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Aluminum windows mean stability, durability, and unique elegance. Aluminum windows are valued and used primarily in representative buildings, commercial real estate, and facade construction. Anyone who buys high-quality aluminum windows will find that care and maintenance costs will be low.

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Helpful information and tips for aluminum windows

High-quality windows made of aluminum are enjoying increasing popularity, and rightly so. Aluminum windows are durable, weatherproof, and offer a high level of security. They are also impressed with their timeless design and increased stability. These features make aluminum windows frames very suitable in commercial buildings or in places with many opening and closing cycles. They are also becoming more and more popular in the private sector. The choice of energy-saving profiles combined with thermal insulation glazing offers excellent thermal insulation and reduces energy costs. But aluminum windows also have disadvantages, such as a relatively high price. Therefore, it would help if you considered a few requirements in advance of buying aluminum windows.

Why buy aluminum windows - advantages of the popular high-tech material

Aluminum is the ideal material for the quality requirement of modern architecture. Aluminum windows can be in a variety of shapes and forms. The use of aluminum hollow profiles combines high application accuracy with versatile design options for the window element. It means that aluminum windows systems can be ideally adapted to customers’ requirements and ideas. Although aluminum windows have relatively high production costs, they are offset by low maintenance costs. Another advantage of aluminum profiles is their relatively high protection against corrosion naturally. Nevertheless, aluminum has a very high thermal conductivity, and insulation accessories must be added to increase the insulation effect.

Advantages of aluminum windows

  • Aluminum constructions are very stable
  • Resistant to wind, rain, and sun
  • Available in many colors, including wood look
  • Low maintenance costs maintenance compared to the other materials
  • Excellent for the significant area ​and facades

Disadvantages of aluminum windows

  • High purchase price (expensive)
  • High energy consumption during the production of aluminum
  • Length changes with temperature fluctuations

Features of Aluminum windows:

Elegant design

The smooth surface of the aluminum gives the windows an exceptionally high-quality and elegant look. Thanks to the modern powder coating technology, the material is highly changeable and can shine in any desired color.

Very durable

Aluminum windows are highly weather-resistant and can easily withstand storms and dust. So aluminum windows are easy to care for and trendy for outdoor building elements.

Optimal thermal insulation

High-quality glazing made of insulating glass combined with the windows frame system, including thermal inserts, ensures excellent thermal insulation parameters. Optional functional glass such as ornaments, laminated safety glass, or sun protection glass offers additional comfort.

Outstanding burglary

Protective safety fittings and the stability and durability of the aluminum ensure optimum security. In addition, laminated safety glass in different strengths can be selected.

Reliable stability

The material aluminum is characterized by its particular strength. So enables slim and, at the same time, stable constructions that impress their lightness. Even in sloping positions, large glass surfaces do not be a problem.

How much do aluminum windows cost?

Although the higher purchase price compared to wooden and plastic windows, aluminum windows have proven to be more stable and cheaper in the long term. Before buying aluminum windows, a distinction between the cold aluminum profiles for commercial interior use and the home’s more expensive, energy-efficient aluminum windows. Thermally insulated aluminum windows with insulating glazing also reduce the energy costs of a building. In terms of color, the aluminum windows also allow practically unlimited decoration to the building in over 200 colors without an extra charge. Parlun offers customers who appreciate individuality and quality free quote service and order aluminum windows at an affordable price. Find with us the optimal price-performance ratio for your construction project!

Aluminum windows – comfort, elegance, and robustness

Modern aluminum windows with chamber systems combine high quality and energy efficiency with individual design options and configurations. Due to the high inherent stability of the aluminum material, relatively thin frame profiles and large façade structures can also be realized.

Depending on the requirements and application area, aluminum windows can be individually equipped with thermal insulation, aesthetics, and burglary protection for the desired quality of living. Smoke-tight and fire-resistant aluminum windows can also be created.

In addition to various door and window systems. Structures without thermal insulation are used for winter gardens and interior doors. Aluminum window solutions with thermal insulation are used for building houses. Here, the hollow profiles are modified with a thermal break made of plastic bars. This also has a positive effect on heating costs.

Aluminum windows Manufacturer from China

Aluminum windows are light and stable, representing the evolution of modern architecture. At the same time, aluminum windows are also the flagship products of the window industry. Excellent quality aluminum windows require professional technology and careful processing to manufacture. Trust Parlun and order your aluminum windows from the well-known Chinese manufacturer. We also actively integrate quality window and door manufacturing resources in China and find solid partners to produce high-quality aluminum windows systems. By working closely with Chinese aluminum window and door manufacturers, we can offer a wide range of aluminum window systems to meet various requirements.

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