneware tiles can be divided into glazed and unglazed types.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles design
Porcelain tiles design

Porcelain tiles have a very high material density and very low porosity. This means that it has a very low water absorption (<0.5% of weight) and very high durability. Porcelain tiles are frost-proof and it is suitable as indoor and outdoor floor coverings. These tiles are also can be divided into glazed and unglazed types.

Note: You only need to decide between glazed stoneware and porcelain and unglazed tiles, because stoneware tiles are always glazed. This relatively soft and porous stoneware will have a very limited life without a protective glaze.

Nature stone tiles and diverse material alternatives in China

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles

In addition to ceramic tiles, there is another type called natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles are mostly made of marble or granite, and to a lesser extent, basalt, limestone, sandstone, travertine, slate, or quartzite. These tiles are becoming more and more popular because they have different textures which makes each tile unique. Interior design will be more vivid if these natural stone tiles are used for interior decoration. They are quarried in quarries and in principle are cut only to the desired size and retain the original appearance. These natural stone tiles are formed over a long period of time by natural processes. As a result, it is hard to find two natural stone tiles that look exactly the same. The uniqueness of each tile ensures that a natural stone floor looks more attractive than other materials.

Glass tiles 

Glass tiles 

Small mosaic tiles are mainly made of glass. These tiles are usually made of colored glass, so this tile is what makes larger areas colorful. Usually, the floor and walls of the shower are often designed entirely with mosaic tiles.

Metal tiles

Metal tiles

Same as glass tiles, metal tiles usually have a decorative function. This is because it reflects light to make the room shiny. Stainless steel and aluminum are the best because neither will rust. Stainless steel and aluminum tiles are also good choices for bathrooms where tiles will inevitably come into contact with water.

Cement tiles

Cement tiles

Cement tiles often look very modern. However, you can also find cement tiles with traditional patterns from earlier times from some Chinese manufacturers. These are patterns from the Mediterranean region, where cement tiles were already being made during the Art Nouveau era. If you are looking for an unusual wall or floor covering, you can take a look at cement tile.

Porcelain pottery tiles

Porcelain pottery tiles for countertop
Porcelain pottery tiles for countertop

The tile is reminiscent of laminate. Because it also consists of several layers if it is to be used as a floor or wall covering. A layer of ceramic a few millimeters thick is applied to a carrier board. This process even allows the production of large panels. Therefore, Ceramic is ideal choice if you want a seamless bathroom or to make the walls behind the kitchen units as smooth as possible and thus easy to clean. Porcelain is even the ideal covering for kitchen countertops.

Read our professional tips for you to learn what should be noticed before buying tiles in China.

Helpful Tips for Buying Tiles from China

Chinese wall and floor tiles offer a large selection of sizes, colors, and textures. However, in addition to the visual aspects, the functional aspects of tiles also need to be considered. At the beginning of your planning phase, gather inspiration for tile designs – then find your Chinese tile supplier

Chinese tiles provide the right wall and floor tiles for every lifestyle. Ceramic coverings are very durable and their surfaces are sturdy. What’s more, you can buy high-quality tiles from China at affordable prices. In order to choose suitable tiles, you should take the time to choose carefully. Contact the experts at Parlun and we will give you a quote and you can get inspiration from our tile catalog.

High Quality Tiles from Palrun

Choose not only the design of the tiles but also the format at the same time – effective screening of tile manufacturers from China

The visual proportions of a room can be altered by certain special layout patterns. Those tiles which have the same texture but in a different format lying in a different way can achieve a completely different effect in a room. The color of the tiles can also influence the impression of the bathroom or living room and bedroom. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right tile color. Many builders also do not realize that the color and width of the joints can affect the subsequent effect of a tiled wall or floor. 

1. Anti-slip bathroom and outdoor floor tiles from China

In areas where shoes are entered, slip resistance is graded from R9 to R13, with R9 representing the minimum requirement and R13 representing the very high requirement. In barefoot areas. this is a difference between Level A (low requirement), Level B (medium requirement), and Level C (high requirement).

Anti-skid grade of tiles from China

In the commercial sector, a certain level of slip resistance is sometimes specified. However, in the private place, these ratings should also be considered in rooms where there is a risk of slippings, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

slip resistance in bathroom

In the commercial place, certain slip resistance ratings are sometimes prescribed, but in the private sector, these ratings should also be considered in rooms at risk of slippings, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

2. Pay attention to the frost resistance of patio tiles

high quality patio tiles from China
high quality patio tiles from China

In outdoor areas, weather conditions such as humidity, sunlight, and temperature fluctuations can be a severe test of the durability of outdoor tiles. Tile for patios and balconies will not fade in outdoor climates with their vibrant colors. Parlun offers a range of frost-resistant outdoor tiles to meet your needs.

