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20+ White Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and Tips

Table of Contents

About white hexagon kitchen backsplash

White is the most refreshing color, it is clean and has a very elegant temperament that will never go out of style. In the kitchen, white is a classic choice that can make your kitchen look very spacious and bright. Then, white backsplash is also the first choice in kitchen design, especially for small kitchens. It comes in many material, pattern, and shape options, so you can let your imagination run wild.

The white hexagonal look of the backsplash is a geometric look that is very stylish and elegant. It creates a focal point in the kitchen and at the same time can form a unique backdrop that is very sophisticated. In the following article, we will present various ideas about white hexagonal backsplash.

Blue and white beach style kitchen with spherical pendant lights

This beach style kitchen features a natural blue and white color palette with the color of the waves making you feel like you are at the beach. The white honeycomb coal tile backsplash is arranged vertically and together with the white shaker cabinets create a clean yet bright backdrop to the expansive space. The island is in a dark blue, and the blue and white look serene and clear. Globular pendant lights emphasize the height of the ceiling, while dark wood floors provide a warm touch.

Pure white traditional kitchen with dark wood floor

A traditional kitchen in pure white! The kitchen features a large white palette, whether it’s a backsplash, worktop, cabinets or island, with LED light strips, and lots of spotlights to create a clean and bright kitchen that is pleasing to the eye. The comfortably rounded design of the chairs breaks up the linear vertical lines in the kitchen and makes the kitchen more versatile. The white hexagonal backsplash adds some movement and makes the large area of white less monotonous. Meanwhile the dark wood floor adds warmth.

Transitional style white and gray kitchen with stainless steel appliances

In this transitional style kitchen, dark wood finish cabinets in a raised design add layers to the kitchen. The kitchen’s color palette is very harmonious with different shades of gray cabinets and shades of wood. The simple geometric shape of the pendant lights is very artistic. The white hexagonal tile backsplash is arranged vertically to extend the space upwards, and in combination with the white countertop, the space is very spacious.

Grey farmhouse kitchen with quartz countertop

In this medium-sized L-shaped farmhouse kitchen, the floor is in matte gray as well as the cabinets, which looks very high-class. Different designs of handles accent the shaker cabinets, and the light oak island countertop with greenery makes this very warm and inviting. The white hexagonal tile backsplash complements the gray cabinetry. The kitchen appliances are not completely embedded in the cabinets, but rather add a sense of layers to the kitchen space. The farmhouse sink, quartz stone countertop, and stainless steel oven, all elements are in perfect harmony.

Is the white hexagonal backsplash  stylish?

Yes, it has always been considered stylish. First of all, white is the most classic color that can’t go wrong in any environment, it is sophisticated in appearance and very elegant. Secondly, it adds some movement to the kitchen compared to a neat rectangular backsplash and gives the kitchen more diversity in shape design.

Creamy transitional style kitchen with solid wood floating shelves

In this small transitional style kitchen, the cream color palette is a delight. The hexagonal tile backsplash is easy to clean and creates a clean, bright backdrop, and with the addition of solid wood floating shelves, a warm, clean and bright space is created. Stainless steel kitchen appliances are especially evident between the solid white countertops and raised cabinets, adding a kitchen accent instead of breaking the kitchen pattern. Brass pendant lights add a sense of sophistication.

Scandinavian white kitchen with concrete countertops

The Scandinavian style kitchen is so pleasing to the eye. The whole kitchen is a perfect combination of white and wood. The island of varying heights provides convenience for kitchen work and can also be used as a dining table, which gives the kitchen a more staggered sense of height. The white flat panel cabinets are accented with bar handles, making them very functional and stylish. The large white hexagonal tiles and black grout joints, so that the backsplash is neither sharp nor regular, have a unique design and give the kitchen a sense of interest. The concrete countertop is not abrupt, but rather appropriate.

How to clean white tile backsplash?

It’s important to keep your white tile backsplash clean. To clean a tile backsplash you need to use a cleaner that removes grease. Spray the backsplash with the cleaner and wipe the tiles and grout clean with a soft cloth.

Minimalist contemporary kitchen with turquoise cabinets

Simple lines and classic color schemes make up this open contemporary kitchen. The turquoise raised cabinets are very striking, and with the white farmhouse sink and quartzite countertop, the dark and light colors make this kitchen look very stylish and sophisticated. The white hexagonal tile backsplash is arranged diagonally upward to break the rule design and the kitchen design becomes more rich. The wooden floating shelves can be placed with your favorite artwork or recipes. Soft light makes the kitchen more cozy.

