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22+ White Granite Kitchen Backsplash Design Ideas And Tips

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Granite is one of the most popular backsplash materials on the market due to its industrial value. Not only that, but when you choose granite as your countertop, you can get granite backsplashes cut from the same slab as your countertops. This way, as a cut part, the granite backsplash fits perfectly with the countertop. It’s even easier to create a visually pleasing and harmonious kitchen world.

White granite offers a more affordable but equally durable and elegant alternative to marble. No matter the countertops or backsplashes, it is not necessary to take a big bite out of your budget to get a pure, noble look.

L-shaped Seaside Kitchen With White Granite Backsplash And Quartzite Countertops

The crisp and stylish kitchen features a grand white granite backsplash and a functional peninsula, which has beautiful quartzite countertops. Both of them go well with each other and play an important role in creating a cozy, harmonious cooking space. On the top of the granite backsplash, there is a long, dark wood slat, and the upper cabinets have delicate crown molding details. You can exhibit beloved porcelains in the cabinets here. The white countertops pair nicely with the navy blue shaker cabinets, which have pretty gold pulls. A uniquely shaped polished faucet and an undermount sink are set on the peninsula. And two distinctive pendant lights with satin brass hardware and glass shades highlight the character of the kitchen. On the left side of the peninsula, there is a chalkboard and a gold tubing wall sconce, making the kitchen more tasteful. Several brown leather stools provide contrast with the white countertops. The light wood floor connects the kitchen with other areas in the house. In an open layout, the kitchen speaks for its style.

White Granite Backsplash As A Beautiful Embellishment In Traditional Kitchen

If the kitchen is compared to a book, the granite backsplash with black and white veins is the beautiful belly band of it, which is eye-catching and impressive. Lying across the light-wood raised-panel cabinets, which come with black knobs and pulls, the white granite backsplash goes two in one with the countertops, creating a gorgeous landscape painting. The luminous sources at the bottom of the floating cabinets enhance the backsplash’s enchantment. There is a stainless steel faucet and an undermount sink on the granite worktop. With a peninsula, the U-shaped kitchen looks chic and cohesive. The brown porcelain tile floor adds a pop of color to the cooking nook.

White Granite Backsplash And Countertops In Contemporary Kitchen

The huge granite backsplash with beautiful veins steals the show and adds pops of color to the white kitchen. It matches well with the white granite countertops, the waterfall island, and the flat-panel cabinets with built-in stainless steel appliances. The minimalist style of the trendy kitchen is expressed by a large area of white and crisp lines. Several sleek yellow bar stools around the room expand the color scheme. The light wood floor with natural grains makes this open kitchen welcoming and inviting. On one of the sides of the tall cabinets, there is an attractive, modern sunflower-like ornament. Sitting atop the floor are the multicolored blue velvet rug, the wooden dining table, and the light blue upholstered chairs, all of which create an airy, stylish kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen In A Dim Tone With White Granite Backsplash And Marble Countertops

It is reminiscent of an old-world feeling in the L-shaped kitchen. The light brown raised-panel cabinets take center stage, and they go well with the white marble countertops. Traveling across the cabinets, the white granite backsplash with subtle natural veins adds extra character and flavor to the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances like the pyramid chimney range hood, built-in oven, and large refrigerator are stylish pieces. There is a faucet and a farmhouse sink on the island. And around it, there are two delicate canned pendant lights and three sleek grey upholstered stools. The brown vinyl floors echo the cabinets and help finish a harmonious, unique open kitchen.

Install A Granite Backsplash

It’s a nice technique to elevate the high quality appearance and functional features of granite countertops by placing a granite backsplash in your kitchen. For a granite backsplash, one of the merits is that it could be constructed from the same piece as your granite countertop. Instead of other common backsplash materials, for example, marble ceramic, incorporating a granite backsplash can help accentuate the character of the natural stone.

Natural Wood Kitchen And White Granite Backsplash Go To The Ceiling

The subdued light wood cabinets are the statement pieces in the transitional kitchen. For all that, the integrated white granite countertops and backsplash with subtle green veins all the way to the ceiling do an equally good job and do not lose out to the maple shaker cabinets that surround them. What’s more, the granite backsplash and countertops exude a natural aesthetic, taking the kitchen to the next level. The metallic elements, like cabinet pulls, stainless steel appliances, the faucet, the undermount sink, and polished pendant lights, add a modern vibe and glam. The light wood floor and beige upholstered chairs contribute to a warm, cozy kitchen.

