Parlun Buildings Purchase Team

How do you get building materials
for your projects?

Not sure what materials you should choose for your construction project? Don’t be concerned! Our in-house specialists at Palrun Buildings will walk you through the choosing and purchasing process to ensure that you get just the proper materials for your needs and budget.

Step 1: Set up a meeting.

Make an appointment to see the size in order to validate the requirement. We usually use zoom for video meeting.

Step 2: Sketch out a rough design plan.

Select a decorative style. Within three days, create a basic design plan.

Step 3: The engineer manager will be present during the material selection process.

The materials selection will be accompanied by the principal designer and engineer manager. Our engineering and sales staff have over 18 years of expertise in international trade. This invaluable expertise has provided them with a thorough grasp of international trade operations, from accepting orders to coordinating delivery.

Recognizing that diverse sorts of clients exist in the worldwide market, we presently have 10 sales teams servicing various customer categories: retail consumers, commercial project contractors, and franchisers. We allocate various sales agents to different nations and areas in each sales team. We operate as professionals in our respective sectors to suit the individual demands of various consumers.

Step 4: Manufacturing process progress

Every week, the sales team will provide an update on the manufacturing process’s progress. We try to develop our sales team’s services, methods, and systems on a regular basis in order to enable our expert sales staff to identify the best solutions for our clients.