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Wooden glass doors – Glass and wood in perfect combination

Wooden Glass Doors

Glass is a prevalent and modern element of interior design. In combination with wood, a harmonious mix of materials is created: wooden glass doors. They have many different designs and are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to all-glass doors.

Wooden Glass Doors

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Wooden doors with large glass inserts provide a beautiful passage of light, which floods the living room and creates a bright and friendly atmosphere. Depending on your needs, they can function as eye-catchers, convey brightness or enlarge the room’s look.

Advantages of wooden glass doors:

  • Combination of popular materials
  • Transparency between rooms
  • Diverse design options

What are glass designs used for wooden glass doors?

  • Clear glass, frosted glass, and decorative glass
  • Matte satin glass
  • Colored glass
  • Glass with photo patterns

Clear glass, frosted glass, and decorative glass

Wooden glass doors can be equipped with various light cut-outs and glass types. Most manufacturers offer clear glass as a standard variant, namely simple window glass. It is plain and has the highest light transmission.

Clear glass, frosted glass, and decorative glass

Just as popular are wooden glass doors with frosted glass, also known as Satinato Glass; like transparent glass, the matte glass surface is translucent and protects against prying eyes. Frosted glass can therefore be used universally and is often used in bathroom doors.

Wooden glass doors with decorative glass look particularly elegant and stylish. The unique designs are created during traditional glass production through air inclusions and deliberately built-in opaque elements. Decorative glass has been used for generations. The integrated patterns make the glass opaque and transport sufficient brightness between rooms.

Matte satin glass

wood door with matte satin glass

Thanks to their manufacturing process, matte satin-finished wooden glass doors can take on almost any pattern and thus offer endless design options. The glass surface can be finished by conventional techniques such as sandblasting or screen printing. The new Neo print process is a ceramic digital printing method in which the pattern and glass fuse together and creates a smooth surface. Depending on the design, the transparency of a wooden glass door can vary due to a large or small proportion of clear glass.

Colored glass

wood door with color glass

Doors with colored decorated glass ensure particularly striking designs. It is possible to use various RAL colors and combine colored with matte patterns.

Glass with photo patterns

Glass with photo patterns

Wooden glass doors with a photo pattern are trendy due to their modern and individual look. Parlun can bring almost any digitally available design to the door in convincing color brilliance. There are no limits to fantasy. Whether it’s an idyllic landscape shot or a nice family photo – the design of the wooden glass doors makes it a unique living element.

What are wood designs used for wooden glass doors?

White lacquer for wood door design

White lacquer door with glass

Wooden glass doors are available in an eternal white paint finish, highlighting the design of glass cuts. White paint surfaces are painted several times and are photo-optically checked after each painting process. This ensures the highest quality and uniform color gradient.

Wooden design with CPL surface

CPL doors with glass

Wooden glass doors with a CPL surface create a perfect combination of elegant glass and sturdy wood. They are particularly suitable for intensive use. In this way, solid CPL surfaces can be combined with large glass sections.

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