Kitchen Lighting

They are small and inconspicuous. But when the kitchen lighting turns on, you know it’s worth buying and installing kitchen lights because you’ll love the result. Your creativity has no limits. Some ideas that always work and are very practical:

Just place the built-in kitchen lighting on the living room cabinet as an invisible light – you will be amazed by the atmospheric light.

Do you love to read and have a big bookshelf? Then install the kitchen lighting! It goes well with the large bookshelf.

Do you have a real passion for collecting? Then equip your showcase with kitchen lighting to give your favorite creations a glowing stage.

It isn’t very pleasant when you want to get your clothes out of the closet in the morning but can’t see the color and style, and kitchen lighting can help.

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How are kitchen lights installed?

There are three different options:

Install a plastic ring on a smooth surface and insert the light into it. You don’t have to drill into your furniture for this, but you will get 1-2 cm in height.

Drill a blind hole and insert the light with the mounting spring. Then fold the spring in, and you’re done. However, it takes up about 5 cm of space to the left and right of the light and is visible.

Drill a blind hole where the kitchen light will get stuck. You don’t have to deal with the extra height. Nothing is disturbing about it other than the lights; this is ideal for beautiful display cases and shelves.

Too complicated? Then get in touch with our expert advice service. You can find contact details below.


What types of kitchen lights are there?

  • Roughly speaking, there are:
  • Furniture recessed light
  • Surface-mounted spotlight
  • under cabinet light
  • furniture surface light

Surface-mounted spotlights are mounted on pieces of furniture – as the name suggests. They present books, sculptures, and whatever else you want to show in an atmospheric way. Simply a super ambient light

The best place to put kitchen lighting is in the kitchen. After all, your countertop deserves optimal lighting. However, when hanging cabinets block the ceiling lights, the inside of the kitchen is often not very bright. Then the best thing to do is to ensure a clear view when chopping vegetables with under-counter lights.

TIP: If you like simplicity, you should consider stickable LED strips. They produce hardly any heat and are perfect for use as kitchen lighting.


Which lighting technology is suitable for kitchen lighting?

You won’t be surprised by this answer: LEDs are the lighting technology of choice. The pros outweigh the cons. To name a few:

  • Compared with halogen bulbs, LED bulbs can save 60% of electricity. Compared to incandescent lamps, even 90%.
  • The LEDs are switch proof and can be turned on and off frequently without any issues.
  • The LEDs only light up after about 50,000 hours of operation. Halogen lamps are already after 4,000.

In which rooms are kitchen lighting used?

In principle, kitchen lighting can be installed on any furniture, from the basement to the attic. Here are some ideas:

  • In the kitchen: as a base cabinet light
  • In the bedroom: brighten the wardrobe or make the bed the center of attention
  • In the living room: bathe display cases and bookshelves in stunning ambient light
  • Make the little one’s toy rack more welcome in the children’s room.

Do I have to connect the kitchen lighting to the mains?

You can choose socket or battery. So, if you don’t want to clutter your cables, go for it: select a model with a battery. Or do you prefer to rely on the power supply? Also good: look for a suitable model.


Does kitchen lighting turn on by itself?

You can if you want. i.e., with a motion detector, kitchen lighting can also be manually operated using a switch. Motion detectors are always helpful. Because if you’re going to get a good t-shirt out of your closet quickly, the closet light will come on as soon as you turn it on. Going to the kitchen faucet when thirsty at night will make it more comfortable. It instantly brightens as you walk around the corner. Simple and practical.


Do I have to pay attention to fire labels?

You had to pay attention to the fire symbol “M” a few years ago, which was the only way to ensure the safe commissioning of kitchen lighting. Today, labels look different. It is no longer necessary. If you have any doubts about whether your chosen kitchen lighting is right for your furniture, ask our expert advice.

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