Cork flooring

Today, cork floors are available in many different colors and offer exciting design options for the floor. Cork is light, quiet, and particularly healthy for living. Therefore, more and more house and apartment owners are equipping their rooms with cork.

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Cork flooring for healthy living spaces

With a cork floor, you are choosing a sustainable and healthy covering. It is a renewable raw material because the cork oaks are not felled during the cork harvest. But cork is also gaining popularity as a design element for modern living rooms and bedrooms. It does not necessarily have to be the classic cork look. There are now printed cork floors in different decors. Cork flooring can lay flexibly thanks to click connections. So let yourself be inspired in our flooring catalog and find a cork floor that suits you perfectly.

Choose cork flooring in different looks

Cork flooring does not necessarily have to look like cork. With a wood look, modern cork flooring can hardly be distinguished from a natural wooden floor at first glance. Cork with a wooden plank look is very popular and fits every room. It is ideal for the living room as well as the bedroom or the study. Wood decors such as walnut, oak, maple or walnut are available. You will find light wood types as well as dark wood. Don’t want a printed cork floor? Of course, we also offer cork floors with a natural cork look.

Cork flooring offers many advantages

Cork offers many natural properties that are ideal for use in the home. For example, the material is very elastic, warm underfoot, and has an insulating effect. Cork has anti-allergic properties and is antistatic. Therefore, the floor is ideal for children’s rooms or households with allergy sufferers and has a low density and therefore low weight. The latter is advantageous in terms of transportation. Cork sheets can be transported anywhere and efficiently processed. In addition, the cork flooring is available in many different dimensions. There are many arguments for using this material.

Contribute to environmental protection

Choosing cork flooring means using a renewable natural product. The cork oaks are not felled when the cork bark is harvested. Therefore, it is ideal if you want to take environmental aspects into account when furnishing your floors. So cork flooring is right product for a cozy home and attractively furnished rooms.

Cork floors with the best surface quality

You always have high requirements when it comes to floors. Floors are permanently exposed to high loads and should leave a good impression even after many years. The cork flooring available from Parlun are characterized by an elegant look, high durability, and long service life. Good products also have valuable hygiene properties and are easy to clean.

Buy cork flooring from parlun

Order from the comfort of your own home and have your new cork floor delivered to your home or construction site. Suppose you have any questions about cork flooring. In that case, our specialist advisors will be happy to help.

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