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Wooden side entrance doors: the combination of nature and practicality

wood Side Entrance Doors

The natural raw material of wooden side entrance doors will convince you of its remarkable properties. It is naturally thermally insulating and achieves good energy efficiency and strength values. The stable structure is created by a unique drying process, which is especially suitable for solid wooden doors. The wooden side entrance door also scores burglary protection with a reliable locking system. The effect of the natural wood grain is not to be underestimated, which runs streamlined across the frame and door panel, creating special effects for you.

Wooden side entrance doors: guides, helpful information, and tips

 Wooden side entrance doors

Bring nature into your home with high-quality side entrance doors of pine, meranti, or larch squared timber. The robust wooden profile is glued in several layers and has natural thermal insulation. Good energy-saving parameters are connected with special insulating glass and excellent seals. At Parlun, you can customize your wooden side entrance door according to your requirements. You can determine the wood type, glazing, color, and safety accessories. Compare prices, quality, and special equipment from the comfort of your own home until you make the final decision. The effect of the natural wood grain should not be underestimated, which creates a cozy ambiance full of warmth and confidence. Only wood can create such an atmosphere – don’t miss it!

Why buy wooden side entrance doors? Advantages of the natural building material

Wood stands for warmth, security, and tradition. The renewable raw material conveys these values daily through windows, doors, and furniture. The warm tones and curved wood grain exude a pleasant living atmosphere that invites you to linger and ensures a healthy indoor climate. In connection with a glaze, the unique character of the wooden side entrance door is highlighted, creating an impressive external effect. In addition, wood has good thermal insulation properties, ensuring long-term energy savings and protecting your wallet and the environment. The stability is achieved through a special drying process and the careful selection of wood. Of course, a reliable locking system is essential here. Convince yourself of all the advantages that a wooden side entrance door offers!

advantages and disadvantages of wooden side entrance doors

Advantages of wooden side entrance doors

  • Thermal insulation and energy efficiency
  • Good ecological balance thanks to renewable raw materials
  • Healthy room climate and natural living atmosphere
  • With good care, they have a long service life
  • Traditional decorative moldings and profiles

Disadvantages of wooden side entrance doors

  • Weather resistance is limited
  • Glazes must be renewed regularly
  • Higher price

How much do wooden side entrance doors cost?

the cost of wooden side entrance doors

Wooden side entrance doors are more expensive than plastic ones. This is partly due to the material itself and the more complex production process. Nevertheless, the investment is worthwhile because the wood has unique properties that no other material can match. It is inherently thermal-insulating and has low U-values, which reflect the heat transfer coefficient. They are suitable for anyone who wants to save energy in the long term. The wonderful wood grain and natural indoor climate will reward you every day for it. But even with this premium product, you can make clever savings. For example, go for a simple model with little trim and use glazed side panels to fill wide entrances. In addition, the equipment also offers potential for savings. Try different combinations with us. The price will be quickly updated to decide what equipment you want and where you would instead stick to the standard.

Customized wooden side entrance doors

Simply configure and order individual wooden side entrance doors online at Parlun.

High-quality wooden side entrance doors at reasonable prices

The wooden side entrance doors made of pine, larch, or meranti wood are characterized by proven quality, unique elegance, and long-lasting functionality. The wooden door profiles are manufactured from high-quality, multi-layer glued wood.

Due to the high quality of workmanship, good insulation, stability, and durability are achieved. The additional impregnation and priming extend the durability of the wooden side entrance doors. The wooden door profiles are equipped with aluminum strips to protect the wood from sunshine and water.

Triple insulating glazing
Triple insulating glazing

The side entrance doors are already offered double glazing in the standard version. Triple insulating glazing combined with a warm edge can be applied for further heat protection. Likewise, the wooden doors can optionally be equipped with a five-point safety lock, an additional profile cylinder, and laminated safety glass (VSG) for increased security and a unique feeling of well-being.

Which wood is the right one for wooden side entrance doors? Comparison of wood types

The wood for side entrance doors should be chosen from solid woods that are as insensitive to weather influences as possible. They offer protection and require less care – for example, regular glazes or sanding. A distinction is made between deciduous, coniferous, and tropical woods, each with different properties. The wood’s original color varies from light yellow to reddish-brown, or you can use appropriate glazes to create the look you want, e.g., deep mahogany or teak. The feel should also be taken into account. Softwoods tend to have a smooth surface, while tropical woods have a slight surface grain. No matter which wood you choose, always pay attention to sustainable forestry when buying your wooden side entrance door – this is the only way to get a positive ecological balance and protect the environment.

