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Outdoor concrete tiles are trendy. They look not only modern and stylish but also have special features: outdoor concrete tiles made of fine stoneware are more durable than conventional patio floorings such as natural stone or real wood. This guarantees long-term enjoyment of your newly designed patio or garden.

The special thing about terrace slabs with outdoor concrete tiles: Due to many series that also offer the same design in the interior, optically identical or similar terrace slabs are used as an ” extension of the living space ” and enlarge your rooms to the outside in the same style. Thus, the transition from the interior to the exterior is seamlessly possible!

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The industrial style, which describes the character of outdoor concrete tiles, has long since taken over the architectural world and inspires with special originality that cannot be found elsewhere.

Concrete tiles originated between the 19th and 20th centuries. At that time, factories were the principal place of work for people in cities. Characterized by solid steel, indestructible metal, and rough concrete, this era of concrete tiles found a new beginning.

Based on the materials of this era and the popularity of the industrial style. Especially when contrasted with modern furniture or trendy design styles, outdoor concrete tiles look like a distinctive highlight.


The unique thing about outdoor tiles in concrete look made of porcelain stoneware are valuable properties that distinguish them from another terrace flooring. The 2 cm thick outdoor concrete tiles are robust and easy to care for. A little water is enough for cleaning – without any cleaning agents or other care products!

But you are also well-armed against wind and weather with outdoor concrete tiles. It doesn’t matter whether it’s snow, rain, or UV rays: Outdoor concrete tiles retain their color brilliance  – over a long period. Another valuable property is the exceptional slip resistance, which gives you more security when walking on it, even in wet weather.

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