3. Friendly reminder: tiles have different surfaces and surface finishes – this determines the subsequent cleaning and care work

High-quality tiles are usually very easy to clean and maintain. And a distinction must be made between glazed and unglazed surfaces when caring for tiles.

tiles with glazed and unglazed surfaces

Glazed tiles and tiles with advanced technical surface treatment (“ceramic seal“) are inherently stain-resistant, hard-wearing, and easy to clean. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a reliable Chinese ceramic supplier according to your individual needs.

4. High-grade wear-resistant floor tiles are required for frequently used areas

Ceramic tiles are particularly hard and wear-resistant, even under heavy loads. Generally, Chinese tile manufacturers have information about wear resistance on their tiles. There are five levels of wear resistance (1 is the lowest level and 5 is the highest wear resistance level) and also indicate the range of application of the floor tiles.

wear-resistant floor tiles grade

Chinese tile manufacturers recommend using floor tiles with a wear resistance rating of 3 or higher for living areas in bedrooms or living rooms. In frequently accessed living areas such as kitchens, entryways, and patios, we recommend tiles with a wear rating of 4 or higher.

There are five official levels of wear and tear:

  • Wear level 1 – very slight wear

Wall tiles

  • Wear level 2 – light wear

Wall tiles, barefoot/flip-flop areas, bathrooms, and bedrooms

  • Wear level 3 – moderate wear

Bathrooms and bedrooms, living rooms

  • Wear Level 4 – Heavy Wear

Living rooms, dining and study rooms, kitchens, aisles, corridors, commercial areas, sales rooms, hotels, schools, sanitary and therapeutic areas, and operating theatres.

  • Wear Level 5 – Extensive Use

Living rooms, dining and study rooms, kitchens, corridors, staircases, terraces and balconies, sales rooms, sanitary and therapeutic areas of hotels, schools, hospitals and surgeries, restaurants, banks, and car sales offices.

5. Seek advice from professional Chinese tile suppliers

In addition to the price advantage, there are also shipping considerations when choosing to purchase tiles from China. Therefore, you should seek advice from a professional tile supplier in China as early as possible when you begin specific planning.

Professional Tiles Supplier from China
Parlun is the professional tiles supplier from China

Parlun has been specializing in the export of building materials for many years. We are a leader in the industry in terms of product quality, shipping, service, and price.

Where can you buy the best tiles in China?

Chinese ceramics have always been world-famous and renowned.

China ceramics is favored by many countries. When you look for tiles online, you will always be attracted by the various styles of tiles. However, how to choose tiles is also a learning curve. If you choose the wrong tile, it is likely to ruin the beautiful and warm home of your dreams.

Where can you buy the best tiles in China

Tile includes polished tile, glazed tile, full polished tile, vintage tile, ceramic tile, mosaic, microcrystalline stone, and so on. These tiles are also priced differently in China. Let’s not talk about the differences between these types and how to choose. Anyone who knows a little about tiles will tell you that you should choose tiles from Guangdong when buying tiles. Why Guangdong tiles are world-renowned for their quality? Why you should always choose Guangdong tiles when buying tiles?

Reasons for choosing Guangdong tiles when buying tiles:

1. Early development

Guangdong was the first region in China to start the ceramic industry. At present, Guangdong’s annual production accounts for more than 50% of China’s total output. Production areas are mainly concentrated in Foshan, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, and other production areas. Especially, the tiles in the Foshan area are first-class in the region in terms of production scale, technology level, and enterprise management. Below section we will also introduce in detail the tiles in the Foshan region. Because of its early start, Guangdong’s tile factories have been introducing the world’s most advanced tile production lines since the 1980s, so the y have top-notch tile production technology. Their fully automated, modern production lines are far longer than ordinary production lines. They also use higher technology and machinery and equipment than other production regions in China. Because of the Guangdong tile industry’s first-mover advantage, later entrants can only look for differentiation.

