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We encounter the color green all the time: whether it’s dark green in the forest, fresh herbs in the garden, or a delicious pistachio ice cream in the city. We associate nature and plants with the color green, creating a soothing atmosphere in which we feel safe and grounded. No wonder green is conquering the kitchen and unfolding its calming aura and variety of colors. Just see how stylish and timeless the green kitchen fronts can be, and find out how to set the green decorations in your kitchen.

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The color green has a harmonizing and balancing effect on the viewer. The tone is reminiscent of a relaxing walk in the forest or lush meadows, thereby relieving tension, contributing to more vitality, and positively influencing the atmosphere in the kitchen. Purely for design reasons, green kitchen furniture is also a good option: green kitchen fronts look familiar and pleasing to the eye. They are not intrusive and fit elegantly into modern kitchen cabinetsDark shades of green, such as forest or fir green, are particularly suitable for spaciousopen kitchens with a cooking island. For small kitchens, on the other hand, it is advisable to use lighter shades of green.

How cozy the shade of green looks in the kitchen depends on the primary mixing ratio of the color. The secondary color green is mixed with the primary colors yellow and blue. The more yellow, the warmer the green tone appears; the more the green turns bluish, the cooler it seems. Popular warm shades of green with a higher proportion of yellow are lime green or olive green. Cool tones are mint green, sage green, emerald green, or jade green.

Green kitchen cabinets in key points:

  • Elegant and unobtrusive
  • Balancing and harmonizing ambiance
  • Mixing ratio determines the effect
  • Modern to rural: shades for every kitchen style
  • Combines well with natural brown and gray tones, wood and white


The kitchen style does not depend on the color. The same applies to green kitchens. However, certain shades of green are more suitable for one than for the other kitchen style.

Colors for different green kitchen cabinets:

Country house kitchens in “natural” green: Due to its naturalness, the color green goes well with the country house style right from the start, regardless of the shape of the kitchen. The Mediterranean country kitchen is often seen in delicate sage green, lime green, or pastel shades of green. Even dark shades of green, such as olive or fir green, can be found in the country house style. All tones appear very natural and authentic, without appearing old-fashioned. A beautiful wooden floor, a classic parquet, or even stone tiles provide even more comfort.

Dark green for modern style: green can also look modern if not sophisticated. Kitchen manufacturers often choose dark green variants for modern, puristic, and handleless kitchen cabinets. Shades such as emerald or jade green give the kitchen a valuable and elegant look. Gray or black floors, concrete tiles, granite stone tiles, or modern screed go well with this.

COLORS AND MATERIALS: how to combine green kitchen cabinets and furniture?

If you want to design a colorful kitchen in green or use green to bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen, there are numerous options.

  • Shades for a purist look: kitchen cabinets, rear wall, and worktop in the same shade of green
  • Dark shades of green combined with muted colors for an elegant look
  • Green with warm wood to emphasize the natural look
  • Timeless and simple: a combination with white kitchen cabinets
  • Dark green kitchen fronts combined with anthracite or black for a dramatic kitchen appearance
  • Green combined with yellow and blue for a fresh look

The color green makes it very easy for kitchen buyers. If you want to add other colors to green kitchen furniture, you have to look around in nature. Subtle natural tones such as sand, beige, or even velvet and gray tones are well suited for a harmonious overall concept. They all come from one color world and appear very unobtrusive with each other.

An interplay with wood and stone ensures “pure nature” in the kitchen. While wood tends to provide more comfort, dark granite or light marble as a worktop or kitchen back wall emphasizes the elegant character of dark green tones, making the kitchen look high quality and luxurious.

Bright colors can also be combined with green. For a harmonious look, however, it is best to use colors next to each other on the color wheel. In this case, it’s yellow or blue.

Green kitchen cabinets design ideas: this is the versatility of a green kitchen

This colored kitchen interprets the country style in a modern way. In the center of the plain country kitchen is a white kitchen island framed by green kitchen furniture. The fresh fir green of the frame fronts, the marble look of the worktop and rear wall, and the wooden floorboards create a natural ambiance.

Green, wooden, light brown, and white: this is a modern kitchen that skillfully combines three different shades. The handleless kitchen fronts of the cooking island are designed in white. The tall cabinets behind create a warm contrast with their wood look. Open shelves in the green walls ensure even more naturalness.

The kitchen exudes a soothing atmosphere. Most U-shape kitchens have a cozy wooden design. Color designs are achieved with green wall cabinets, a few green fronts, green shelves, and a green cover panel. 

Design idea for a trendy, green kitchen: the light avocado green of the kitchen fronts, walls, and shelves is fresh and pleasing to the eye. A look at the base cabinets makes it clear that the colors white and green harmonize well. 

The kitchen worktop can also be designed in green: The green worktop made of olive-green natural stone called Alpine green is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen with its lively color gradients and grain.

Light shades of green are particularly effective in a dark kitchen: in this anthracite-gray kitchen, a back wall with a green motif, a green wall, and green accessories add a touch of color.

Green kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances: From Parlun, you will find what you want

Parlun has green kitchen fronts in an extensive range. If your desired color is not included, we also offer the option of painting the front in your desired shade of green, and even the interior of the cabinets can be designed in green. If you want to set green style immediately, look at our kitchen cabinets catalog or browse through our kitchen showroom by video meeting.

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