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With the open sky above you, and the sun shining on you, you will feel light, comfortable, and warm. The holiday atmosphere hovers in front of your eye – within reach. All you have to do is walk out of the door and enter your garden lounge. Stop: You don’t have an Outdoor sofa combination yet? Then you better read the below article quickly.

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The Three big decisions before buying the outdoor sofa combinations

Such a comfortable setting with a lounge sofa offers great relaxation after work and an ideal opportunity to create a stylish ambiance in the middle of nature. You can do this regardless of how much space you have because space-saving balcony furniture is available. Or do you need a seating area with up to 10 seats? You have many options. However, you are probably missing the overview. Because to find a suitable outdoor lounger, there are several decisions to be made. Three, to be exact.

Lounge sets or lounge furniture puzzle?

There are two ways to create a beautiful setting in your garden: Uniform and perfectly coordinated in the lounge set or with an individual and creative module combination on your part.

In addition to the complete sets, which you can conveniently buy from Palrun with a click, you will find many beautiful individual pieces of furniture that can enrich your balcony or terrace and complement a lounge. When it comes to seating alone, you can choose between outdoor chairs, 3-seater sofas, 2-seater sofas, various middle and corner sections, entire corner lounges, lounge furniture with a foldable roof, or armchairs for relaxing.

The tables, indispensable for a complete lounge group, offer a comparable selection. Here you will find infinitely adjustable outdoor tables, side tables or extendable tables, lounge tables with glass tabletops, coffee tables, or a multifunctional table that you can turn into a stool in no time.

Do you already know what you want? Then you also have to decide on the right color combination.

In which color and design would you like your Outdoor sofa combinations to be

With a suitable color scheme, you can transform your entire garden. Because our eyes always relax too, that’s why you have such a wide range of options in our outdoor furniture catalog. If you prefer classic and timeless colors that are always trendy, you can opt for the colors anthracite, brown, grey, silver, black or white. You are guaranteed not to go wrong with this because these simple colors fit into every garden.

But if you prefer a very modern touch or a particular color, the designs in champagne, charcoal, flanelle, caramel, lead chine, marble, taupe, sooty, or xerox are ideal. These colors are complemented by mottled furniture or outdoor furniture in an elegant and warm teak look.

Your Outdoor sofa combinations can be made of these materials

All outdoor furniture is made of weather-resistant materials. The difference is mainly in the sight and touch and what you like.

While aluminum and stainless steel are very easy to care for and stable and impress with a relaxed look and feel, wood scores with a warm, cozy tone and a natural and rustic touch; for example, you will find seats with a frame made of acacia or teak wood – usually FSC-certified, sometimes even made of recycled wood. Poly rattan and other mesh are also available. These plastics are very light, easy to clean, and beautiful to look at.

The seats of your lounging chairs and seating groups, on the other hand, are mostly made of skin-caressing fabrics such as polyester or acrylic fabric. The latter is mainly used for the sunbrella fabric, a trendy fabric that has long been used in boat building. This fabric offers the advantage that it can remain outside all year round.

Other unique materials used in outdoor furniture and lounges are glass, ceramics, rope, or spray stone. The latter is a mixture of plastic and stone that looks like natural stone and offers particularly scratch-resistant properties. As you can see, there is a large selection. But now comes the crucial question: What do you like best?

You can order these Outdoor sofa combinations immediately

Before you make your final decision, it is better to take a detailed look at a few pieces of outdoor furniture sets. You will find outdoor loungers in various colors and materials in our outdoor furniture catalog. All have a long service life.

Some garden lounges even offer enough space for up to 10 people. Everything is possible for your outdoor space, from a cozy corner in your garden to a lush lounge for a garden party. Have you made a decision? Then grab it before missing the beautiful sunshine and fresh air in your garden.

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