2. Tile talent is rich

Guangdong is an attractive place for talents because of its advantageous location and proximity to Hong Kong and Macau. After the reform and opening up, the economy took a huge leap forward and many people went to Guangdong to work and earn money. Because Guangdong is the center of the global ceramics industry, the region has good development prospects and you can learn expertise from many high-level experts with substantial salaries. With the influx of high-level scientific and technological tile talent and management personnel, Foshan ceramics has developed a strong talent advantage, thus ensuring that Guangdong ceramics continues to lead in production areas in China.

3. Raw material advantage

There are many ceramic raw materials available throughout Guangdong, which can be sourced locally. Conghua, Qingyuan, and other large and medium-sized mining areas provide raw materials with quite high soil viscosity. In the production process of ceramic tiles, the better the soil material is, the higher its viscosity, the higher density of ceramic tiles, and the smaller water absorption rate. Besides, Guangdong’s clay is whiter, Guangdong fired bricks will be whiter and more classy than other regions in the same process.

4. High security

If you choose poor quality tiles or excessive radioactivity, it can cause harm to the human body. The raw materials of tile products come from minerals such as stone powder, quartz powder, sand powder, and zircon powder. These raw materials will emit a special ray during the transformation process and then produce radiation. Using ultra-white and polished tiles will increase the oxidation effect. The uranium and potassium contained in zircon or dark glazes will have greater radiation and will remain after physical and chemical processes such as crushing and sintering. Although radiation is inevitable. Guangdong is the center of the global tile trade. State sampling is very strict, which ensures the quality of the products .

5. Quality Assurance

Guangdong tiles are strictly screened from the raw materials and the formula powder is strictly controlled. Ceramic factories in Guangdong’s production area are also almost as harsh in beautifying the tiles. After the tiles are scraped, they are formally polished. After rough polishing, grinding, and precise polishing, the tiles enter the fine polishing process and the final tiles are super clean and bright.

In addition, Guangdong also has strict internal control standards for ceramic tile products to ensure product quality issues. For example, the firing time of ceramic tiles is strictly controlled, and the produced products will be checked by machines and manually. As a result, you will find that the quality of Guangdong tiles will be better than other later developing regions (such as Shandong, Fujian, etc.), and their density and details are recognized as the best in China.

Good Quality Tiles from Guangdong

Why do so many people look for good quality tiles from Guangdong? In the past few years, tile injuries have occurred frequently. Every year, tens of thousands of people are injured because exterior tiles fall off, or floor tiles slip off. Ceramic tiles made in Guangdong Province are of good quality, safe and trendy in style. If you want to choose ceramic tiles, you’d better look for tiles made in Guangdong!

Foshan is the core landmark of Chinese ceramic tiles

Nearly 80% of the world’s tiles are produced in Asia, and 70% of global consumption and more than half of global exports are concentrated in Asia. In addition, Chinese tile exports account for more than one-third of the world’s total exports.

China is the most important production area for architectural ceramics in Asia. China accounts for more than 60% of the world’s total production and more than twice the total production of the other nine countries in the top ten. The annual production of construction ceramics in China exceeds 5 billion square meters. If these tiles were laid, they could cover more than 700,000 international standard soccer fields.

import tiles from China

As China’s most important building ceramics producing area, Foshan accounts for 70% of the country’s building ceramics sales, more than 80% of the country’s annual ceramic output, and almost half of Chinese tile exports. The top 8 ceramic brands in Foshan have a brand value of over 15 billion dollar. The high-quality tiles offered by Parlun are also produced in Foshan, and countless foreign customers have praised our tiles. Choosing a trusted supplier can make your China sourcing trip very easy. From selection and design to shipping, we promise to give you the best service, the best price, and the best tiles.

The most popular ceramic tiles from China

popular ceramic tiles from China

Whether you are still looking for inspiration or already have a concrete idea of your dream tile. We let you be impressed by the aesthetics of our Chinese tiles. Whether it’s concrete or stone look, marble or wood look, decorative or XXL tiles, we can make it just the way you want it. Browsing popular tiles in China becomes a wonderful experience! The most popular Chinese tiles are in the following six categories, so all you have to do is decide which type you want to immerse yourself in first.

Concrete look tiles from China

Between the chic and industrial look, the concrete look tile presents a minimalist living character. It is expressive, simple,and reserved, with a classic shade of gray.

concrete look tiles

The concrete look no longer represents prefabricated architecture and a lack of inspiration. In the 21st century, the concrete look has evolved into a look that is often seen in buildings and private living areas.

The concrete-look tile is particularly popular in modern urban room concepts. It creates a timeless atmosphere through unusual furnishings and stylish colors.

