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35+ White and Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

Table of Contents

Gold Sparkles in a White Kitchen

All-white cabinetry paves an airy space for the culinary landscape while the gold decors add touches of luxury. And beach-style stools look fresh and soothing in the white environment. The laminate flooring serves as a modest canvas for other design details, forming a harmonious vibe.

Black Island in White and Gold Kitchen

The black island in the middle looks classic and sophisticated with the white cabinetry and gold hardware standing aside. And the gold caged pendant lights and gold sconces seem brighter and more royal. Linoleum flooring reflects luster from the lights and pairs with the island to strengthen the depth of the kitchen.

Gold in White Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are always the right choice for your kitchen. White cabinetry has lasted for a long time and won’t go out of style. Instead, it receives new vitality constantly from designers’ practices with the passage of time. Meanwhile, gold represents nobleness  and royalty and it is a frequent hue in a white kitchen, which can strengthen the luxury and delicacy of the kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gold Pendant lights and Hardware

This spacious enclosed kitchen looks bright thanks to the large window and the golden details. The catchy pendant lights take design inspiration from the firework and they draw people’s attention not only by the shape but also by the golden hue, appearing spectacular and breath-taking. The heavy white cabinets and island provide a solid yet fresh tone for this kitchen and the brown wood flooring creates a contrast to the cabinetry and warms up the kitchen. Except for the pendant lights, other golden details, such as golden trims of the hood, golden hardware, golden faucets, and brass frames of the stools, add glamour to the environment.

French Country Kitchen with White Cabinets and Mable Countertop

The white shaker style kitchen cabinets with black granite countertop and the white island with white marble countertop create a classic French country style, supported by a mix of lacquer gold latches, knobs, and ring pulls. The marble tile backsplash forms a harmonious look with the cabinets and the French-cafe-inspired hood while the brick tile wall embraces a traditional fireplace, flowing with a distinctive character of French country style. Moreover, the travertine flooring in a  braid pattern softens the hard textures of marble and bricks and warms up the space.

Traditional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gold Pendant lights and Hardware

Pairing white finish and gold hardware is a good way to create a Victorian style for the kitchen. The color scheme works very well and adds harmony to the cooking space. The umber chevron wood flooring, the gold faucet, and the brass pendant lights warm up this compact space while the gold hardware on the cabinets stands out with its shinny texture, adding a royal luxury to the cabinets. The porcelain backsplash shares the same color with the cabinets, which provides continuity in the environment. And the glass doors on the cabinets look airy and crystal and complete the integrity of the cabinetry, increasing the brightness of the kitchen. Lastly, decorative items such as plants bring vitality and a warm feeling to the space.

Mid-century Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Window Backsplash

This is a warm and soothing kitchen in a mid-century modern style.  Flat paneling on the white cabinets and the island feels smooth and clean and pairs perfectly with the white solid surface countertop while the window backsplash invites more light in and offsets the oppression formed by the diagonal roofing.  Besides, the seemingly-gold brick wall with concrete grouting provides a delightful and lively background for the white base cabinets and forms a monochromatic transition from the wall to the laminate flooring. The gold  branch chandelier complements the brightness and echoes the gold faucet and the gold shelves, adding a metallic texture to the kitchen.

White Full-height Cabinets with Dots of Gold Hardware

This large kitchen shows a high symmetry with the magnificent white cabinetry and the white island. The stone slab backsplash with grey veins brings energetic vitality to the cabinetry while the white marble countertop integrates with the cabinetry without conflicts. Also, the glass-fronted doors bring an airy feeling to the cabinets while the gold hardware on the cabinets makes the kitchen luxurious and noble. Besides, the crystal pendant lights produce a royal texture and flow with the notable characteristics of a Mediterranean style. The deep wood flooring is connected to the brass metal stools and adds warmth to the kitchen.  

Tropical Kitchen with White Cabinets and Brass Hanging Lights

The I-shaped kitchen looks phenomenal thanks to the appealing white cabinets and the glossy porcelain tile backsplash. The ripply pattern on the backsplash forms a pleasant contrast to the smooth flat paneling of the shaker cabinets, creating a vibrant energy to the space. The medium tone flooring and the breezy stools offer warmth and refreshment to the white kitchen look. Thus, this white kitchen doesn’t look eye-tiring or too bright. In addition, the stools and the blue and white porcelain match well the navy blue rug, enhancing the bracing sense of the kitchen. Lastly, the brass-and-glass hanging lighting looks antique and elegant while the gold hardware and faucets bring a modern charm and a noble texture to this tropical kitchen.

