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Window Comparison: Plastic, Wood And Aluminum – Pros And Cons Of Materials

What are the advantages of plastic windows? And what are the disadvantages of aluminum windows or wooden windows? How to compare different window profiles? When buying a window, it’s not just the look or price that matters, it’s the properties that come with the window: thermal insulation, sound insulation, safety and durability. The decisive factor here is the profile material and structure, as well as the glazing and its corresponding sealing system. On this page we have listed some of the most important criteria for you and compared the various types of window materials.

Different window frame materials

Material Comparison Of Window Frame Types

At Parlun you can find a large number of window profiles made of plastic, wood, aluminium and combinations of plastic and aluminium as well as wood and aluminium. They vary in features, pros and cons, and price. There are windows in a variety of shapes, colors and fittings in modern residential buildings. When comparing different window profiles, in addition to the price and appearance of the window, its thermal insulation is just as important. Windows with good insulation can help save on heating costs, especially during colder months. At the same time, the windows should protect the interior of the house from weather and noise, and have a good anti-theft effect. These window requirements are met differently by the various profile materials. For a better understanding, we have compared the different materials below and differentiated their functions.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Frame Materials (++ = Very Good, + = Good, – = Moderate)






Thermal insulation














Easy care














Noise protection





advantages and disadvantages of plastic windows

Advantages, Disadvantages And Characteristics Of Plastic Windows

Plastic windows are one of the most popular and best-selling window. The high-quality and stable multi-chamber structure provides excellent thermal insulation performance and high energy efficiency.

In addition, the material is weather-resistant, durable and easy to care for. Combined with insulating glazing and security fittings, plastic windows are the best value for money.

Various decorative foils are available for individual designs. Available in solid colors or a variety of wood looks, as well as realistic embossed textures. Special advantage: The profiles also protects windows against weather and solar radiation. And classic plastic windows meet both your standard and high requirements.

Advantages Of Plastic Windows

  • Not expensive
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • High thermal insulation
  • Low maintenance cost

Disadvantages Of Plastic Windows

  • Not as natural as wood
  • No elegant and angular design as with aluminum
  • Damage and scratches are difficult to repair

Comparison Of Wooden Windows And Plastic Windows

Wooden windows are the first choice for a warm and comfortable room. Only the natural grain of wood and its delicate details can create a warm atmosphere. In particular, its excellent energy efficiency and high safety are considered two real plus points.

Compared with plastic windows, wooden windows are in the mid-to-high price range. However, the two materials differ significantly in terms of weather resistance. Wood is very fragile and must be regularly maintained and painted with protective paint.

Plastic, on the other hand, is easy to maintain and has high weather resistance. When deciding whether to choose wood or plastic windows, you need to consider the location of the house (near a forest, river, urban areas, or flat land) to estimate the maintenance cost required. And fortunately, there is a wood-like high-performance film-covered plastic window that is embossed with grain for a wood-grain appearance that further enhances the visual effect and looks like a real wood window.

advantages and disadvantages of wooden windows

Advantages Of Wooden Windows

  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Natural
  • Produced with renewable raw materials
  • Reliable strips and profiles

Disadvantages of Wooden Windows

  • Low weather resistance
  • High maintenance cost
  • Mid to high price segment

Comparison Of Aluminum Windows And Plastic Windows

Aluminium windows are installed in many modern office buildings. It is light and stable, making it an impressively high load capacity for narrow profiles.

The velvety smooth surface of aluminium windows is weatherproof and requires little maintenance. The combination of stable materials and safety fittings provides high safety while effectively blocking noise. But unlike plastic windows, aluminum is very expensive and less insulating.

