About Parlun Buildings

China's premier high quality building materials provider

Parlun Buildings Company provides all of the materials and services you need for your building project in one stop. Whether your project is big or small. Whether you’re working on renovations or new construction, our one-stop building materials solutions will help your project run smoothly on schedule.

Customer satisfaction with our building materials is the most important thing. We spend our time and money to ensure that our customers get the best materials around and receive world-class support.

We serve international clients from all continents, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. We’ve provided materials for projects in America, Canada, the UK, Dubai, Israel, Jamaica, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Parlun is a one-stop comprehensive solution supplier for building materials. Our production base and showroom are built in Foshan, the most famous building materials city in China. We have over 12,000 square meters of showroom to display thousands of options for building materials, fixtures, decorations and more.

  • Free CAD & 3D Home Design
  • 10,000 square meter showroom
  • One-stop-shop for building materials and decoration
  • World-class suppliers and partners
  • Engineering quality warranty

best price and quality

Why choose Parlun to buy building materials from China?

It’s a pain to shop around for multiple suppliers. Perhaps in your experience, a company can only provide you with a few types of building materials, such as kitchen cabinets to be purchased separately from floors. But Parlun will break your perception. We hope to make your shopping easier, more efficient and more quality guaranteed through a one-stop building materials solution. Whether you want to buy cabinets and floors together, wardrobes and beds together , doors and windows and lighting are purchased together, bathroom and tiles are purchased together, Parlun will meet your requirements. We can provide you with everything you need for your project so you don’t have to juggle the delivery schedules of a dozen different suppliers.

Parlun Buildings provides both building materials supplies and decorations for companies around the world. We’ve established a global reputation as an excellent source of high-quality, on-time materials for projects of all sizes in any location. When you choose Parlun Buildings, you save time, money, and effort by consolidating most or all of your material and decoration needs into one order, eliminating complex scheduling issues and helping you save on fees and overhead.

One Stop supplier For Building Solutions

Palrun goes all out for every client's project. In addition to supplying the building materials you need for the project, our responsiveness and unparalleled service can help you complete the project perfectly. After more than ten years of experience accumulation, we have a wealth of project handling capabilities, and every video meeting and work conversation with us can advance the project in an efficient form. Since Palrun establishment in 2004, we have won thousands of satisfactory responses from different customers, the completed projects include houses, villas, apartments, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more. Whether it is measurement guidance, free design, multi-category building materials selection, or other services, it greatly reduces the difficulty for customers to buy building materials from China.

Buying all building materials from Palrun is so easy

Building projects are complicated and difficult. Let Parlun Buildings help make things simpler. By using one supplier for all of your materials and services, you can massively simplify your project, saving time, money, and work.

Not only will you help keep your project on schedule and under budget, but we will also provide quality assurance and pre-shipment inspection, after-sales, and other services for all products you purchase. Contact us today to get all of the materials and services you need to make your dream construction project a success.

About Palrun buidings


Main Products

Parlun Buildings can provide virtually any building materials or decorations for your project. We specialize in windows and doors, custom cabinets, lighting, bathroom vanities, outdoor furniture, and interior furniture.


Offer different building materials

Parlun Buildings can help you throughout the entire process of building your dream home. We'll help you with the design and material selection, deliver the materials you need, then provide installation and a robust warranty. When you choose Meghnas Buildings, you save time and money without skimping on quality or customer service.


Parlun Factory

Our 9 manufacturing centers enable us to produce custom building materials at a moment's notice. We have a very complete quality control process to ensure that all products are of the highest quality


Rich Product Selection

Our comprehensive product lines include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows, stone, marble, and wood flooring, bathroom fittings, lighting fixtures, tiles, and curtains.


Service and Warranty

With over 200 employees working to serve our customers, we strive to provide the best customer experience at all stages of the process. We'll help with design, work to sell you the best products for your needs and budget, offer a comprehensive warranty, and continue to provide support after your project is complete. We love hearing from our customers after a build and we'll work hard to fix the few problems that they encounter.

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