Blue Shaker Cabinets And White Granited Backsplash In Transitional Kitchen

The blue shaker cabinets are magically matched to the gold elements in the L-shaped kitchen. The white granite backsplash looks quite similar to the quartzite countertops. With slight veins, they counterbalance the blue cabinets, giving the kitchen an airy and peaceful vibe. The wood shelves on the granite backsplash look different, and on their flank, the walnut floating cabinets with gold mesh cabinet doors almost steal the show. Gold accents scattered on many places in the kitchen—the faucet combination, cabinet knobs and pulls, details on the stove, finish of the range hood, and distinctive pendant lights—deliver the exquisiteness of the kitchen. The medium-tone wood floor provides another contrast with the white countertops, backsplash, and ceiling.

kitchen backsplash for white cabinets and granite countertops

A granite backsplash is ideal for many kitchens, in particular a white kitchen with granite countertops. To a large extent, probably because the granite backsplash can be cut from the granite countertops during manufacturing. And then, make them look integrated after installation, aiding in the creation of a harmonious kitchen. Another important reason is that granite is available in a wide range of colors, shades, textures, and motifs and will most likely be your favorite detail in the kitchen. A kitchen with white cabinets usually has a bright, clean, and classic look. Choosing suitable granite backsplashes and countertops further accentuates the charm and aesthetic of the kitchen.

Traditional White Kitchen With Integrated Black Granite Backsplash And Countertops

The stunning black granite backsplash and countertop contrast with the white recessed-panel cabinets, bringing the timeless kitchen to the next level. Under the range hood, the black backsplash with geometric motifs speaks for itself and is eye-catching. The kitchen blends well with the old-world and industrial characters. The faucet on the worktops has a touch of old-fashioned style, and, particularly, the brushed brass pendant lights exude elegance and old-world enchantment. What’s more, the hardware on the cabinet doors also delivers a retro vibe. From the refined, sophisticated ceilings to the dark hardwood floors, the result is an unforgettable kitchen.

A Boutique Kitchen That Maximizes Elegance

It conveys perfectly here what is meant by “elegant tradition” and “traditional elegance.” With sophisticated, antique knobs and pulls, the beaded inset white cabinets steal the show. And with a high-gloss beige porcelain backsplash with attractive patterns and reliefs (the Tuileries Arabesque Field) stacked like the subway tile, plus the natural white granite countertops with beautiful veins, a one-of-a-kind kitchen is achieved. There are many other decors that work well together in the kitchen, for example, crown molding details on the adjoining part of the cabinets and ceiling and the delicate bottom of the base cabinets. In front of the window and on the island, two refined wide-arch faucets are installed respectively. There is a beige-patterned valance on the upper portion of the window, and three flower-like white pendant lights over the island bring a lot of romance to the kitchen.

Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen And Natural Stone Slab Backsplash

The small, U-shaped kitchen features flat-panel grey cabinets and white granite backsplash and countertops. Luminous sources at the perimeter of the floating cabinets elevate the charms of the gorgeous kitchen and, meanwhile, highlight the aesthetic of natural stone for the granite backsplash and countertops, which pair well with the dark grey base cabinets. Stainless steel appliances and faucet add pops of modern ambience to the kitchen. The undermount sink, wine cooler, and overhang design together contribute to a functional peninsula. A relaxing place for spending joyful time with family and friends is achieved.

Large U-shaped White Kitchen And Light Brown Granite Countertop

The slanted-ceiling kitchen has white raised-panel cabinets and symmetric exposed wood beams, giving it a rustic and elegant feel. The multicolored matchstick tile backsplash matches well with the white cabinets and quartzite countertops, while also giving the kitchen a touch of pizzazz. On the top of the kitchen island, which has a drop-in sink and a faucet, the brown granite countertop pairs nicely with the white island base, even counterbalancing the surrounding white kitchen cabinets. What’s next to the island is the wood dining table combination, plus the medium-tone wood floor, creating a natural, comfortable cooking space. Right in the middle, two white, square pendant lights show off the kitchen well.

Explore More Fun With The Backsplash In Your Kitchen

It’s easy to ignore the backsplash during the initial kitchen design and remodeling process. Nevertheless, backsplashes are not just for protecting the walls. They are able to bring the kitchen to the next level and give it a new look. It’s advisable to match the backsplash with the countertops and cabinets. You can combine countertops and backsplashes by mixing, matching, and contrasting colors and motifs. If you’re willing, you’ll find more fun and potential in the amazing backsplashes.

