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What are slide up windows?

slide up windows

The slide up or vertical sliding windows are particularly popular in America, where they are sometimes referred to as Chicago windows. The exact origin of the sliding window is unclear. One often reads that it was developed in Holland, but the British also claims the development for themselves. The English name “sash window“, on the other hand, probably comes from the French “chassis”, which means frame. In China, they have not prevailed over the classic casement window. But it is precisely this rarity that makes it a real eye-catcher with a unique flair.

slide up windows

Advantages of slide up windows

The American-style slide up windows meet modern thermal insulation, stability, and security standards and are on par with the more common tilt-and-turn windows. In addition, slide up windows have the clear advantage of being extremely space-saving.

While casement windows require space to ventilate inwards, a window to slide up can make good use of the window sills. This is especially advantageous in small rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom. In addition, there is no danger of the window sashes opening and closing uncontrollably in the event of a sudden wind.

At Parlun, we offer sliding aluminum windows for indoor use. This modern material has very high strength and durability and is versatile with over 200 RAL colors. It is only about a third of the steel weight as light metal, so it is easier to handle than other metal windows.

Custom sliding up windows

Contact us to request vertical windows to slide up easily and conveniently online at low prices and order them at Parlun.

different designs of sliding up windows

Sliding up windows in different designs

  • White slide up window
  • Sliding up window with bars
  • Sash window in anthracite

Frequently asked questions about slide up windows

What are slide up windows?

Slide up windows are also referred to as vertical sliding windows. Unlike casement windows, both window sashes are on top of each other. The upper window element is fixed glazed. On the other hand, the lower window element is movable and can be slid upwards to open the window.

What are slide up windows used for?

Slide up windows are often used as counter windows or output windows. They are also usually installed in kitchen canteens to serve food, as so-called pass-through windows. The significant advantage of sliding up windows to classic tilt and turn windows are the free space when opening the window. Especially in the kitchen, objects can be placed in front of the window without blocking the window opening.

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