What is turquoise color?

Turquoise is a blue-green color that is infinitely passionate and beautiful, a color that is full of life and a color that will not disappoint when used in the kitchen. Whether your kitchen is classic or beachy or Scandinavian, it will fit in well and give you unexpected surprises.

Elegant contemporary kitchen with black center island

The classic wood-colored cabinets attract most people with their natural texture. The flat panel cabinets are simple and very stylish with no other unnecessary decorations. The white tile backsplash is a black grouted design that emphasizes the hexagonal shape and adds sophistication and elegance to the wood-colored kitchen. The black center island and simple conical pendant lights are timeless to look at. And the medium tone wood flooring sets a cozy atmosphere.

White hexagon peel and stick kitchen backsplash

If you want to add some fun or flair to your kitchen, then a peel and stick backsplash is your best choice, it comes in many styles and colors to choose from, and the hexagonal shape is the most popular choice, it has a very special style and is very interesting. This peel-and-stick backsplash is very easy to install, just use a strong adhesive to stick it on the wall. It is perfect for monochrome kitchens and can add a sense of design to your kitchen.

Contemporary off white kitchen without upper cabinets

This contemporary gray kitchen is designed without upper cabinets, and with large doors and white countertops, the entire kitchen looks airy and open. peel and stick backsplash is a whitish gray with geometric shapes arranged neatly, and black grout emphasizes the large hexagonal shape, making the kitchen rich and dynamic. The built-in cookware and countertops are in the same color palette to bring harmony and unity to the kitchen. The pendant lights are simple in design and better integrated into this modern kitchen.

Wood tone mid-century style with open overhanging shelves

Wooden flooring, flat panel cabinets, wooden floating shelves, and chairs make this mid-century kitchen perfect. The mid-tone wood material gives you a warm home-like feeling. The backsplash is a small hexagonal shape that looks very much like a mosaic backsplash, and the tiles that line the entire wall are not only practical and easy to clean but create a clean backdrop for your imagination. Open overhanging shelves instead of closed cabinets, the view becomes more open. Quartz countertops, built-in cabinets and floor-to-ceiling windows, everything in the kitchen is perfectly matched.

Matte black modern kitchen with gradient hexagonal tiles

Matte black is so glamorous! The black flat panel cabinets are kept mysterious without too much decoration, showing a premium texture under the natural light. Among them, the white-gray gradient hexagonal tiles make this kitchen more stylish and very dynamic, with a strong sense of extension, making the overall space more spacious. The three simple shapes of the bronze lamps with rounded shapes and bar chairs break the regular design, making the space elements more diverse. The solid countertop, under-counter sink, and built-in kitchen appliances are very practical.

Black and white two-color kitchen with interlocking design hexagonal tiles

The two-toned classic black and white modern kitchen is so charming. The hexagonal tiles are also in this color scheme and feature an upward color gradient and interlocking design to make the whole more visually interesting, creating a bright spot in this pure white world and making the kitchen more stylish and sophisticated. The stainless steel hood is a great design that complements the back wall.

Four color matching ways of hexagonal tiles

Hexagonal tiles have been very fashionable in recent years, because of the shape of each hexagonal tile, so they are very effective in achieving the effect of laying without leaving an empty attack. In the following we will introduce the four kinds of color matching of hexagonal tiles.

  1. Gradient color 

The gradient way of laying hexagonal tiles can get a good extension effect, which will make the space look more spacious.

  1. The same color tiling

Use the same tone but the purity of different colors with, so that the space will be more harmonious and unified.

  1. Use medium tones

Medium tones such as black and white gray, these colors are often classic and timeless, the colors balance each other, so that the overall space is more harmonious.

  1. Contrasting color

The use of contrasting colors, can bring a strong visual impact, creating a visual highlight, so that the overall space is not so monotonous.

Matte white hexagon kitchen backsplash

Compared with high-gloss, matte material can absorb more light, creating a warm and comfortable, free and relaxed home-like atmosphere to the space. It is both dynamic and soft, both visual and tactile feelings are very good, can create a high-level, simple and stylish a space.