Black and White Kitchen with Gold Accents

Black and white kitchen ideas are a classic option, which owns timeless elegance.  It’s a safe choice to adorn a mostly white kitchen with touches of black while black cabinetry paired with white countertop is a brave practice that look dramatic and neat. Dressing golden patterns will bring characters and interests to the kitchen ideas. As for gold accents, these can be swapped in and out through everything from hardware to light. The gold decors bring warmth and shine to the space, keeping the black and white kitchens from feeling cold and serious.

Traditional Kitchen with Black and White Cabinetry and Gold Hardware

What a classic and elegant kitchen it is! The half-gloss white and black perimeter cabinets create a distinctive contrast to form a timeless beauty and it shows high quality with its smooth texture. The glass front doors weaken the heavy tone of the upper cabinets and allow house owners to exhibit their delicate kitchen wares, forming a harmonious contrast to other cabinets. The windows offer abundant daylight to lighten the kitchen and their black frames reveal a modern yet classic vibe while the grey stone tile backsplash behind the stove provides dynamic charms to the black and white environment. Besides, the light wood flooring elevates the mood of the kitchen with its color and texture while the slim gold hardware serves as sparkle and echoes the gold feet of the stools and the pendant lights.  

White Cabinets with Black Hood and Gold Trims

A symmetrical layout of this kitchen embraces all areas organically. Recessed-panel cabinets in  two tones, the white leg-free island expresses the ideas of modern style while a traditional vibe pervades the antique black hood with gold trims, the hexagon porcelain backsplash, the fine stools with sparkling gold feet, and the gold pedant lights, achieving the charisma of transitional style. Meanwhile,  the medium-tone wood flooring offsets the strong contrast between white and black, harmonizing the kitchen atmosphere, and the ceiling with plaster beams increases the classic and luxurious appearance of the kitchen.  Moreover, the starry gold hardware jumps through the cabinets, producing a dynamic image of the space.

Gold hardware for White Cabinets and Black Island

The contrasting yet harmonious look of the recessed-panel cabinets and the island with legs increase the elegance of the kitchen. Marble countertop and marble stab backsplash pair well with huge and heavy cabinets. The medium-tone wood floors mediate the contrast and warm up the cooking environment organically, which is also bolstered by the yellow lamplight. The gold shape of a Union Jack runs through the cabinets and island, which makes the black and white cabinets integral and brings sparkle to the cabinets. Moreover, the gold trim of the hood, gold hardware, gold-glass pendant lights, and the gold feet supporting the navy blue velvet tops of the stools add a delicate and luxurious feeling to the kitchen.  

Mid-century Kitchen with Black and White Cabinetry and Octagon Tile Flooring

The black and white shaker cabinets with quartz countertop and ceramic subway tile backsplash create a classic and welcoming kitchen look. The white upper cabinets make stunning contrasts to the black base cabinets, black metallic appliances, and black metal hood, blessing the kitchen with a luxurious feeling. The eye-catching and bold dark wood ceiling cooperates with the exposed beams and dark wood shelves harmoniously while the octagon tile flooring provides vibrant energy to the environment. The mint green sliding door for the storeroom breaks the monochromatic contrast with its refreshing hue and makes the space extraordinary.    

Black and White in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Warm colors and rustic elements often pervade a farmhouse kitchen where black and white will not take large areas. However, this kitchen tells a different story. The black shiplap island looks contrasting to the white recessed-panel cabinets but they also seem harmonious. The trio of orange stools makes itself a focal point to dissolve the plain black and white world with the help of the gold hardware and the light wood table.  The brown ceramic flooring, along with the bright hues, brings warmth to this space while the exposed beams increase the rustic touches of this kitchen, founding a keynote of the style. The marble slab backsplash creates visual movement effects with its natural veins and contrasts with the rest of the kitchens.

Black and Gold Items in White Kitchen

The overarching narrative of this transitional kitchen is built upon the contrast of material choice that enmeshes various flavors masterfully. To soften this contrast, gold accents of the pendant light and trims of the hood flow out a sense of warmth to warm up the white beaded inset cabinets while the brass metal stools serve as a bridge to produce a monochromatic transition from the brown linoleum floor to the wood exposed beam, mixing up the wood structure and linoleum texture. The black hood stands up with pure white cabinets and backsplash and the gold trims that make the black more visible. It’s a perfect idea to attach the high cabinets with a metal ladder, convenient for reaching the top cabinets and also adding a unique glamour to this kitchen.

