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It just tastes better in the fresh air. You’ll quickly notice that when you start the day on a warm summer’s day with a delicious breakfast – with crispy rolls and hot coffee, accompanied by a gentle breeze and the sweet chirping of birds on the terrace. Of course, this also applies to a leisurely lunchtime snack with sandwiches, an afternoon coffee break including a delicious piece of cake, or a barbecue evening with a crispy bratwurst and your friends. But that doesn’t work without an outdoor table.

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Simply buy the right outdoor table

These outdoor activities naturally need a center, i.e., a table around which a seating group can gather. It is up to you whether you want this on the veranda, the balcony, or in the middle of the garden. After all, nowadays, there are tables for every space and in countless styles and designs. All of this (and the matching chairs) can be found online at Parlun, but first, you should find the right outdoor table for your needs.

One table, many options

There are many options for an outdoor table. Of course, since it’s outside most of the year, it has to withstand the weather conditions – without sacrificing quality. At the same time, size and functionality also play an essential role. Of course, there are different requirements: On a balcony, you only have a little space, so smaller or foldable tables, and hanging tables are particularly advantageous. On the other hand, in a bigger garden, there is more space for you to set up extendable tables, which can accommodate more guests. Your taste and the circumstances in your garden determine which outdoor table is suitable for you, whether it’s a balcony table, a folding table, or an extendable table.

An outdoor table gets attention

The design of the table is at least as important as the size since it is the center of your chairs and attracts everyone’s attention. Its appearance is therefore all the more important, which should blend harmoniously into the overall picture. However, this is not only associated with the color, but also the shape. Oval or square? Elongated or compact? These are just some of the choices you can make. Furthermore, the question of the material is also important here, because whether the table is made of wood or plastic has a great influence on its appearance. As you can see, there are many important things to consider when buying an outdoor table.

What types of outdoor tables are there?

A wide range of different types of outdoor tables awaits you in our outdoor furniture catalog. For this reason, an overview is worthwhile so that you can get a better picture of the properties and the associated advantages of the individual pieces of furniture.

Dining tables – big or small

The biggest tables are usually the dining tables. But of course, there are some significant differences. There are smaller balcony tables only intended for two chairs and typically have a round or square shape. On the other hand, pull-out tables offer more flexibility and can easily be enlarged if necessary. This means that a larger number of people can sit at the table. In addition, you probably know high tables for dining from snack bars or bars. This furniture stands out from the other categories due to its exceptionally high frames. Therefore, it is suitable in the garden if you want to give a reception or organize a party.

Balcony tables - ideal for little space

Camping and folding tables can be grouped in one category because they share a similar function. Whether you want to save space on the balcony or terrace or plan a camping vacation, you’ll appreciate that these foldable tables pack away compactly with a simple flick of the wrist. This results in another advantage: When not in use, they can be easily folded up, allowing you to use the freed-up space for other purposes.

Side tables for outdoor use - the helper in everyday life that is often overlooked

As the name of the following category of tables already implies, these are not the center around which all outdoor chairs gather but rather a helpful accessory. Side tables, for example, offer additional storage space when the central table is already overflowing with delicious food. Or if you want to make yourself comfortable on your sun lounger in the garden and need a place to put drinks, small snacks, or a magazine – a side table is ideal for all of these requirements and is therefore indispensable.

These are the classic materials for outdoor tables

You already know: In addition to functionality, the style and appearance of your garden also play an important role when deciding on an outdoor table. Each material has its unique effect. This is why we would like to briefly present our selection of materials to you.

The advantages of hardwood tables - for example, made of teak

A classic variant is tables made of wood – types of wood such as teak or acacia are prevalent here, as these hardwoods (and especially teak) are considered to be particularly weather-resistant and with minimal maintenance. The same applies to eucalyptus. Wood is also characterized by a warm and cozy effect and a natural look that fits into any garden. This makes the material ideal for any type of outdoor furniture.

Diversity is just one argument for plastic outdoor tables

Plastic also has properties from which outdoor furniture – and outdoor tables – can benefit. This includes, above all, the low weight of the tabletop, which means that this kind of table can be easily transported to another location – for example, for storage in winter. In contrast to the more classic, natural wooden tables, the plastic ones look more modern. You have a wide variety of colors and designs for outdoor tables made of plastic. The only limit here is your taste.

Outdoor tables made of poly rattan: do not confuse them with rattan

Tables made of poly rattan (e.g., with a tabletop made of glass) embody a completely different genre since poly rattan is a plastic mesh based on a natural raw material – namely the wood of the rattan palm. In contrast to rattan, however, poly rattan can be used for almost all types of outdoor furniture. Outdoor furniture made of poly rattan is highly weatherproof, durable, and insensitive to extreme temperatures.

This is why outdoor tables made of metal are convincing

Of course, metal should not be missing from the list of materials for outdoor tables. Metal tables bring a high degree of stability, even if only the frame but not the tabletop is made of aluminum or stainless steel. In addition, metal tables are highly robust, easy to clean, and weather-resistant. Aluminum also has an advantage over other metals: it is significantly lighter and increases comfort when transporting the tables.

Proper maintenance of outdoor tables

Ideally, outdoor furniture should also meet another criterion in addition to its functionality and appearance: it should be easy to care for. Because they usually spend most of the year outdoors and are constantly put to the test there. Outdoor furniture is inherently protected against all kinds of weather conditions. But you can still take a few measures to extend the already long service life. Despite the high-quality workmanship, it can never be avoided that dirt accumulates here and there. However, cleaning outdoor tables is very easy: With a mild cleaning agent or a little soap and water, the residues disappear in no time, which means high comfort for you.

This is the best way to protect your outdoor tables

In the case of wooden outdoor tables(except teak wood), it is advisable to store them in a dry (but not too warm) room if they are not in use for a long time in winter to survive the cold season undamaged. This also applies to tables made of plastic, as this material can become brittle in frost. If you don’t have enough space to store the outdoor furniture in the cold season, practical protective covers are a good idea. With a custom-fit protective cover, you can pack the individual pieces of furniture well and safely outside, even in the uncomfortable season. It is only necessary to ensure sufficient ventilation so that no condensation and subsequent mold can form on the furniture.

Order the matching seating for your outdoor table

Of course, you can also discover many different alternatives for seats in our outdoor furniture catalog, which are tailored to your outdoor table, from space-saving balcony chairs to romantic outdoor sofa, all of outstanding quality. You can also find the matching outdoor chair online. Contact our expert today, buy outdoor furniture from China is so easy!

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