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20+ White Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas And Tips

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About white marble kitchen backsplash

Marble backsplash gives a luxurious and elegant appearance and texture and it will add bright and breezy quality to a kitchen, which can not be duplicated by other natural stones. And white marble backsplash can form a distinctive contrast with dark kitchen cabinets or complement the luminosity of the all-white kitchen. A white marble backsplash can instantly elevate the overall look of the kitchens and create a beautiful focal point, which offers a classic, delicate, and timeless appeal.

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Wood Flat-panel Cabinets and White Marble Backsplash

Dark wood cabinets frame autumn meadows in the kitchen, forming a vibe of bleakness and the mottled patterns and flat paneling have strong characteristics of modernity.  The white marble countertop of the cabinets differs from the black solid surface countertop of the island, which provides a contrast that enriches the details of this kitchen. The white marble backsplash shares the same texture and pattern as the range hood, keeping an integral appearance.  The large windows offer abundant luminosity to this space while the frames on them strengthen the modern and delicate feeling.  

White Cabinets with Blue Island and White Marble Countertop

This mid-sized transitional kitchen embraces the colors of white, blue, grey, black, and wood harmoniously. The navy blue island with white marble countertop contrasts with the white cabinets and adds a serene and deep tone to this space. The white marble countertop with grey patterns provides a picturesque backdrop for the pure white recessed-panel cabinets while the dots of black hardware adorns the cabinets with a calming and serious feeling. Finally, a trio of glass pendant lights looks crystal and airy and they produce a corresponding texture with the glass front doors of the cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen with Wood Cabinets and Mable Island

This spacious kitchen incorporates elements of wood, marble and metal. The I-shaped layout offers a bright and vivid view for this kitchen. The wood shelves against the wall replace ponderous upper cabinets, elevating the tough feeling formed by the cold and hard  texture of the marble backsplash while the seamless white marble island is accentuated by the surrounding wood cabinets but the island is also connected with the cabinets for the countertop of the cabinets shares the same material with the island. Last but not least, the terrazzo tile flooring reflects the image of the cabinets and presents a smooth and glossy feeling.

Olive Green Cabinets with White Marble Countertop and White Marble Backsplash

Look how fresh this kitchen is! The special olive green cabinetry catches people’s attention with its refreshing and soothing finish while the white countertop and the white one-wall cabinets create a pleasant contrast with the cabinetry. Besides, the white marble backsplash with grey veins provides a lively and energetic backdrop for the solid-colored cabinets to add vibrant vitality to this space. The wood stools complement the palette of the olive green cabinets and strengthen the texture and quality of the cabinets and the wood flooring brings warmth and gentleness to the kitchen.

Marble Backsplash Types

Calacatta Marble: Calacatta, one of the most popular luxurious marbles in Italy,  holds the least impurity content. A bright white background and dramatic thick gray texture are characteristic of Calacatta marbles. If it has a golden vein variation, then it is called Calacatta Gold, which is another amazing form of this rare marble type.

Carrara Marble: Carrara marble is another type of Italian marble with a light gray background and a fine linear vein pattern. It is a common marble with moderate price.

Emperador Marble: Emperador Marble is a Spanish marble, available in dark brown and light brown. Its striking color makes it very suitable for personalized decoration of foyer, countertop, backsplash and even fireplace.

Crema Marfil Marble: Crema Marfil is from Spain and is available in different tones of cream color with varying tan hues. This marble is perfect for flooring because it can add warmth to the area where it is installed.

Botticino Marble: Botticino is beige with gold and white

White marble tile kitchen backsplash

Marble tiles backsplash has different grades, colors, hardness and finishes, making it a multifunctional and practical choice for many different types of kitchens. And the white marble tile backsplash is the most classic one among them and can be matched perfectly with diverse tones and styles of a kitchen. Compared with ceramic tile backsplash, marble tile backsplash has natural and irregular patterns that have more possibility for innovation and creativity.  Besides, the marble tile backsplash can come with a glossy finish, tumbled or honed, which is hard to duplicate for ceramic tile backsplash.

