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Solid wood doors are among the most exclusive interior doors on the market, which are manufactured by using traditional carpentry work. Parlun delivers solid wood interior doors directly to the address of your choice.

Each solid wood door is unique thanks to the individual grain. With Parlun, you can easily configure special dimensions, sizes, and lock types directly in the product.

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Solid wood doors with the best price guarantee at Parlun

Which type of wood do you prefer? At Parlun, you will find a large selection. Another advantage is that the solid wood interior doors are delivered to you with the preferred surface treatment and varnish directly after production!

  • Pine tree
  • Spruce
  • Oak
  • larch
  • beech

Solid wood interior doors are versatile. From solid wood doors in a country house style to modern interior doors in the Bauhaus style or smooth solid wood doors: 7 types of wood and 14 surface finishes, there is a door for every taste. The different finishes ensure that you can get the perfect solid wood interior doors delivered to your address.

What is a solid wood door?

Solid wood doors are  100% solid wood and are therefore really sustainable. No MDF or pressboard is used in production. All wood comes from sustainable cultivation. Ecological and natural!

In the manufacture of solid wood doors, solid wood bars are glued together. This is how layer-glued solid wood doors are created. The solid wood surface is glued to the bars over the entire surface and ensures long-lasting stability and good sound insulation. Another plus point: This shows off the natural wood grain!

Our tip: Solid wood doors with glass inserts provide light-flooded rooms and subtle contrast to the rustic wood.

How much does a solid wood door cost?

At first glance, solid wood doors seem to be more expensive than other interior doors. Compared with a CPL interior door, 2.5-3 times the price will soon stand out. However, high-quality solid wood doors have a longer service life and a higher level of exclusivity and individuality than, for example, doors made of pressboard. At Parlun, you will get solid wood doors at the best cost-performance.

Solid wood doors are usually manufactured manually at great expense. Each piece of natural wood is individually tested and processed by experienced craftsmen. Therefore, assisted production by industrial robots is almost impossible. Chip residues or plastics are not processed.

What are the advantages of a solid wood door?

Solid wood doors are among the most ecological and sustainable interior doors.

The solid wood doors at Parlun are among the best of their kind. Decades of experience guarantee you interior doors in brand quality, combined with top service:

  • natural material
  • healthy living environment
  • excellent soundproofing
  • high resistance
  • stable and durable construction
  • optimal thermal behavior
  • ecological construction
  • minimal use of glue
  • every door is unique

Premium segment: top-class solid wood doors enhance every living space!

Classic and elegant: Parlun offers a large selection of high-quality interior door models of solid wood! The solid wood doors with a smooth and modern look offer the best quality at an excellent price.

With us, you will find the best solid wood doors from both the advanced and basic segments. We would be happy to advise you on this. You can configure the current premium offers from Parlun individually.

Inexpensive solid wood doors with essential equipment?

Our Basic line is the right door for you!

Simply good: You can get the inexpensive solid wood interior door models from Parlun at the best price! Cheap solid wood doors in a rustic country house offer the best quality at a low price.

As a solid wood door manufacturer with decades of experience, other producers rely on our expertise. Parlun will offer you comprehensive advice and unparalleled offers on solid wooden doors. The interior doors are tailored precisely to your wishes.

A quick check of the solid wood door

What makes a good door for you – the price or the quality?

You can tell quality at first glance – or not?! It is worth looking at our solid wood doors because not all of them are the same. We have an extensive range ready for you to fulfill each of your wishes and requirements.

Solid wood
door line




The popular
pine and spruce woods,
raw or lacquered surface,
glass: cut-out or rung,
special dimensions possible


over seven types of wood,
14 different Surfaces,
brushed surfaces possible
Glass: cut-out or with bars,
special dimensions possible



fulfills the essential functions of solid wood doors
ventilation grilles possible


particularly heat and sound insulating,
durable (20+ years),
high warpage resistance


in larger quantities,
frame construction with simple stick gluing


individual production in manufactory
each door and frame is unique
doors and frames in 3-layer gluing



no foreign matter on untreated wood surfaces


Ecological surfaces such as oils and waxes possible,
less glue due to manual application,
wood exclusively from sustainable plantations

With the Basic line of Parlun, you will get a branded solid wood door at a low price – and benefit from our decades of expertise. Or choose high-quality doors: Be inspired by elegant, modern, and smooth doors – just the way you like them!

Here you can find both product lines in a quick check:

Parlun’s solid wood door primary line promises an authentic nature experience at a satisfactory price. The good cost-performance combines wood design with your house.

In our catalog, you can read more details about solid wood doors:

  • Properties of solid wood doors
  • Types of wood for solid wood doors
  • Surface finishes for solid wood doors

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