plastic entrance doors

With a entrance door made of plastic, you bring a durable product with the best insulation properties into the house. Thanks to the solid, smooth surface, the plastic entrance doors are highly weather-resistant, stable, and durable. At Parlun, you get a large selection of entrance doors, from basic to premium.

The affordable basic variant or the exclusive model with high-quality equipment: At Parlun, you will find many entrance doors made of plastic for every budget. You can also find the matching accessories for your new entrance door in the Parlun online shop.

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Advantages of a entrance door made of plastic

Entrance doors made of plastic are robust and particularly hard-wearing. A PVC sandwich filling provides excellent thermal insulation. Thanks to the large selection of colors and the possibility of designing the entrance door with a glass cut-out or panel imitation, plastic doors are very versatile. A plastic entrance door with a wood look is a weather-resistant alternative to standard wooden entrance doors. Plastic is easy to care for and will last for many years.

Robust, hard-wearing, and weather-resistant: the plastic entrance door is solid and versatile.

Construction of a plastic entrance door

Due to their multi-layer structure, plastic entrance doors have excellent thermal insulation properties. In the frame, the insulation protection is increased by multi-chamber systems. The door gained stability through a standing steel core.

The PVC sandwich filling stabilizes the door leaf and provides additional insulation protection in addition to the all-around seal. The bottom rail is usually made of sturdy aluminum. With optional multiple security locks, additional burglary protection is guaranteed.

Large selection of plastic entrance doors at Parlun

You will find many plastic entrance doors of different designs from Parlun, and purchase your new entrance door without compromising quality.

Choose a door with a high-quality foil coating in modern colors such as moss greenanthracite, or brick red. You will find fittings for plastic entrance doors in our extensive range of accessories.

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