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Your day starts and ends in the bathroom. So make yourself comfortable with the right bathroom vanities. You can find them in the Palrun online shop in various sizes and designs.

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What goes with your tiles - bathroom vanities in white and glossy or black and matt?

The tiles set the tone. You determine which furniture goes into the bathroom because the wrong color combination creates chaos instead of harmony. The easiest way is with white tiles and cupboards. They harmonize with almost all colors. The same applies to bathroom vanities in white. Here you have the free choice of tiles. But what about brown or beige tiles? Here you go for gray furniture if you don’t want white cabinets. By the way, they also go well with reddish tiles. A combination of red and black is never wrong either. If you wish to blue tiles, look around for green furniture if you want a maritime look. Black bathroom vanities with a matte finish look great with blue tiles.

You are still missing this bathroom vanities

A mirror should not be missing in any bathroom. The bigger it is, the better. That’s why we have specimens up to 150 cm long for you. Two people can easily dress up in front of these mirrors. We recommend our multimedia mirrors if you want to start your day with music. They are equipped with Bluetooth or integrated radios and even show you the time so that you stay on schedule. If you want to use the space in your bathroom optimally, make sure that the mirror is also a cabinet. Palrun has models with plenty of storage space for you. A bit of room for decoration is often included, as some mirror cabinets have open shelves that are ideal for small succulents or perfume bottles. The tall cabinets can also be used with open compartments. Your towels can hardly be stored more practically and decoratively. Apart from the towels, there is plenty of space in these cupboards, which are up to 2m high, for other utensils such as creams, razors, or your stock of shampoos and shower gels. Last but not least, you also need a decent vanity unit. It offers you more storage space and hides the unsightly pipes of your sink. The most stylish way is with a matching vanity unit combination. The washbasin fits seamlessly onto the vanity unit. You can also get universal base cabinets from us that fit under almost any washbasin.

Everything from a single source: bathroom vanities in a set

We recommend our practical bathroom vanities sets if you want to redesign your bathroom completely. They consist of a washbasin plus base cabinet, a tall cabinet, and a mirror. Everything is coordinated. Not only do the fronts in oak or concrete look optimally match each other, but also the handles and feet. Speaking of feet: Many of our bathroom vanities don’t have any. They hover a few inches off the ground. This makes cleaning more accessible for you and ensures a tidy look in your bathroom. Small bathrooms in particular benefit from this, but we prefer to look at them separately.

Making perfect use of space: furniture for small bathrooms

With a few tricks and our furniture, you can make your bathroom look bigger than it is. First of all, you should primarily buy furniture in light colors. Also, avoid too strong contrasts because they shrink the room. Bright rooms with uniform color tones, on the other hand, open up in front of your eyes and thus appear larger. Incidentally, you can achieve more brightness with large mirror surfaces. However, since a voluminous look does not create more storage space, you also need some pieces of furniture and accessories in which you can store as much as possible. Therefore instead of a simple mirror, you should use the more efficient mirror cabinet. You can also use niches and fill them with narrow shelves, and so that you really use every square centimeter in your bathroom, we also have hooks for your doors.

With Palrun you can set up your bathroom inexpensively

Whether grout, siphon, sanitary silicone, or bathroom cabinet – visit to Palrun is enough and you will have everything you need. This not only saves your time but also money. With us, you always pay the Palrun all-time low price. This is how you buy your bathroom vanities from China cheaply.

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