Contemporary Kitchen with  Beige Cabinetry and Marble Backsplash

This open-concept kitchen looks airy and elegant. The full-height cabinetry takes up most of the kitchen and owns flat panels, which gives a magnificent and delicate look. The white backsplash with tan patterns pairs well with the cabinetry and activates the pure-colored cabinetry with a dynamic effect. The beige island is equipped with a waterfall edge countertop and the countertop strengthens the modern vibe and creates visual continuity, forming a focal point for this space. Moreover, the chrome hardware makes itself integrated into the cabinets with its thin shape while the blue tops of the metal stools interrupt the beige hue of the cabinets and make themselves distinctive with a slight contrast.

All-white Kitchen with Marble Tile Backsplash and Shaker Cabinets

This traditional kitchen is composed of white full-height cabinetry, high French windows, white marble tile backsplash, and a white marble countertop. The vaulted shiplap ceiling, the large French windows, and the French door provide an airy and clean atmosphere for the interior design details of this compact kitchen while the all-white design plan reduces the compactness even more. The white marble tile backsplash produces a block pattern and it also cooperates harmoniously with the shiplap cabinet board and the shiplap ceiling. Besides,  the white marble countertops  of the cabinets and island give veins to the pure white cabinets, adding a touch of vitality and the notable blackboard allows house owners to leave a message or write down a menu for a family gathering, which gives this white kitchen a family vibe. Finally, the light wood shiplap flooring brings warmth to this kitchen.  

Dark Wood Cabinets with White Marble Backsplash

In this large contemporary kitchen, the dark wood kitchen cabinets and island form a sophisticated and warm tone while the stainless steel appliances provide sparkles to brighten the cabinetry. The white marble backsplash with grey veins shares the same texture and material as the countertop and the decorative trim of the island, linking the cabinets with the island. Besides, the beige porcelain tile flooring looks rustic and creates a tender contrast with the cabinetry while the pale kitted stools intensify the light-and-dark contrast, harmonizing the cooking space.

Transitional Kitchen with White Cabinets and Wood Stools

Traditional elements of shaker cabinets, beige stools, and wood flooring are integrated organically with modern details of monochromatic cabinets, simple hardware and an open-concept layout, producing a transitional style. The medium-tone wood backdrop for the white cabinets echoes the wood ceiling, the stools, and the flooring, which intensifies the warmth and appeal of this kitchen. White marble tile backsplash does not have glossy and versatile patterns but a matte and mottled surface, pairing perfectly with the matte white shaker cabinets while the smooth white marble countertop complements the cabinets and island. Two full-glass pendant lights cast warm lights on the island and respond to the glass front door of the cabinets.  

Is Marble Tile Good for Kitchen Backsplash?

Nothing can bring pure elegance to your home more than marble. However, the cost and care required make it difficult to reach the popularity of ceramic tiles. In this case, it is an ideal alternative to use marble for the kitchen backsplash instead of the countertop which can incorporate the incomparable beauty of marble without worrying about the high cost, high caring difficulty and potential damage from scratches. Although it is still an option with slightly higher maintenance costs, the design possibilities and aesthetic enhancement provided by marble are unique. Another charm of natural marble is its changes-subtle differences in shadows and textures. If marble is properly arranged, it will create great possibilities for backsplash. The marble backsplash is easy to clean when needed. Warm water and detergent can be used for most stains, especially stubborn stains can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water. Adding a sealing layer to the marble tailgate can prolong the durability of the backsplash.

White cultured marble backsplash

Different from natural marble, cultured marble is more economical and easier to clean but more difficult to remove scratches from the surface. Made from a cast polymer, cultured marble has strong durability and a variety of options for colors and patterns that can be produced by customers’ needs and fit any style of kitchen design. Under this condition, the white cultured marble backsplash owns various patterns for the kitchen.