Rose Gold and White Kitchen

Rose gold, an alloy made up of gold and copper, looks pink and gives warmth and a vintage feeling to the kitchen. Rose gold often shows in a metal utensil, fixtures and decorations, adding a luxurious texture to the kitchen, and using rose gold glasses and kitchenware is also another way to invite rose gold to the kitchen. One of the best ways to incorporate rose gold into the kitchen is to pair it with white cabinets, which creates a charming and modern look with a contrast of rose gold and white.   

White Cabinets with Rose Gold Details and Pink Backsplash

What a remarkable and romantic kitchen it is! Pink color pervades this kitchen, forming a dreamy and charming vibe. The timeless white recessed-panel cabinets are combined organically to provide this impressive yet functional kitchen, embracing perfectly the farm sink, and the black veined marble countertop blesses the cabinetry with a solid yet dynamic feeling, saving the cabinetry from being too airy and dull. The custom pink fireclay tile backsplash is bettered by the rose gold hardware, the rose gold pendant lights, and the rose gold faucet, catching people’s eyes with their warm and soothing hues. Also, the light wood flooring puts on a rustic and refreshing look to this space, enhancing the beauty of the rose gold details.  

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinetry and Rose Gold Hardware

This transitional kitchen looks gracious and elegant. The shaker cabinets pair well with the white solid surface countertop and the undermount sink, offering convenience to clean and maintain. The black and stainless steel appliances inserted in the cabinets interrupt the continuity of white and add touches of modernity. To perfect the white cabinets, the cabinets are adorned with rose gold hardware that makes a harmonious integrity to the rose gold faucet and utensils. For another, the ceramic tile backsplash is formed in a braided shape and makes this calming environment dynamic and active. And the brown linoleum flooring appears smooth and soft and it creates a traditional feeling, warming up the space.

White Cabinetry with Arc-shaped Island and Rose Gold Hardware

This large kitchen is filled with full-height cabinetry, manifesting a spectacular yet simple appearance.  The arc-shaped island prolongs the operation area of this kitchen with smooth edges and also serves as a bar counter with the function of storing wines. The white solid surface countertop of the cabinets matches well with recessed-panel cabinets and the undermount sink, producing a glamorous and airy atmosphere with the help of  lights under the cabinets. Moreover, the rose gold hardware and the rose gold pendant lights in the shape of balls perfect the pure white cabinetry with dreamy and romantic touches while the golden trims of the appliance and the island put on a modern and stylish look. Finally, the marble flooring with irregular grey veins saves this white space from being eye-tiring and dull and also enhances the modern feeling of this kitchen. 

White Cabinets with Rose Gold Details and Pink Backsplash

This one-wall kitchen looks adorable and stylish with its chic flat-panel cabinets and marble slab backsplash. The white kitchen island with white marble waterfall countertop makes a favourable response to the cabinets and the backsplash to create complete integrity. And the white fridge makes itself harmonious in the white flat cabinets, strengthening the specialty of this kitchen. Besides, rose gold hardware, rose gold faucet, rose gold range hood, and round rose gold pendant lights add sparkle to the plain surfaces and warm up the pure white space. Moreover, the honey wood flooring looks balmy and touching while a trio of stools with fabric and wood enhances the modern feeling of the kitchen.

Navy Blue and White Cabinets with White Countertop and Rose Gold Hardware

This eclectic kitchen shows a harmonious integrity of navy blue, white and rose gold. The navy blue base cabinets form a distinctive contrast to the white upper cabinets while the rose gold hardware connects these two parts and embellishes the cabinetry with romantic and luxurious hues. As a focal point, the floral wallpaper supported by the window backsplash responds to the navy blue and white color and offers vibrant energy to this kitchen. Besides, the white patterned rug stands out with the help of the deep wood flooring and the navy blue cabinets and it also echoes the white cabinets and countertop, maintaining an integral effect. Furthermore, the rose gold pendant lights, the rose gold faucet, and the rose gold utensil provide a glossy texture to this space.

White and Grey Cabinets with Rose Gold Interior Design Details

Double-glazed bi-folding doors on both sides invite abundant daylight to this open-concept kitchen and make this kitchen bright and luminous. The grey cabinets fill one full wall and look elegant and delicate with their flat panelling while the white chevron backsplash with grey grouting provides an energetic backdrop for the cabinets. The concrete countertop on the cabinets and the island have a flat surface and a solid texture, enhancing the quality of the cabinets and island. For another, the white island does not conflict with the greyish cabinets; instead, it makes a friendly contrast to make the kitchen chicer. The light wood flooring reduces the difference between the inside and outside spaces and the rose gold hardware, faucet, and pendant lights beautify this kitchen with their distinguish hues and shapes. 

