Whether eye-catching, unusual patterns, or bright colors – with our decorative tiles, you can create individual and breathtaking rooms.

Decorative tiles can decorate both walls and floors. They can serve as an ornament and a full-surface design element and effectively set the scene for your home. Browse through our decorative tiles catalog – whether bricks, metro, or vintage tiles – and let yourself be inspired by the large variety of the trendiest designs.

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People who have entered the subway station should know about decorative subway tiles. The ceramic tiles are mostly rectangular, small, and narrow in appearance. Most decorative tiles size come in 10×20 cm or 7.5×15 cm.

Also typical of the decorative tiles are their striking, lowered edges. This property ensures a unique play of light, which gives the tile its exceptional look. The stylish decors, which convey an extraordinary big-city flair, are available in different versions: matt, glossy, in bright and subtle colors. The timeless and, at the same time elegant tiles are guaranteed to transform any surface into an eye-catcher.

Due to their small format, the decorative tiles can be easily installed anywhere. For example, backsplashes, shower niches, or even individual wall sections can be highlighted with the small rectangular tile. In addition, different colors can also be combined well. In this way, unique murals can be created that particularly stand out.

The decorative subway tiles can also be laid in different ways. In addition to running along walls, it can also be laid at a chevron and 45-degree angle, making the pattern diagonal across the room. In addition to the unique design of the decorative tiles themselves, this laying can be extra eye-catching.


Long gone are the days when bricks were only used as a building material for the house and were hidden under inches of plaster. Nowadays, the brick look is convincing in the interior and creates beautiful, homely areas. In our tiles catalog, bricks are decorative tiles whose appearance is based on brick’s look.

Unevenness, indentations, and hatching in the decorative brick tiles’ surface create an authentic picture. The format of decorative brick tiles is also inspired by the bricks. Therefore, not surprising that they are often laid according to their model of bricks.

The decorative brick tiles are a practical alternative to real bricks, as they are a lot flatter and therefore require less installation space. In contrast to real bricks, they are much easier to lay on the wall.

Whether on the fireplace, above the kitchen mirror, as a border, or on the wall: With decorative brick tiles in different colors and sizes, you can create an authentic overall picture of a brick surface.


There’s no question – vintage-look tiles are all the rage and are making a big comeback. What makes the vintage style of tiles so popular? A mix of art and modern manufacturing processes makes this decorative tile unique; whether decorative tiles with flowers in a retro look, vintage tiles in delicate patterns or simple, soft colors – the selection of vintage decors is large.

The look of the vintage tile is based on that of the cement tiles. These were hand-painted with geometric patterns and soft tones as early as the 19th century. Even today, the vintage tiles impress with their rather reserved colors and geometric figures. In this way, you can use it to highlight mainly selected areas. As a decorative tile in the kitchen, as a decorative tile in the bathroom, or as an insert in the floor of the terrace – the possibilities are manifold.

But not only the patterns of the vintage decors tiles alone allow individual designs. Laying vintage decors tiles also opens up new creative room concepts. Patchwork style creates a combination of vintage decors tiles. Whether floral or geometric, can fully meet your individual needs.


Are you looking for unusual modern decors? Then you should take a closer look at 3D decorative tiles. Whether geometric-dynamic reliefs, soft curves reminiscent of waves, or delicate patterns:

With 3D decors tile, living areas can be transformed into breathtaking works of art. The 3D effect of decorative tiles can be achieved not only through complex bumps but also through chiaroscuro or overlapping designs of colors. Through the illumination of light, a seemingly real 3D effect is created.

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