Windows from China customized for your home

At Parlun Building, you can buy high-quality windows from China at low prices. Benefit from a wide range of our windows catalog. Not only shapes and colors, but you can also consult with us to determine technical details and valuable accessories. You will be guided step-by-step through the planning process by our windows expert, and you will be free to choose every detail. We have briefly summarized all the windows categories for you to get the necessary inspiration and information.

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online communicate to design and purchase windows

Are custom windows expensive? I believe this is the question of many people. Thanks to automated production and convenient shipping, individual custom windows from China are affordable for everyone. Take advantage of this and easily choose your windows yourself. Our windows expert will guide you through the planning process, from material and size to particular functions and practical accessories. You determine every detail and can adapt the windows precisely to your requirements and the building structure.

We have extensive experience with windows. So from the size and shape of the window to how many security mushroom pins you need, whether soundproof glazing is desired or a practical top-mounted roller shutter should be integrated. Even the frame extension into an intelligent home innovative system can be easily selected. We calculate and update the price of your window promptly for free. You always get window design options quickly and can choose your windows according to the available budget.

In 5 steps to your new window - how it works

1. Windows Material & Profile

Plastic, wood, or aluminum – select one of the materials and then determine the desired profile.

2. Windows Type and dimensions

Adapt the window size, shape, and opening way directly to your home – whether it’s a classic rectangle or a unique shape.

3. Colors and Glass

Set color accents in your home with framed decor. You determine the living comfort based on the glazing.

4. Window accessories

Extensive window accessories enable you to create a unique design, from rungs to roller shutters to security features.

5. Order windows online

With secure and convenient payment options and manufacturing cost advantages, you can plan your new window without hesitation by choosing Parlun Buildings. Our professionals will ensure that your windows fully meet your requirements.

Windows buying guide - helpful information and tips

Buying windows needs careful consideration because this long-term investment affects many areas of your daily life. Due to the wide range of quotations on the market, it is easy to lose track of things. We have put together the most important information for you and answered frequently asked questions. You can not only learn step by step about the current trend and design options but also learn about window and door manufacturers from China. We will also discuss material comparisons and pricing.

Window materials - plastic, aluminum, or wood?

The choice of window material is usually the first decision before buying a window. The functional requirements of the window, the area of installation, and the purchase budget play an important role in the selection of materials. The materials differ in their qualities, especially during the service life, energy efficiency, and ease of care, but safety and sound insulation are also essential factors. Thanks to modern technology and the further development of materials, the material properties are becoming more and more similar. It is only a matter of nuances and personal preference, especially in the premium sector. Nevertheless, plastic windows are still considered an inexpensive all-rounder material. Aluminum windows are remarkably resilient and are often used in public buildings. The best way to decide which material is suitable for you is to compare materials and prices yourself.

Window types – free choice in shape, size, and function

A window is not just a window. Numerous window types, functions, and specifications can be customized to suit your needs. Starting with the shape of the window – it doesn’t have to be the classic rectangle. Arched windows will give your home an extraordinary charm. Or you can use every centimeter of light by equipping your dormer with large gable windows. Match the window to your home to achieve maximum living comfort. It also includes the correct type of opening. Sliding elements are ideal in small rooms to make optimal use of the limited space. Multi-leaf windows, on the other hand, allow a fantastic panoramic view. You meet energy efficiency and security demands with insulating glass windows or a mushroom-head cam lock. Last but not least, you also can realize your style with lattice windows and the coloring of the frames. Your home becomes a reflection of your soul.

Window sizes - fully customize for your home

The dimensions of a window depending on the wall opening, old or new buildings, personal preferences, etc. The trend is increasingly towards floor to ceiling windows that allow a full panoramic view. Of course, this is not possible everywhere, so individual solutions have to be found.

Depending on the house’s structure, the types of window openings and measures to ensure stability can be derived. The larger window, the more likely it will be divided into several sashes or reinforced with a transom. The static load can be distributed evenly, and the windows remain permanently stable and functional.

During the online communication with our expert, the designer will put the windows together individually according to your requirements; you just need to tell us the wall opening size.

Popular window dimensions and sizes

100×100 cm
120×120 cm
30×30 cm
40×60 cm
55×55 cm
60×80 cm
80×60 cm
80×80 cm

Window colors for your house - strong character

The color of a window has long since ceased to be just classic white. The trend is more towards rich color tones or natural wood surfaces. It makes the window an integral part of the room concept and directly integrated into the design of the wall. Depending on the frame material, you have various options for giving your windows a unique look. Plastic windows are fitted with decorative foils that enable a smooth and marbled surface structure. For wood and aluminum windows, there are also different paints and natural wood stains to choose from, which perfectly imitate the natural wood texture. Those who prefer a metallic look can have an anodized coating. You can choose from our window catalog in different colors and finishes.

Window glass - the heart of the window

What would a window be without glass? This transparent component is the heart of every window. It enables critical protective functions while simultaneously supplying light and fresh air.

Glass is mainly divided into four functional areas: security, soundproofing, visual protection, and thermal insulation. Depending on the function you focus on, the pane is divided into multiple glazing, laminated safety glass, or an insulating coating for more energy efficiency. The thickness and the distance of the panes (the space between the panes) are decisive for the necessary insulation.

In contrast to traditional decorative glass, special glass is also self-cleaning or provides privacy at the touch of a button (glass blocks vision). Tinted sunscreen glass can also reduce glare in the workplace. At Palun, there are almost no limits to your wishes.

Types of window glass with features

For security: Security glazing

For sound insulation: soundproof glazing

For ornament: ornamental glazing

For heat protection: thermal insulation glazing

Windows accessories – for functionality and security

Visual function in a hidden place – that is what distinguishes windows accessories. The high-quality accessories ensure lasting ease of use. The window can be opened and closed smoothly – even with heavy sashes: the standard opening and the well-known tilt position or gap ventilation.

A mushroom head pin locking achieves the necessary security. In contrast to the bolt lock, they get caught directly in the locking plate and thus make them more challenging to lever out of the sash. Thieves frequently attack this area so
it is necessary to equip with anti-drill protection and a lockable handle for added security.

If desired, additional functions such as a parking brake or a skylight opener can be integrated to make daily life more convenient. Discover all the possibilities to increase the security and comfort of your windows with suitable accessories!

Custom windows with exclusive accessories

Different people have different requirements for windows, so customized solutions have to be found. It can start with small accessories, such as handles, rungs, wooden window sills, or decorative strips. So-called coupling profiles can be used to realize window facades, ensuring improved statics and connecting individual elements. Roller shutters, which increase the security and thermal insulation of the house, are beneficial. In addition, additional insect screens can increase living comfort. Tiny pests are kept at a distance so that you can enjoy mild summer nights. Innovative ventilation systems are suitable for a healthy room climate. They are usually attached to the window rebate or on the frame and ensure a continuous supply of fresh air.

Window manufacturers from China – competent partners we selected

At Parlun Building, we offer high quality windows and doors at excellent value for money. The Chinese window factories that cooperate with us are all leading existences in the industry. The praise and feedback from many individual customers and foreign agents have contributed to the popularization of Chinese doors and windows all over the world. For windows, we have integrated a strong Chinese factory supply chain. Whether you need an entry-level product or require features, materials, and types, Parlun will meet your window needs. High-quality windows are manufactured in huge and advanced production facilities. We have long-term cooperation with top window manufacturers who fully meet the standards for exporting to the world. We will give you the best quality and the best price, whether you are for private use or commercial use.