The matte backsplash with hexagonal design adds a sense of design to the kitchen while not being too prominent, making it very understated and calm. It is perfect for a modern or transitional style kitchen. Below are some of our great ideas for matte hexagonal backsplashes.

Warm farmhouse kitchen with light wood floors

A classic farmhouse style kitchen! The pure white matte cabinets with brass hardware are very sophisticated and stylish. The matte white hexagonal tiles are arranged very neatly and complement the white cabinets, a clean and tidy space is created. The warm wooden floor gives you a very soft touch and makes the kitchen very cozy. The stainless steel cookware instead forms a contrast with the white hexagonal backsplash, which is very impressive.

Beach style small kitchen with shaker cabinets1

In this small beach style kitchen, the blue cabinets and white backsplash are harmonious and wonderfully matched, and together they create a fresh and natural space. Plenty of natural light and glass upper cabinets keep the small kitchen from looking too small. In addition, the light wood flooring gives a warm feeling and the shaker cabinets are a classic design that will never go out of style.

Classic black wood color contemporary kitchen with black appliances

It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern kitchen! The hexagonal tile backsplash is made of ceramic and features black grout lines to emphasize the hexagonal shape, which echoes the peel and stick hexagonal flooring on the floor and together form a whole, and the white color makes the kitchen look wider, which is very harmonious. The matte black cabinets are embedded with kitchen appliances to form a very continuous look. The light-colored wood cabinets bring warmth.

Pure white transitional kitchen with marble countertops

This large L-shaped transitional kitchen is very luxurious and stylish. The pure white cabinets from bottom to top provide plenty of storage space, and the white hexagonal tile backsplash is very understated, but thanks to its clear hexagonal shape, it subtly makes the kitchen very sophisticated and designer in its details. The island features a marble countertop that is luxurious and stylish. The polished tile floor and the matte white backsplash enrich the design of the kitchen.

Notes on the laying of hexagonal tiles

  • The number of tiles should be set aside when purchasing to prevent problems such as hexagonal tile breakage when laying, because hexagonal tiles have more corners and are more likely to be damaged.
  • In the paste hexagonal tiles, you should properly leave some seam fine, because the process of hexagonal tiles, sometimes the corners will produce a slight difference, so you should properly leave a little seam fine when tiling, so as to ensure that you have the position to adjust.

Mid-century wood kitchen with minimalist spherical pendant light

The dark tones of the walnut cabinets create a rustic atmosphere. And the white hexagonal backsplash is arranged in a staggered fashion, but instead of giving the impression of dazzling, it is arranged very neatly and complements the hexagonal floor tiles on the floor. At the same time, the backsplash creates a nice visual highlight that is stylish and very sophisticated. Minimalist spherical pendant lights, built-in appliances, and stainless steel cookware with gooseneck faucet complete this elegant mid-century kitchen.

Mid-tone transitional kitchens

The mid-tone wood cabinets feature a flat panel design with bar handle accents for a classic, yet sophisticated look. One of the biggest highlights in this transitional U-shaped kitchen is the backsplash. It features hexagonal tiles in three classic shades of black, white and gray, which are very casual among the colors but do not lack beauty, and instead add interest and movement to make the kitchen more appealing. The presence of wooden floating shelves and simple windows gives this kitchen plenty of natural light and is quite spacious.

Contemporary minimalist kitchen with light oak flooring

A white minimalist contemporary kitchen is so appealing too! The wooden floating shelf sits above the white hexagonal backsplash and together with the backsplash, they create a warm and open space, while the black grout of the hexagonal backsplash makes the hexagonal shape very visible and adds to the design of the kitchen. Thanks to the light oak wood-colored flooring and ample natural light, the kitchen is very comfortable. With quartzite countertops, black kitchen appliances, and black flat-panel cabinets, everything is perfect.

Solid white transitional kitchen with solid surface countertops

Did this large transitional L-shaped open kitchen catch your eye? The built-in panel cabinets, and island are all in a classic solid white color, which makes this kitchen clean and bright. The hexagonal tile backsplash is a highlight and you will definitely notice it at first glance. It is sophisticated and stylish, and the pattern in it is arranged in a very orderly fashion, making this white kitchen less monotonous. The brass-colored pendant lights and handles add to the sense of exquisiteness. The solid surface countertops, paneled appliances, and farmhouse sink all complement each other.

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