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Take a relaxing bath – you can find a large selection of quality bathtubs in our Palrun online store. We offer elegant and sophisticated bathtubs in different materials. Whether it’s a bathtub made of hygienic acrylic, cast mineral, or steel enamel – you can find it at Palrun. The acrylic bathtub has high impact resistance and UV resistance. They are characterized by smooth, non-porous surfaces, which are hygienic and easy to care for. Also, acrylic tubs are lighter in weight compared to steel tubs, making them easier to install. Steel tubs, on the other hand, are more stable. Bathtubs come in many shapes and designs. Our product range is impeccable as far as the various shapes of bathtubs are concerned. In addition to the classic rectangular tubs, there are also round, oval, hexagonal, or octagonal and space-saving, asymmetrical, or freestanding tubs. Space-saving tubs or asymmetrical tubs are primarily used in small bathrooms because, as the name suggests, they save space. Freestanding bathtubs are also popular with many buyers and provide an extraordinary eye-catching place for your bathroom. Whether you choose a classic tub or a modern tub, with or without the whirlpool feature, it ultimately comes down to your taste and personal needs.

The perfect bathtub for every bathroom size

The variety of bathtubs seems limitless. Still, your new bathtub must be tailored to the space conditions, as not every bathtub shape will fit every bathroom. If your bathroom has enough space, you can choose a freestanding tub or a corner tub. These two styles are eye-catching! The space-saving tub is perfect for small or angled bathrooms. There’s a suitable space-saving tub for every bathroom size, as tubs save in many places. With a hexagonal or octagonal tub, you can create a visual highlight in your bathroom. Many bathtubs also function as whirlpools. You can get stylish tub shapes in the usual hygienic colors with tried and tested whirlpool systems and a wide range of accessories. With the help of a foldable tub screen and a matching shower kit, you can quickly turn your tub into a shower. Take a moment to browse the Palrun online store to find the perfect bathtub for your individual needs.


We promise you: Palrun offers bathtubs at lower prices than ever before! Order your bathtub conveniently online at the Palrun online store and have it delivered to your home quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can pre-order your tub online, and we will return it to your address. Our project guide shows you how to install your new tub.

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