Stylish White Kitchen Has Natural Beige Granite Countertop And Stunning Backsplash

The large kitchen, inspired by Scandinavian design, features white shaker cabinets as its magnificent backdrop. There are simple, slender handles on the cabinets. And the multicolored mosaic tile backsplash pairs well with the white quartz worktop, floating cabinets, shelves, and vent hood, which is stunning and eye-catching. And the luminous equipment accentuates their charming surroundings. When it comes to the kitchen island, the beige granite countertops with wonderful natural veins catch your attention first. At its perimeter, several elegant white-upholstered chairs surround it, and a beautiful pendant light features many glowing globes. The dark wood floors contrast strikingly with the white kitchen, creating a cozy, balanced atmosphere.

Large L-shaped Kitchen Has White Cabinets And Waterfall Granite Countertops

In this eat-in kitchen, there are white shaker cabinets with black pulls and crown molding details. The green ceramic backsplash around the cabinets with stretched rhombic patterns is stunning. Several windows atop the cabinets let in more natural light, making the kitchen brighter. The exposed wooden beams on the ceiling, together with the medium-tone wood floor and the black seat stools, create a natural, rustic atmosphere. What’s on the base cabinets is a light champagne granite, while the countertops on the waterfall island are a beautiful multicolored granite. Two black faucets stand out against a farmhouse sink. Four glass pendant lights and the luxurious chandelier in the far dining hall add glamour to the kitchen.

white ice granite kitchen backsplash

There is a snowy shine and dark veining on the white ice granite, making it an ideal choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops alike. It is versatile and shines in interiors that mirror its beautiful appearance. White ice granite works well in cool-toned kitchens due to its color, and you can feel the power and charm. Besides, it also pairs well with metallic tones, making stainless steel appliances a fitting choice for kitchens featuring the stone. Finally, do not forget accentuating the power of metallic touches with pendant lights, cabinet pulls, and hardware. And if you want a natural, rustic feel, choose a dark wooden tone, which is in stark contrast to a kitchen with white granite.

Chic, Rustic Kitchen With Thin Brick Hood And Granite Countertops And Backsplash

The beautiful cooking nook is unique and unforgettable. Under the thin brick range hood, the multicolored granite backsplash is the same as the worktops on the base cabinets and countertops on the island. And all of them have attractive natural veins, which is the focal point of the home. They contrast with the white raised-panel cabinets and the dark gray stone tile backsplash. The deep brown island cabinets are eye-catching as well, pairing nicely with the white ice granite top and several sleek bar stools. The pendant lights with glass shades highlight the kitchen, which has warm taupe flooring.

Flat-panel Wood Cabinets And Granite Backsplash And Countertops In A Contemporary Kitchen

The mid-sized U-shaped kitchen is full of aesthetic grain, features medium-toned wood cabinets in a flat-panel style, and grey and white granite countertops and backsplash. The subtle grains on the wooden cabinets and floors and the beautiful veining on the countertops and backsplash compose a natural, lively combo. It is a sophisticated kitchen without superfluous decorations and designs. You can feel the trendy metal accents, such as the cabinet handles, stainless steel faucets, metallic cylindrical pendant lights, and stools. The natural wood decor, like the dark wood wall shelves and the wine rack, contributes to an excellent cooking space.

Elegant Creamy Kitchen And Mottled Granite Backsplash And Countertops

The warm-toned raised-panel cabinetry looks deliciously creamy, and all the details are carefully treated, such as the cabinet doors, knobs, and pulls. And the mottled white granite countertops and backsplash pair perfectly with the creamy cabinets, exuding nobility and elegance. Over the island, the classic chandeliers with beautiful details enhance the exquisiteness of the kitchen. On the left, the top of the wide window is arched, echoing the arched carving design on the range hood. An aesthetic of curve is conveyed fully in the dreamy kitchen.

Modern And Minimalist Kitchen With Light Wood Cabinets And Granite Backsplash And Countertops

With sleek black pulls, the light wood flat-panel cabinets collaborate nicely with the integrated backsplash and countertops in grey and white. This timeless kitchen has plenty of space for storage; for example, the wine cellar and the niche with TV are available opposite the dining area for four people. What’s more, high-quality materials are used here. The range hood works extremely quietly thanks to the plasma filter. The beige terra-cotta floor warms up as the light fixtures shine on it.

A Sought-after Stone

The primary color of white ice granite is light, and it takes on a grey-white appearance. Different slabs you get have different looks, and that’s why they are versatile and unique for kitchen design. The stunning white ice granite is a gorgeous addition to any bathroom or kitchen, which is why it has become a sought-after stone for remodeling and innovation projects.