Both materials are very versatile and you can choose RAL paints or decorative foils to suit your preferences. When choosing between aluminum and plastic windows, pay attention to aspects such as durability, window size, and value for money. Aluminium is particularly suitable for panoramic windows. However, if you want to save on a budget, plastic windows are a great option. At this point, you can use security fittings to make up for the slight lack of plastic windows.

advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

Advantages Of Aluminum Windows

Disadvantages Of Aluminum Windows

  • The price is relatively high
  • Insulation performance varies

advantages and disadvantages of wooden aluminum windows

Wooden Aluminum Windows Or Plastic Windows?

Wood-aluminum windows combine the excellent properties of wood and aluminum. You can have both the comfort of natural wood and the high security provided by a hard aluminum shell. The combination of the two materials reflects their top value. Wood aluminium windows are very durable and weather resistant – easy to care for. In addition, they are thermally, sound-insulating and safe, and are especially suitable for using on the ground floor.

In contrast, plastic windows are less safe and soundproof. But the price is also lower. The two materials are available in different colours both on the outside and inside of the windows. The unique charm of wood-aluminum windows is naturally its warm wood grain, which adds comfort to your home.

Advantages Of  Wooden Aluminum Windows

  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Show a warm feeling
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Combining the advantages of wood and aluminium

Disadvantages Of Wooden Aluminum Windows

  • High price
  • Not as strong as pure aluminum
  • Different external and internal optics

Quality Features And Requirements For Window

Quality Features And Requirements For Window Comparison

Whether you’re building a new house, renovating an old building or an existing property – windows are an essential part. Your main focus should not only be low prices and freedom of architectural design. Window comparisons should also take into account the quality of the windows and their additional properties, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and safety. There are other important factors such as water, driving rain tightness, and wind resistance. Modern quality windows can meet a multitude of requirements with proper construction and manufacturing processes. In summary, the following criteria should be considered:

– Natural lighting and brightness of the room

– Indoor air circulation

– Window structure as space enclosing element

– Weather-resistant and durable materials

– Heat insulation, sound insulation, safety protection

The new generation of windows with multi-layer insulating glazing is able to meet different needs at the same time, namely high thermal insulation and adequate ventilation, or large glass areas with noise and theft protection. Overall, windows are an important part of making your home better, and you shouldn’t just focus on price and design.

What Standards Must Windows Meet?

High Thermal Insulation And Energy Efficiency

An important criterion for comparing windows is energy efficiency. This is the heat transfer coefficient, the so-called U-value. The rule is that the lower the value the better – less energy or heat is lost. U-values for frames, glazing or entire windows can be specified. The decisive factor for energy efficiency is the Uw value, as it includes the interaction of profile, glazing and edge sealing. For optimum energy efficiency, we recommend using insulating glass with warm edge spacers as edge-sealed insulating glass.

Sun protection glass function

Noise And Soundproofing

Too much sound — both its intensity and duration — can cause lasting health damage. Therefore, you should know the sound insulation effect when buying windows. This depends mainly on the frame material or frame construction and glass. Depending on the living area, you can choose between 6 standardized sound insulation levels. Attenuation is measured in decibels (dB).

Wind And Rain Tight

The lifespan of a window depends on its weather resistance. This includes high levels of drive rain and wind tightness, while being breathable to reduce condensation. This delicate balance requires a perfect fit between the window’s frame profile, glazing packaging and sealing system. In addition, high-quality fittings allow the window withstand maximum pressure, allowing it to withstand strong storms, keeping the sash firmly in place at all times.

Stability And Security

Other important metrics for windows are stability and security. Aluminium windows are very sturdy and durable, its high static properties are especially suitable for large glass buildings. In addition to stability, attention should also be paid to the reliability of window fittings, improving safety and longevity.

safety accessories for windows

Maintenance And Care

Both aluminum and plastic windows are easy to maintain and clean. As mentioned earlier, wooden windows require careful care. They must be regularly coated with a protective glaze or varnish to withstand the weather. High UV radiation can cause wood discoloration. You can opt for wood-aluminum windows, which combine the properties of two materials – easy care and high weather resistance.

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