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Worktops for the wooden kitchen – (Not only) wooden countertops

Worktops For The Wooden Kitchen

A living, solid and beautiful material is very desirable, especially in the worktop area, because the worktop is becoming more and more important for the style and atmosphere of the entire kitchen. For those who are enthusiastic about nature and at the same time attach great importance to individual design, wooden worktops in the kitchen are certainly the right choice. If you already have a lot of wooden elements in the kitchen and would like to set contrast, there are other materials.


A solid wood worktop is the work and design element of your choice if an individual grain, a pleasant feel, durability, and the organic concept are essential to you since the natural material of wood is at the forefront in terms of longevity and sustainability.

wooden countertop

An alternative to the real wood kitchen worktop is a worktop with a wood look. Laminate worktops are available in many designs. They imitate the wood look and at least visually create a sense of nature.


Wooden worktops ensure a cozy atmosphere in white, black, or colored wooden kitchens. The warm wood tone and the individual wood grain act as a contrast.

If you want to create an excellent contrast between the warm radiance of the wood and the puristic wooden kitchen, you can combine it with worktops made of other materials such as concrete, stainless steel, or glass.

Granite worktops with wood look kitchen

A harmonious overall picture can be achieved in rustic wooden kitchens with a wooden worktop in the same type of wood as the fronts. Granite worktops or other stone worktops are also ideal for a natural look.

TIP: With a kitchen in a complete wood look, you should always keep the overall picture of the kitchen in mind. The nuance and character of the wooden worktop should harmonize with the color scheme of the kitchen fronts and other elements in the kitchen. Because wooden fronts and wooden worktops can also make a kitchen look cluttered.

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