Large Mountain-style Kitchen With Wood Flat-panel Cabinets And Granite Backsplash

The large kitchen deftly combines a rustic and modern aesthetic. Creating a distinctive space by taking advantage of building construction. The medium-tone cabinets in a slab style echo the flooring and slanted wooden ceiling, looking crisp and harmonious. And they work well with the integrated white granite backsplash and countertops, which have slight gray veins. The large island with waterfall countertop is available for additional seating while entertaining. Over the island, in a gold finish, the grand, stunning pendant light and the anthracite-colored exposed steel beams add a touch of modern style together.

Grandeur And Contemporary Kitchen

It is certainly true that many people will be mesmerized by this magnificent kitchen. With delicate gold pulls, the black shaker cabinets are eye-catching. The white granite backsplash with light veins goes towards the ceiling from the base cabinets, looking like a giant landscape painting for the entire kitchen. It also complements the black marble countertops and the black frame window. The modern range hood box and wood shelves are the same color, adding a pop of color. On the right, the wine cabinets with grids echo the windows here. There is a gold, high-arch faucet on the island, along with a black marble countertop, plus the stylish gold dome pendant lights, giving the room a splendid feel. The medium-tone wood floor further warms up the mid-sized, trendy galley.

Custom Cabinets And Integrated Granite Backsplash And Countertops In A Transitional Kitchen

The flat-panel cabinets in a light wood tone pair well with the integrated grey-white granite backsplash and countertops, which are the greatest character in the kitchen, in particular the waterfall island. The other designs and decorations are excellent. Right in the middle of the kitchen pantry, there is a glass niche for a beautiful landscape. On the left, the beige-white ceramic tile backdrop adds pops of color. Moreover, the gold accents are stunning as well, such as the gold pot filler, high arch faucet, dome pendant lights, and the door handles. Around the island, the sleek upholstered stools and the multicolored concrete floors accentuate the character of the kitchen.

White Granite Backsplash And Countertops In A Contemporary Galley

In the mid-sized minimalist kitchen, the grey flat-panel cabinets blend well with the integrated white granite backsplash and countertops. On the upper cabinets, there is an open door design, giving the cabinets a different look and making it easier for picking up and storing items. The high-arch stainless steel faucet, coupled with a drop-in sink, matches the cabinet handles. Over the peninsula, there is a simple, long pendant light, accentuating the modern vibe in the kitchen. But it is not just for cool tones; the medium-tone wood floor warms up the cooking space. The colorful rug brings a lot of vigor here.

How Much Backsplash Do I Need

It mostly depends on your personal preference. You can cover a part of the wall or the entire space between the countertop and the cabinets—even the space on the wall from the countertop to the ceiling. No matter how, the backsplash can be a bold addition to catch attention. That means you need to think carefully through the backsplash height before remodeling.

Be Minimalist Yet Aesthetic

The Scandinavian-style galley features flat-panel cabinets in navy blue and white with recessed pulls, which is a visually pleasing palette. The white granite backsplash embellishes the surrounding cabinets quietly, and it pairs well with the white solid surface countertops. On the right, a floor-to-ceiling wood shelf in a light tone seemingly separates the kitchen and dining room, but actually connects them ingeniously. On the ceiling, the beautiful exposed wood beams bring the kitchen to the next level. Thanks to the large window and door, you can enjoy the pretty view outside in the open kitchen. All you can do is feel cozy here.

Scandinavian Kitchen With White Flat-panel Cabinets And Integrated Backsplash And Countertops

A minimalist aesthetic is accentuated by the white cabinets in slab style in this mid-sized U-shaped kitchen, which are without any handles. The luminous sources under the upper cabinets further warm up the integrated white granite backsplash and countertops, making them more harmonious. The simple look of the pantry and the built-in stainless steel appliances is in line with the kitchen design concept. On one end of the peninsula, there is a piece of overhanging butcher block, coupled with two sleek red bar stools, which add a pop of color to the kitchen. The light wood flooring connects this cooking nook with the other areas in the home, and under the soft light fixtures, a warm, cozy space is created.

Ideal Backsplash For White Cabinets

The backsplash is a simple piece for kitchen remodeling and can help to achieve your personal design preference. When picking out a backsplash for white cabinets and granite countertops, there are various options available. And you can search for a tile design or pattern that matches your granite countertops and the color of the wall to complement your cabinetry and floors, even the entire kitchen. You can consult your professional designer, of course, or get in touch with our expert team now for help with your kitchen backsplash ideas.

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