White and Gold Kitchen Ideas with Wood Structure

The combination of white and gold is often used for luxurious and exquisite interior details while wood structure often gives another layer of texture to the kitchen. Natural wood finishes especially antique wood finishes and distressed wood finishes add a rustic yet comfortable atmosphere and the light wood finishes strengthen the fresh and airy feeling of the kitchen. Wood structures sometimes take up half of the kitchen, contrasting with the white cabinets. It’s also often the case that wood structures serve as accents with gold decors.

White and Wood Cabinetry with Gold Accents

The flat wood paneling, simple and clean lines, and bright decorations make this kitchen a typical mid-century one. The white upper cabinets look sleek and airy while the dark wood base cabinets give a retro feeling to this kitchen and the conflicting finishes of the cabinetry highlight the differences between the two parts and produce a visual impact for the space. The gold mosaic tile backsplash consists of metallic tiles and ceramic tiles and it creates a dynamic and vibrant backdrop for the plain surfaces of the cabinets. Moreover, the golden pendant lights act in cooperation with the backsplash with the small rectangle golden sheets, strengthening the integral and harmonious appearance of the space. 

Mediterranean Kitchen with White and Wood Cabinets and Gold Accents

This large open concept kitchen has distinguish Mediterranean characters including natural wood texture, raw  marble pattern, stone tile, and  wrought iron. The medium tone wood cabinets and island with marble countertops have rustic and natural hues and texture. They create a monochromatic transition from the backsplash to the floors and they also make a tender contrast to the upper shaker cabinets. The beige stone tile backsplash matches well with the base cabinets and the concrete range hood, forming a harmonious picture on the wall. The sparkling gold pendant lights offers a luxurious feeling to the kitchen, which provide a coordinate yet contrasting effect with the grey wrought iron chairs as well. And the gold hardware and gold faucet save the kitchen from being too earthly.

Scandinavian Kitchen with White Cabinets, Wood Stools and Gold Hardware

This open-concept Scandinavian kitchen is well-appointed with flat-panel cabinets accented by gold hardware. A marble slab backsplash with grey veins that look like sprawling roots adds patterns to the pure white wall, achieving impactful movements. The open wood shelves installed on the wall maximize the utility of the vertical space and also  softens the tough texture of the wall. The five light wood stools share similar brightness and hue with the gold hardware,  the gold faucet, and the wood flooring, bringing warmth to the seemingly cold space. Finally, the smoky blue cabinets and pendant lights also mediate the shocking effect of white and enrich the palette of this kitchen.

Beach Style Kitchen with White Cabinets and Gold and Wood Accents

A bright color scheme of white and light blue gives a fresh and breezy atmosphere to this kitchen. The light blue appliance stands out at the foil of white cabinets while the gold hardware on the cabinets sparkles up the pure white cabinetry, forming a vibrant and luxurious look. And the glass subway tile backsplash creates a harmonious contrast to the light wood open shelves and makes the space airy and bright. The grey rug on the wood flooring appears tender and soft and the light wood floor responds to the wood shelves, maintaining the integrity of hues and texture. This U-shaped kitchen serves as a serene and soothing space for the building.

Tropical Modern Kitchen with White Cabinets, Wood Island and Gold Hardware

A strong tropical vibe flows through this kitchen from the white shiplap backsplash to the wood island. White shiplap covers the backsplash, the wall and the vaulted ceiling, making the space larger and higher. The white distressed flat-paneled cabinets are adorned with built-in custom gold hardware and the stainless steel range hood enhances the modern feeling of the kitchen with its slim and elegant shape. The natural wood island in the middle with a seamless and smooth waterfall  countertop creates a distinctive contrast to the cabinets and also warms up the space and the stools around the island look soft and tender, pairing perfectly with the tough island. The grey matte porcelain tile flooring differs from the glossy countertop and connects the interior space with the outside design.

White Cabinets with Wood Island and Gold Accents in a Traditional Kitchen

This traditional kitchen takes us back in time. It’s bright, luxurious and antique. Skylights on the tall ceiling let natural light flow in and allow the marble countertop with green and yellow veins to express its natural patterns. When looking throughout the kitchen, you could not ignore the intricate marble backsplash, which holds lively vitality and visual interest. The white raised-panel cabinets offer practical use, while the wood island in the middle increases the futility of the kitchen. The heavy ancient chairs mix elegant and traditional vibes while the light wood flooring elevates the thick traditional feeling, harmonising the space.

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