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Enjoy an unforgettable panoramic view with floor to ceiling windows! Bright rooms and open-plan living are currently very fashionable. For this purpose, more and more floor to ceiling windows are being used in different scenarios: fixed glazing with sliding elements or floor to ceiling windows with a fixed base, which is used mainly on the upper floor. You can provide the right size for the floor to ceiling windows during our design communication process and plan every detail.

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Fall-proof floor to ceiling windows on the upper floor

Especially in the attic or upper floor, a floor to ceiling window is reasonably necessary for a bright room atmosphere. But the quick access to nature, which is desired on the ground floor, requires additional building law measures and safety precautions on the upper floor, which must be particularly noted.

The critical point is about the falling protection of floor to ceiling windows, which is an essential requirement, and there are different ways to achieve this. For example, the lower part of the pane can be designed as a fixed element up to the legally prescribed height of the fall protection. In addition, further security measures should be defined, including a French balcony, a railing, or an inconspicuous glass barrier.

Safety precautions for floor to ceiling window fall protection may vary from different local regulations. Window panes with laminated safety glass are recommended. This can not only reduce the risk of injury, but if the glass breaks, a firmly connected surface will be created to protect people.

Segmentation of the window area

If you want the windows to open without an annoying outside railing, you can have the window areas segmented. The floor to ceiling window is divided into two window areas. The lower part is fixed with safety glass, which cannot be opened. The upper window can be installed with the usual functions of tilting and turning.

Window opening mechanism of floor to ceiling window

The opening mechanism also plays an important role. For example, the windows can be installed as fixed glazing. However, opening the window for airing the room as a living space is usually unavoidable. Therefore, the usual window opening with a tilt and turn function cannot be integrated into the model.

Railings on the outside of the window

The most popular type of fall protection is to mount a railing on the outside of the facade, which is particularly common among French balconies. This model is often equipped with a small exit area, and the railing can be mounted in the form of metal or glass.

Why buy a floor to ceiling window?

Floor to ceiling windows not only allow rooms to be flooded with light, but they are also very modern. There are many benefits worth considering before purchasing one. To make your decision easier, we have listed some advantages and disadvantages of floor to ceiling windows:

Advantages of floor to ceiling windows:

  • Lower heating costs and more well-being in winter thanks to plenty of daylight
  • Plenty of daylight ensures a higher quality of life and lifts the mood
  • Large windows allow the room to be enlarged visually
  • A wide view of the garden or the surrounding area is made possible by the large glass surfaces
  • Excellent ventilation option and thus prevention of mold

Disadvantages of floor to ceiling windows:

  • Higher costs of fall protection, glazing, profile, and burglary protection
  • More difficult installation of furniture due to reduced passing spaces
  • Unwanted glimpses of privacy through large glass surfaces and higher shading requirements in summer

How much do floor to ceiling windows cost?

The price of floor to ceiling windows depends on the size of your building project. Choose the product you like from our window catalog and contact us so you can get the right floor to ceiling window. You can choose the color, glass, and corresponding accessories that you want and receive a competitive and affordable window price for free, which in turn will allow you to extrapolate the cost of your building or renovation. In addition, our website also offers a wide range of other building products, making it easier for you to understand and design your own home.

floor to ceiling windows with privacy screen

Floor to ceiling windows improve the quality of life to a particular extent. The room is brightly lit, making it appear larger and friendlier. But sometimes, it is also necessary for you to have a privacy screen. Many users then resort to pleated blinds or roller blinds, which, to some extent, are effective, but it also reduces the light into rooms, affecting the real benefit of large expanses of glass.

A clever alternative is the use of patterned glass. The decorative elements do not obstruct the sunlight and can be attached at the desired height. Some people like to divide the large windows with a glass-dividing transom into top and bottom light and only equip the fixed bottom part with frosted glass. As a result, the view into the interior is blocked, and the structured glass is used to decorate the floor to ceiling windows. But if you need real peace, roller shutters are more recommended, which not only serve as a privacy screen for floor to ceiling windows but also ensure burglary and noise protection.

Privacy from the inside

You can get privacy protection from inside the house manually by curtains and blinds. A particularly practical and simple privacy screen is the ornamental glazing windows. With the popular frosted glass, more privacy can be realized without sacrificing light quality.

Protection from the outside

Especially for houses with a garden, privacy protection from the outside is usually an option. From roller shutters and awnings to the erection of hedges or privacy walls, there are many ways to achieve it. In recent years, roller shutters have become increasingly popular. They are easy to use and create an extra layer of protection against burglars.

Sealing of floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling window is a popular design element for the ground floor. Proper sealing is of great importance. The large window offers plenty of space through which the cold can penetrate from the outside in winter. The sealing of the masonry from the outside of the base sealing of the floor to ceiling window is an important issue, as it protects against wind and storms and also prevents thermal bridges.

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