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Vinyl floors for clicking or gluing are trendy because they are particularly robust, versatile, and easy to care for. Due to the different designs, the right vinyl flooring can be found for every room.

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Vinyl flooring is suitable for all living spaces

Vinyl floors are suitable for all living spaces due to their high-quality properties. They are highly durable and easy to care for. In addition, a vinyl floor is often cheaper than other floor coverings. Vinyl is made of plastic and is therefore mainly insensitive to moisture. Consequently, it is perfect for the kitchen or bathroom.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl floors are made of polyvinyl chloride – PVC. Vinyl is now subject to strict controls and is harmless to health. In addition to solid vinyl, vinyl is also offered on backing boards. The structure differs depending on the manufacturer: Some vinyl floors already have integrated footfall sound insulation. You have to buy these additional for other floors if you lay the floor as a floating floor. The material is available in different strengths. Full vinyl with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm is always glued over the entire surface. Vinyl floorboards from a thickness of 4 mm or vinyl on HDF core boards can also be laid floating. However, since the HDF core boards are made of wood, such floors are unsuitable for damp rooms. Even hobby do-it-yourselfers can easily apply vinyl floors thanks to the click systems.

How is a vinyl floor laid?

You can glue vinyl floors or lay them floating. The type of installation depends on the use and the floor covering. In damp rooms and underfloor heating, vinyl should always be glued over the entire surface. The individual floor panels are glued to a dry, level, and clean subsurface using a unique adhesive. It is important that the sub-floor is clean and free of bumps to avoid damaging the floor.

Special vapor barrier foil and footfall sound insulation ensure pleasant acoustics in the room with a floating installation. Many manufacturers offer their vinyl floors as click floors. You can lay your floor covering quickly and cleanly with the practical click systems. The individual planks are clicked together without glue. So the stable surface create in no time.

Endless design variety

There are no limits in terms of decor and design. If you want to buy a vinyl floor, you are spoiled for choice. Vinyl flooring in oak, beech, or maple is just as standard as various decors with a tile and stone look. The selection of patterns is vast. High-quality vinyl floors can hardly be distinguished from stone and natural wood floors. The different surfaces imitate extraordinarily authentic wood, tile, and stone decors and have a very appealing feel.

Vinyl flooring is Easy to care for and hygienic

Vinyl floors are straightforward to care for. It is usually sufficient if you sweep or vacuum the floor. A damp wipe with special cleaning agents or all-purpose agents also removes stubborn dirt, and the floor shines again.

In our flooring catalog, you will find many high-quality vinyl floors from various Chinese manufacturers. You will also always find adhesive vinyl and click vinyl as the remaining items. Especially for small rooms, you can often find one or the other bargain here.

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