Wood Types

Wooden side entrance doors made of pine wood

Pine wood grows very straight and thus offers optimal processing options for the construction and furniture industry. It has a medium-density, which means that stable constructions can be implemented – necessary for the security of side entrance doors. The fast-growing coniferous wood has a light base color and a smooth grain. This allows a wide range of design variants for individual preference.

Wooden side entrance doors made of meranti wood

The tropical hardwood impresses above all with the beautiful reddish-brown heartwood, which gives the house an exceptional style. In addition, with reasonable care, it is very resistant, which is particularly advantageous for remote side entrance doors, where maintenance is often neglected. Meranti wood has high strength, similar to an oak, and thus offers the prerequisites for a stable door.

Wooden side entrance doors made of larch wood

Larch wood impresses with its excellent reddish-brown color and smooth grain, which allows for elegant design options. It is among the hardest and heaviest softwood globally and is ideal for the construction industry and furniture production. With the proper care, the side entrance door remains very resistant.

What shapes, types, and variants of wooden side entrance doors?

Styles for wooden side entrance doors

A side entrance door should also get the attention it deserves. The best way is with an individually configured wooden door that fits your building project perfectly. For example, equip your side entrance door with a glazed side panel that lets in plenty of daylight. Several elements can also be coupled together, creating a wonderful glass front. Side entrance doors with a skylight or a round arch highlight the design of the house. They visually carry the high ceilings to the outside and create an imposing appearance. Depending on the design, movable elements can also be used here, giving you an additional ventilation option. Moisture and stale air thus have no chance! Depending on the construction situation, a side entrance door that opens outwards may also be required. Pay attention to using door hinges with rear hinge security to improve burglary protection. You can try out different combinations and compare them at Parlun – you are guaranteed to find the right piece for your home!

  • Double-leaf entrance door
  • Entrance door side panel
  • Entrance door skylight
  • Opening to the outside

Ideal side entrance door dimensions for every construction situation

Whether narrow, wide, or high – we have the perfect side entrance door for every construction situation. How does it work? Entirely customized to your specific need! Just tell us the dimensions of your side entrance door and design it according to your ideas without any restrictive specifications.

At Parlun, you can choose whether the side entrance door has one or two leaves, whether a side panel or a skylight is required, and even specify a round arch shape. Thanks to modern technology and efficient production methods, customization is affordable for everyone.

Contact us for professional advice from our experts and design your individual wooden side entrance door right away!


Typical side entrance door dimensions

Width x height [cm]

Width x height [mm]














Color options for wooden side entrance doors

Give your wooden side entrance door a color that highlights the characteristic design. You can try out various paints and glazes and compare them at Parlun. Opaque colors are, for example, white, brown, moss green, or anthracite, which display a robust external effect or emphasize the classic country house style. Those who prefer it natural can choose wood glazes in golden oak, walnut, mahogany, or teak. This is how the unique grain of the wood comes into its own.

Side entrance door equipment: What should I pay attention to when buying an entrance door?

Side entrance doors are often somewhat hidden and are difficult to see by passers-by and neighbors. Therefore, they are considered a popular target for burglars and should be protected. Multiple locking is the first step here. This secures the door at several points and makes it more difficult to pry open. In addition, robust door hinges can increase safety and functionality. Glass inserts should be made of laminated safety glass, which has the advantage that it retains its shape even in the event of a breakage. All equipment options can be found at Parlun!

the fittings of wooden side entrance doors

Side entrance door lock

A reliable lock is essential for the burglary protection of a side entrance door. A distinction is made between latches, hook or hook-bolt systems, and simple and multiple locks. As a rule of thumb, the more points the door leaf is secured at, the higher the burglary protection. Like the front door, you should use multiple locking for side doors, making access difficult for uninvited guests.

Side entrance door hinges

If the door drags or jams over the floor, it is usually due to the door hinges being incorrectly adjusted or not matched to the door weight. The result is heavy wear and damage, and eventually, the replacement of the door. It is better to invest in high-quality door hinges here. They ensure smooth operation, reduce wear and tear, and thus increase the service life of the side entrance door with regular maintenance.

Side entrance door glazing

Three aspects should be considered when glazing a door: burglary protection, thermal insulation, and privacy. For this purpose, we offer a variety of solutions, such as decorative glass or special thermal insulation glass. Particular attention should be paid to security at side entrances. Laminated safety glass protects you and others by retaining its shape if broken. This also minimizes the risk of injury.

Thermal insulation

Nature wood has excellent thermal insulation properties and is ideally suited for thermal insulation. If you want to reinforce this effect, you should consider a few things when equipping the side entrance door. Use insulating glass panes with a warm edge for glass inserts to keep the U-value low. Also, quality fittings and locking can help increase pressure, reducing thermal bridges.

Finally, about the wooden side entrance doors

With the proper maintenance, you can enjoy your wooden side entrance doors for a very long time.

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