Blue Appliance in a White and Wood Kitchen

In this transitional kitchen, a conserved and elegant vibe flows. Off-white upper cabinets contrast a little with the white base cabinets while the off-white cultured marble backsplash builds a connection between these two with the sprawling veins. The recessed paneling of the cabinetry creates a more contemporary look for this kitchen while the blue appliance stands out by its compelling hue and brass frames, expressing traditional and noble beauty. Taking the view to the center, the wood island is accentuated by the surrounding white cabinets and creates an integral look with the brown fabric-steel stools, forming a vivid contrast with the white space. The medium-tone wood flooring  down there does not appear too gloomy instead it harmonizes the differences between the white and wood color.

Gray Cabinetry with White Culture Mable Backsplash and Gold Accents

This eat-in kitchen looks spacious and luxurious with its U-shape layout and stunning details. Grey shaker cabinets are standing straightly around three walls and glass cabinets and shaker cabinets are combined organically to provide versatile practicability and swallow those stainless steel appliances perfectly. Adorned with gold hardware, the cabinetry appears glamorous and owns visual vibrancy. The conspicuous cultured marble on the backsplash, range hood, and countertop has artistic patterns that are clearly different from the natural veins of natural marble. In the middle of the kitchen, the wood island with a grey solid surface countertop is surrounded by gold stools and responds to the hues of wood and grey from the wood flooring and grey cabinetry. And the gold pendant lights above the island pair harmoniously with the gold faucets and other gold details while black decorations strengthen the elegance and delicacy of this space.  

White Cultured Marble Backsplash with Mint Green Island and White Cabinets

What a fresh and charming kitchen it is! The mint green island makes it  pop out of the all-white environment, giving an extraordinary and pleasant feeling, and the white marble countertop of the island integrates the island with the cabinets. Appearing lively, the white cultured marble backsplash has varied bright colors different from the natural patterns, which is suitable for this kitchen. Warm and soothing lights are installed under and in the cabinets, adding touches of warmth to the pure white cabinets adorned with black hardware. In addition, the brown hardwood flooring contrasts clearly with the white cabinets and warms up this space.

Contemporary Kitchen with Cultured Marble Wall and Flooring

A contemporary vibe runs through this kitchen with the pure color cabinets and marble flooring and walls. Its geometrical layout maximizes space utilization and gives a spatial image of this kitchen. The brown built-in cabinets match well with the stainless steel appliances, forming an integral and charming look. And the light brown cabinets harmonize the culinary spaces with a chromatic transition from brown cabinets while the white solid surface countertop on them connects the cabinets with the cultured marble wall, meditating the contrasting of cabinets with the wall. When it comes to the cultured marble wall,  it shares the same material as the flooring, bringing the beauty of splashing ink and flowing energy to this kitchen.

How to Restore the Cultured Marble Backsplash?

If there is serious damage to the cultured marble backsplash, professionals are needed to repair it, but if only the surface is worn, you can try to polish it yourself to restore its original luster. First of all, marble is made of a mixture of polyester resin, limestone powder, filler, and pigment, and has a transparent gel coating on the top. Therefore, you can use an extremely fine sandpaper and polishing agent to remove scratches on the surface to restore the surface and luster. Automotive compounds are mild abrasive materials used to smooth and remove defects in cultured marble. They are available in the form of friction and polishing compounds at auto supplies stores. You can apply the compound on the surface of the backsplash with a soft cotton cloth or a power buffer equipped with felt or wool pads, the latter of which is more energy-saving. Polishing compounds only or combining rubbing compounds  with polishing compounds can save the cultured marble backsplash from dullness. If the outcome is still not satisfactory, wet sanding  with 1000-grit wet/dry sandpaper before polishing with rubbing and polishing compounds would make the surface more smooth and glossier.

White marble herringbone kitchen backsplash

Herringbone tile is one of the most classic choices for kitchen backsplash. Marble herringbone backsplash can well blend white cabinets, white countertops and electrical appliances while adding a beautiful textured appearance. Many people think that the compact kitchen is not suitable for the herringbone backsplash, but the fact is that the wider part of the herringbone “V” can attract most people’s attention, which makes people ignore other spaces, but gives people a big visual illusion of the kitchen. White herringbone backsplash usually appears in modern and transitional kitchens, creating a dynamic aesthetic feeling for the kitchen. At the same time, the natural veins and patterns in white marble will further enhance the charm of the herringbone backsplash.

