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Basement windows are popular in many homes today. Whether study room, laundry room or storage room – basement rooms are becoming increasingly important. In the past, the basement was usually used to store sundries, so only a small window was needed for ventilation. But a modern basement serves as many purposes as a living room. For a pleasant room climate and good thermal insulation, it is essential to seal the existing basement windows. If you want to be on the safe side, you can replace old basement windows and use modern plastic windows with insulating glazing.

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Low prices, great quality - buy basement windows now!

In times of rising energy prices and a lack of living space, a well-insulated basement is becoming increasingly important. There is a lot of free space here that would like to be used.

So it’s doubly worthwhile if you install basement windows with high-quality materials. Affordable basement windows are mostly made of plastic. They consist of a robust multi-chamber profile with insulating glazing. It makes the basement windows heat-insulating and windproof – for a pleasant indoor climate.

The cost of new basement windows depends on the desired equipment and size. It often makes sense to additionally secure your basement windows with security fittings or lockable handles. We have patient and professional designers who can design and plan every detail at your leisure to make your personal wishes come true. The basement window quotes are also for free so you can keep track of your spending budget. Contact us online to talk about designing basement windows!

Which material is suitable for basement windows?

Choosing the suitable material plays an important role when buying basement windows. The requirements for the windows materials change depending on how the basement is used. The most popular materials for basement windows include plastic and aluminum. Plastic windows are characterized by affordable price, while aluminum windows are remarkably stable and have good security. Wooden windows require more maintenance than other materials. They are more likely to be used in high-quality living spaces due to the natural warmth and radiance of the natural material.

Plastic basement window

Plastic basement windows are among the most frequently purchased windows for basement rooms. The plastic windows bring many benefits and are also extremely inexpensive. The multi-chamber structure with integrated steel reinforcement ensures good thermal insulation and additional stability.

Aluminum basement window

Although aluminum windows are among the more expensive window materials, they offer several substantial properties. The material is very high quality and dimensionally stable. In addition, aluminum basement windows with security fittings offer excellent burglary protection. This is particularly important if valuables such as expensive bicycles are stored in the basement.

Standard sizes for basement windows - also can customize to your needs

The basement was mainly just a storage area that received little attention in the past. But today, basement rooms are used for various purposes. So it happens that old and leaking basement windows have to be replaced.

Numerous basement window sizes vary depending on the architectural style and age of the house. Therefore, fully customized basement windows are especially suitable. You only need to select the material and design in our catalog and tell us the basement window dimensions. The next step is for us to manufacture them.

It doesn’t matter whether you want a small 80×40 cm cellar window or a more prominent light shaft cellar window: you specify the dimensions, and we’ll take care of the implementation! Depending on the proportions, you can equip your basement window with a tilt function, turn function, or a tilt and turn function – fully according to your need.
Our most popular basement window sizes:

  • Basement window 80×40 cm
  • Basement window 80×50 cm
  • Basement window 80×60 cm
  • Basement window 100×50 cm

Or start by contacting us with your ideas.

What color goes well with basement windows?

Choosing the right color for the basement windows is just as crucial for the house’s architectural style as the material, dimensions, and shape. A wide selection of window colors is available for each window material. Plastic windows can be covered with decorative foils in modern gray tones, such as anthracite or slate grey, in bright colors such as moss green or brilliant blue, and with wood-like decors such as golden oak or walnut. There is a wide range of colors for wooden and aluminum basement windows.

Burglary protection - how to secure your basement window

Basement windows are often hidden or in a light well. It makes them the ideal target for thieves who want to gain unseen access to your home.

So don’t hesitate and make your basement window burglar-proof. Burglary-resistant laminated safety glass is a first step towards the proper burglary protection for basement windows. The two panes are connected with a viscoplastic foil, which means that the glass breaks in the event of a break, but it retains its shape.

Security fittings with a mushroom-head lock make it more difficult to lever open the window sash and thus contribute to securing the basement window. At Parlun Building, we offer different resistance levels according to your security needs, thus increasing the security protection of your basement windows.

Other ways to protect against burglary in basement windows are, for example, lockable handles, anti-drill protection, roller shutters, or a connection to an alarm system. The materials used are good quality and ensure securing basement windows.

Plastic basement windows: easy to care for and inexpensive

In rent increases, empty basements or ancillary rooms are too valuable to be used not just as mere storage rooms. Therefore, Numerous homeowners have redesigned their basements for their hobbies or leisure activities. The basement is often converted into a guest room or rented out as a small apartment. However, suppose you want to permanently use your basement as a living space. You must comply with specific building supervision requirements regarding room height and window equipment: Plastic windows with insulated glass are widely used in living rooms and basements to ensure sufficient brightness in the basement rooms and optimal thermal insulation.

Plastic basement windows offer an inexpensive and uncomplicated solution for supplying the basement with plenty of light and fresh air. In addition, plastic basement windows also meet the high demands of modern architecture. They can be realized in various colors and decors, shapes, ornaments, opening variants, and dimensions. With a first-class price-performance ratio, plastic is particularly suitable as a material for the profile frame. Our basement windows are jointly developed and manufactured by integrating the resources of several high-quality Chinese manufacturers of door and window accessories.

The market and the test of time have also testified high quality and long service life of our plastic basement windows. We will manufacture the windows according to your wishes and promptly deliver them to you by the sea. The windows can also be equipped with higher heat, noise, or burglary protection. You will also find many accessories such as roller shutters, window rebate fans, or a wide range of window handles in our windows catalog. We have the right basement windows for every need. Buy basement windows from China are your best choice.

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