Wood look tiles from China

Wood look tiles combine all the benefits of wood while bringing out the positive characteristics of wood. Wood conjures up a warm and cozy atmosphere, a homey room character, while also conveying a sense of nature. But wood also requires maintenance.

wood look tiles

Wood look tiles from China offer a wide range of options for designing delicate, timelessly beautiful floor surfaces for bathrooms and living areas. It is easy to care for and impresses with its exceptionally authentic feel.

Whether in natural grain or the finest relief, it looks just like real wood. With wood look tiles, you can bring a piece of nature into your own home.

Stone look tiles from China

Stone look tiles are rough and natural. Stone look tiles are as diverse as the stones that come from all over the world.

Stone look tiles range from dark, cool tones to warm, Mediterranean nuances giving you full design freedom in your own home. A wide variety of stone types, including limestone, sandstone, granite and many others can be perfectly imitated in stone look tiles.

Whether it’s the rough coast of Norway or the special tones of the Mediterranean landscape, with stone look tiles you can design your patio or garden according to your desires.

Decorative tiles from China

Decorative tiles surprise with a variety of stunning patterns and colors. They can be combined perfectly with basic tiles to create vibrant rooms and areas.

decorative tiles

Depending on the design, combination, and installation, decorative tiles always look different but are always exciting and personal.

Show your own personality in the form of decorative tiles. Whether it’s an unusual and extravagant pattern or an unusual color concept, you’ll find the right tile for every idea you have with our selection of decorative tiles at the best prices.

Marble look tiles from China

Marble look tiles combine elegance and classic modernity. Marble looks particularly regal and has been a popular handicraft for thousands of years. Sculptures and household items made of marble were considered extravagant and particularly valuable. Marble look tiles can also give this luxurious atmosphere to your own home.

Marble look tiles

Through the most modern manufacturing techniques,marble look tiles from China mimic a wide variety of marble types and create unique marble patterns in varying degrees.

XXL Tiles from China

Tiles in XXL format look impressive and have become indispensable for modern interiors. Due to the XXL format tiles, smaller rooms appear larger because the number of seams is less than in the smaller formats.

XXL Tiles

Many Chinese manufacturers now offer a large selection of XXL tiles. A wide range of large format tiles are available in sizes 75×75 cm, 80×80 cm, 90×90 cm, 100×100 cm and 60×120 cm.

In addition to large format tiles and harmonious color choices, you can create unique spaces that appear open with XXL tiles.

Precautions before order confirmation with Chinese tile supplier

Inspection of received tile samples

ceramic tiles sample

Even if it is not a large order, it is essential to ask the supplier to send tile samples. Especially for the first time working with a tile supplier in China, it is important to ensure the quality of the product before confirming the order. In our experience, while there are many tile suppliers in China to choose from, the quality is some good and some bad.

Determine the after-sales terms with the supplier

As mentioned above, the level of tile suppliers in China varies, not only in terms of tile quality, but also in terms of product packaging and after-sales service, which are very important assessment indicators. Tile is a fragile product, and exporting to overseas has very high requirements for packaging. Many customers have shared various annoying experiences with us. For example, when the product arrives at the destination, it is found to be crushed or broken, and the seller is missing when contacted again. There are indeed many such poor-quality suppliers in China who take an irresponsible attitude and destroy the good impression that has been built up over the years by quality suppliers in China. Parlun has been specializing in building materials export for many years, and we guarantee to provide you with the best service, products, and prices.

The number of tiles in your order = loss + usage

In the process of laying tiles, it is inevitable that they will be consumed, and it is difficult to ensure that they are 100% intact during the transportation process. Therefore, the actual number of tiles purchased should exceed the actual amount used by 5-10%. Professional tile suppliers in China have a lot of experience in this area, and their quotations usually include the number of tiles consumed. As a leading tile exporter in China, Parlun aims to make your purchase of cheap and high-quality tiles.

Conclusion: buying tiles from China is actually quite simple

tiles from China
buy tiles from China

It may seem to you that buying tiles from China, thousands or even tens of thousands of kilometers away from you, is a hassle. But with the popularity of online purchasing, shopping overseas is no longer a difficult task. Buying the tiles that you need from China can greatly reduce your costs, as long as you can find a responsible supplier. Choose Parlun to buy the building materials you need from direct production factories in China. In addition, we have a wide range of tile styles and good after-sales service. From free design, and payment to shipping, we are committed to giving you the best experience. Contact us now, buying tiles from China is actually quite simple.

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