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It is extraordinary to have a garden house in your own green space. Here you can free from the stress of everyday life. Whether on a cozy evening or during leisure activities, a window in the pavilion is essential for sufficient light and fresh air supply. You can design suitable windows in our online catalog, decide on the material, e. g. a wooden garden house window, choose the color you like, add extra accessories and contact us.

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Garden house windows - A view of nature

Depending on the style of your garden house, you are supposed to consider the required thermal insulation. If it is only a party room for the summer, a window with single glazing is usually sufficient.

Unfortunately, if you want to install additional windows in your garden house, many standard models on the market do not fit into the openings provided. So be sure to have a tailored garden house window. At Parlun Buildings, this is neither complicated nor expensive. All you have to do is to contact us and tell us the dimensions and materials, and the windows are designed and manufactured by us.

In this way, even small windows for the garden house can be realized in sizes that are otherwise unavailable. After safe delivery, all you have to do is to install the window in the garden house – done!

Afterward, you can better enjoy the view of your own garden and nature. You can invite friends to garden parties without hesitation or go about your gardening in a relaxed manner!

Stylish and elegant - garden house window with sash bars

Arbor windows, garden windows, or summerhouse windows do not always have to be rectangular and white as standard. With individually manufactured windows in Palrun Building, you can design the style and appearance of your gazebo in a special way.

In addition to the shape, type, and color, additions to the windows can provide something specific. The decoration of the garden house window with sash bars is very popular. They create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to relax.

You can choose the interior, exterior, and glass-dividing glazing bars. An increasingly popular glazing bar is the inner one. It saves a lot of cleaning work since the window bars are between the panes, and therefore no dust can settle on them.

In order to maintain a harmonious overall style, you can coordinate the windows and doors for the garden house, both in terms of color and equipment. Start contacting us for a design right away!

Garden windows made of wood

The garden house is often slotted out of wood. Not only the exterior walls and doors are usually wooden, but even the garden windows are also selected for the same material. It is not without reason that wood stands for warmth and comfort. If things get too difficult, you can simply retreat to your cozy garden house.

You can contact us at Parlun Building and easily get wooden windows for gazebos! You can also easily choose small wooden windows for your garden house from our catalog and leave them to us to design and manufacture.

You can choose from wooden windows made of pine or willow wood. Now choose the suitable sash and the profile system for your wooden windows, and you can order them by contacting us online with a single mouse click. Windbreaks may be a suitable addition to your wooden windows, which can protect your garden house windows from the weather.

Matching doors for the garden shed

Does your garden house need a new touch, and do you want to replace your windows and doors in one go? No problem! At Parlun Buildings you can also buy the suitable doors for your garden house.

Many buyers think they have to buy a wooden door to match their wooden windows. But that’s no longer a problem. You can match your windows and doors even if they are made of a different material.

Another popular material is the garden shed door made of plastic. With a suitable wood decorative film, plastic elements can also be given a wood look. The grain and patterns of wood structures perfectly imitate the look of real wood windows.

Plastic doors for the garden shed are very easy to clean compared with wooden ones. In addition, plastic is very heat-insulating and weather-resistant. Feel free to contact us for more types of side entrance doors.

Which window glass is suitable for the garden house?

Depending on the function you want your garden house to fulfill, appropriate glazing of the windows is recommended.


Do you have a small garden shed that is only used as a shed or room for garden tools? In that case, cheap plastic glazing made of PMMA (acrylic glass or plexiglass) or polycarbonate is worthwhile. Acrylic glass is very translucent but also more sensitive to scratches, which is why no cleaning agents containing alcohol should be used for this. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is very hard and impact-resistant but more expensive.


A gazebo may be used mainly in the summer and includes only a limited right of residence. Gazebos often do not have strong insulation. The walls usually consist of a simple clinker facade and sometimes also of wood paneling. Therefore, single or double glazing is often completely sufficient for this. Special energy efficiency is not necessary since the gazebos are often empty in winter.

Guide: Help and instructions for buying a garden house windows

Are you struggling with window replacement and installation in your garden? Then you immediately venture to do it yourself to replace the windows. Parlun Building shows you how easy it is to install windows in a garden house. Regardless of whether you want to install a wooden window in your garden shed or just need to quickly replace the window in the shed, we will help you perform this operation patiently and efficiently. Even if you remove the old windows and measure the new ones, we will show you how to measure and install them.

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  • Install windows
  • Remove window

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