Beach-Style Kitchen with White Marble Herringbone Backsplash and Blue Cabinets

This beach-style kitchen looks soothing and relaxing. The high vaulted ceiling extends upward from the walls to a center and allows more possibilities for decorations and storage, providing this kitchen with a grand and lofty flair. Standing firmly on the flooring, the blue cabinets calm people down with their soft color and their white quartz countertop strengthens the pureness and tranquility of this kitchen. The white marble herringbone backsplash depicts the waves of the sea and produces a dynamic effect. Replacing upper cabinets with shelves is a great idea to maintain lightness and ventilation while a pleasant feeling of  warmth is created by the medium hardwood flooring, wood tops of stools, and the wood exposed beams.

White Kitchen with White Marble Herringbone Backsplash and Black Accents

This all-white kitchen does not appear cold or boring but is classic and modern thanks to those black accents. The black-engineered quartz countertop pairs perfectly with the white shaker cabinets and they work together perfectly to create a strong yet classic black-and-white contrast. Besides, four black metal stools accompany the white island and their simple yet practical design enriches the application of the island, making it more than just a transitional workstation. The white marble backsplash looks glossy with its herringbone patterns and the grey veins in it, along with the patterns, add vibrant energy to the white wall. In addition, the black range hood makes itself a focal point with its retro shape, chrome trims, and smooth edges. The dark wood flooring provides a sophisticated but charming background for the interior details, harmonizing this kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen with White Marble Backsplash and Gold Accents

Look at this elegant and classic kitchen!  The grey one-wall cabinets are implanted perfectly into the wall and the shaker cabinet paneling strengthens the integral feeling of the cabinetry. In front of the one-wall cabinets stands a delicate black island equipped with five metal stools with gold frames and fabric tops, which creates a distinctive contrast with the cabinets. Besides, the black range hood with gold trims builds a connection with the black appliance and the black island, harmonizing the space. The white marble herringbone backsplash is made up of thin and little tiles through toil-cost techniques and increases the value and quality of this space in an unnoticed way while the gold pendant lights, the gold faucet set, and the gold hardware show the delicacy of this kitchen explicitly.

White Marble Herringbone Backsplash with a Peninsula

This classic two-tone cabinetry consists of natural wood tones and clean white hues, producing a typical contemporary style.  The wood base cabinets cast a warm feeling to offset the cold vibe flown by the white upper cabinets. However, the white upper cabinets still make contributions to this space by reflecting on daylights to brighten this kitchen. What’s special is the range hood that integrates the elements of the cabinetry organically, promoting the kitchen integral. Among those design details, the white marble herringbone backsplash stands out with its elaborate patterns, which activate the static surface of the wall. What’s more, another ingenue detail of this kitchen is the kitchen peninsula because it extends the  effective space of the countertop by serving as a dining table, enhancing the space utilization of this compact kitchen.

How to Maintain Marble Tile Backsplash

Even though marble tile backsplash is hard to get damaged, it does have some care requirements, such as daily care and sealing.  

Daily Care: Be sure to use mild detergent at least once a week and wipe the marble backsplash with a soft sponge or cloth, which can remove dust and any splash or dirt that you may not notice, and prevent them from becoming more difficult to remove.

Annual Care: The marble backsplash tiles and grout need to be sealed once a year to keep them waterproof and antifouling. You don’t have to wait 24 hours for the sealant to solidify before using the kitchen, since it’s not a countertop.  

Black and white marble kitchen backsplash

Black and white marble, also known as Marquina marble, has an intensive and homogeneous background with characteristic white veins. Also, black and white cultured marble is another typical product that shares similar tones and textures with the natural one. The black and white marble backsplash is more resistant to oil and dirt due to its dark hues and it also creates an eye-catching focal point for the kitchen, allowing for beautiful and classy looks. The black and white marble kitchen backsplash is suitable for varied styles of kitchen, ranging from a classic style to a modern style. It must be noticed that black and white marble is more fragile than other marbles and more vulnerable to scratches and erosion and that PH Neutral cleaners are proper for cleaning instead of acid cleaners.

Contemporary Kitchen with Black and White Backsplash and Black Cabinets

A sophisticated and calming vibe pervades this contemporary kitchen. The U-shaped layout connected all the parts of this kitchen organically, providing plenty of storage space without taking up too much space in the kitchen and minimizing the possibility of traffic flow in the kitchen. Black matte cabinets contrast strongly with the white glossy solid surface countertop and the undermount sink is integrated perfectly into the cabinetry, strengthening the contemporary characteristics of the kitchen. Besides, the black and white marble backsplash provides a dynamic backdrop for the black cabinets and dark stainless steel range hood and it mediates the strong contrast of black and white with the black veins in the backsplash. Open cabinets offer an exhibition place for unique kitchen wares or decorations, beautifying the cabinets.

Light Grey Cabinetry with Black and White Marble Backsplash

The interplay of light and shadow on the light grey cabinets, light wood flooring, glass countertop, and black and white marble backsplash creates a dynamic and harmonious atmosphere. The panoramic windows invite daylight to lighten the space and also allow house owners to appreciate the natural beauty when preparing food or having dinner, enhancing the charm of this kitchen. Light grey cabinets integrate the chrome hardware, the stainless steel appliances, and the glass countertop in a way that each element encourages the attractiveness of others while maintaining its glamour. The stunning patterns of the cultured marble backsplash create a focal point for this space and bring a powerful dynamic effect as well while the black modern hood is a perfect idea to avoid conflicts and damage the aesthetic expression of the backsplash. Finally, the light wood flooring blesses the kitchen with warmth and freshness.  

Two-tone Cabinetry with White and Black Marble Backsplash and Orange Shiplap Hood

In this contemporary kitchen, the flat paneling and simple lines of the cabinetry create a clean and elegant look. The white one-wall cabinets make a contrasting appearance to the dark island while the marble countertops connect the cabinets with the island harmoniously. And the white and black marble backsplash produces a chromatic transition from the wall to the countertop. Besides, the special orange shiplap range hood shares the same material and texture with the open shelves and  they fill the vacancy of the wall, which gives pops of energy to the white upper cabinets. The black branch-shaped chandelier looks modern and unique and echoes the black faucet while the gold frames of the stools add glimmery sparkles to this space and contrast with the dark island. The medium-tone flooring offers a soothing and tender background for other interior design details.

Black and White Marble Countertop with White Cabinets and Black and White Flooring

This transitional kitchen owes its eye-catching look to its white and black combination. The cultured marble backsplash evokes visual interest and provides a dynamic backdrop to the all-white cabinets while the marble countertop creates a continuous look with the backsplash, which harmonizes the cooking space. The range hood makes it invisible in the stainless steel upper cabinets that are different from the glass-fronted upper cabinets, diversifying the cabinetry. The black solid surface countertop topping the island contrasts with the countertop on the base cabinets with the difference in patterns and colors and also builds a cooperative response to the black peculiar tools. Finally, the vintage iron orb strap chandelier strengthens the traditional vibe formed by the black and white flooring with diamond patterns, presenting an integral look.

Can Marble Slab be Used as a Backsplash?

If you are tired of a tile backsplash, why not choose a marble slab for a backsplash? Slab backsplash adds functional elements to a kitchen without losing visual effects and marble slab can provide a glossy, flat and clean backdrop for the kitchen, strengthening the fashionable and luxurious feeling of the space. Besides, the various colors and patterns of the marble slab backsplash allow designers to unleash their vibrant creativity and fit well with different styles of kitchens. In addition, the solid surface of the marble slab backsplash is easier to clean and the marble slab backsplash needs much less grouting that can turn yellow over time, giving a simple and elegant look.  

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